Impressions d'Elégance

Impressions d'Elégance by Frédéric Haldimann
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7.6 / 105 Ratings
Impressions d'Elégance is a perfume by Frédéric Haldimann for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is fruity-spicy. It is still available to purchase.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesNutmegNutmeg
Juniper berryJuniper berry
Mandarin orangeMandarin orange
Heart Notes Heart NotesLavenderLavender
Orange blossomOrange blossom
Red pepperRed pepper
Moroccan roseMoroccan rose
Base Notes Base NotesCarawayCaraway
Bourbon vanillaBourbon vanilla



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7.65 Ratings


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Submitted by IdleBoy, last update on 01.03.2014.
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220 Reviews
Great Perfumer, Moderate Budget
It is possibly the ladies who are the main audience of home shopping channels on TV – at least as far as cosmetics and perfumery are concerned. Thus, besides the many female fragrances, Frédéric Haldimann has only two gents' colognes in store. And I suppose it is again the ladies who order them: for their husbands and boyfriends, in case they have some leftover budget from their own purchases.

How different these two colognes are! Unlike the distinct and uncompromising Vétiver de Frédéric, with Impressions d'Elégance Mr. Haldimann picks up the boyfriends and husbands at their presumed level of perfume ignorance – or maybe innocence. Here, we find some of the aromatic musky notes that are well-known from inexpensive shower gels and deodorants. The idea is not uncommon: attracting perfume spurners with popular “shower gel” notes. I'd say, the whole Hugo Boss line is based on that concept. In a way, this is the last one would expect from an old school gentleman perfumer.

One spritz of Impression d'Elégance is sufficient to provide a big aromatic fume. Applied on paper strip and left on my desk, I still noticed the fragrance in my other room!

The top notes are overwhelmingly complex, providing a wide scent panorama that is bound to confuse. Maybe one could find the blond spiciness of coriander seed and a certain bright sharpness provided by pineapple – but fortunately, everything integrates well.

Although the listed heart notes indicate some floral opulence, it is again a rather piquant aspect that dominates – red pepper?

After some time the main theme of this fragrance steps forward: I would call it a sandy beach or wet sand accord since it reminds me a bit of the taste of sand in my mouth – a childhood memory from playing at the beach. Some woods, patchouli and vanilla may be involved, next to the aromatic musks. To me, some salty sea air is also present but beyond the level that would qualify this perfume for being aquatic. I would locate the main accord within the spectrum of popular oriental notes, and this justifies to classify Impressions d'Elégance as an oriental fragrance.

I find Impression d'Elégance difficult to evaluate. While the top notes are very opulent and strong, the fragrance becomes more discreet during the drydown on my skin, not on paper strip. It should be applied with some consideration which makes it a bit problematic for perfume beginners.

For dedicated perfumistas, Impressions d'Elégance is a fragrance that deserves a second look. There is the very obvious nearness to the low level “shower gel” part of the perfume mass marked. Many of those who are mainly interested in expensive niche perfumery hardly take the effort to spend some time there. My personal opinion is that the experiences of aromatic musks you can make in places like the changing room at the gym - where cheap deodorants are being used - have long ago found their way into our brains. They got linked to the idea of physical attractiveness. I admit, I like that if it is decently done, and this is why I like Impressions d'Elégance.

Impressions d'Elégance is not expensive. Prices are now down to less than 30 € per 100 ml. Have I yet stated that the artistic quality is far beyond the usual stuff in that price sector? Impression d'Elégance is the proof that a very skilled perfumer which Mr Haldiman undoubtedly is can create great perfumes also if the budget may be a bit moderate.

Unfortunately, HSE24 do not ship outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I once again have to apologize for introducing a hard-to-get perfume. However, they sometimes appear at Ebay, so look out!

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