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Electric Chair by Froggy's Fog
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Electric Chair is a perfume by Froggy's Fog for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is smoky-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
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Submitted by Achilles, last update on 17.02.2020.
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Old Sparky
When Thomas Edison received the basic patent number 223898 on 27 January 1880, he was by far not the first developer of the light bulb. Already at the beginning of the nineteenth century, the first versions of an incandescent lamp were introduced, but all variants failed due to the duration of light or the problem of energy supply. Edison's key product was incandescent lamps equipped with high-impedance filaments; at high voltage for high-impedance consumers, electrical energy could now be easily transported, making an energy supply network for electricity technically feasible. In American history, he is considered the symbol of the pioneering spirit that flips the switch and lights Wall Street at night for the first time, like a magician who decides life and death.

Edison's great competitor was the inventor and major industrialist George Westinghouse, who himself developed AC technology, which led to a bitter confrontation with Edison, whose vanity was offended, and his DC system. When Edison lost ground at the competition, he relied on the advantage of his system: safety. He spreads stories about how deadly alternating current with its high voltages is, triggers fear in people. Afraid of dying from an electric shock. A man who stumbled drunk against a generator in a power station in New York died of such a blow. In political circles, attention is drawn to this case because a new and above all more humane method of execution is being sought for the execution of serious criminals. A method that should be painless and eliminate the complications caused by strand executions. A commission commissioned Thomas Edison - the king of the electric age - with the construction of a corresponding apparatus.

On 06 August 1890 William Kemmler, condemned to death, took his seat on a heavy and bulky chair. His last words are said to have been passed down with "Be thorough, I am in no hurry and please tighten the belts again".
The cynical nickname of the chair: Old Sparky - old spark.

Froggy Frogs "Electric Chair" smells like smoked ham immediately after spraying on. Delicious, absolutely delicious. My mouth's almost watering. I wouldn't have guessed that now. But also only 3 seconds, then the whole fun turns, it smokes, smells burned. Towards the end of the first minute my nose doesn't want to sniff any more, refuses to serve me, lets down the protective roller blind, because it bites in the nasal septum, like inhaled smoke in case of a big fire, when the attempt went wrong in the chemistry class at school or is it the smell that was in the air during Kemmler's first failed execution attempt?
Kabelbrand gets through clearly, but not as nicely embedded as the Fat Electrician of Etat Libre d'Orange, where it also shows itself briefly at the beginning. More authentic here. Gunpowder associations also reveal themselves. Sounds of leather penetrate the air impregnated with gunpowder and make you involuntarily think of strapped leather belts. The smoked ham is still present, but is now more discreet in the background and looks metallic, but not tasty.

There are no other great fragrances, but over time it becomes a little more pleasant, especially more portable. The extremely neat silage retreats towards the end of the first hour. Electric Chair has endurance, you are exposed to it for at least eight hours. Whoever sprays him on the clothes has lost; he will stick overnight penetratingly. Froggy Frog at least doesn't push it completely to the top, I think it could have been much harder there (crushing and gag reflexes didn't happen after all); AB from Blood Concept or the famous Sécrétions Magnifiques shouldn't go unmentioned in this context. He's certainly controversial. Nevertheless, I appreciate the creative idea behind this fragrance and the whole series. But do you want to wear it? Halloween is just around the corner, maybe at carnival and for people with very weird humor this unusual scent is certainly just the right thing. But there are also people who buy themselves for a lot of money, a lot of money Andy Warhol's monochrome silkscreen composition "Electric Chair" if it fits the color of their living room curtains.

I thank Achilles for the test opportunity!
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