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Xocoatl by Fueguia 1833
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Xocoatl is a popular perfume by Fueguia 1833 for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 04.12.2020.
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Xocoatl refers to the drink of the Aztecs prepared from cocoa and vanilla orchid. The scent is part of the "Linneo“ collection.
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Xocoatl - bitter water
What is in the vial? There is an exotic drink called xocóatl (xocoatl — "bitter water"). Chocolate recipes Mayan - made of ground cocoa beans, cooked in water and seasoned with tropical spices. Sweet and spicy with bitter taste and slightly salty taste. Sometimes I hear the sweetness of fruit, fresh, still on the tree, bushes with berries. You feel like you're with a Cup of hot chocolate in the rain forest in the season, when the trees bow under the weight of juicy fruits. Salty note and a spicy bitterness Xocoatl differs from all other chocolate flavors I have ever tasted. There is no hint of the modern bakery, candy or other edible treats. And the alcohol can be captured only if much smell. Probably it the most reliable bitter chocolate in a bottle.
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I believe that Fueguia, somehow, is the South America Jo Malone with a better and luxuous presentation and fragrances between the same style of the british brand, creations that seems linear and made to be combined, and creations more complete and complex. I had doubts if the notes they released were simple on purpose or if they reflected what was created, but from what i sampled briefly at saturday the are faithful to the scent. Xocoatl is inspired on the Aztecs drink that gave origin to our chocolate, with the word used to name it having the meaning of bitter water, which reflects the dry and dark roasted taste of cocoa. Apparently the Aztecs also used the vanilla orquid to enrich the cocoa drink, but wine and also spices were used. The focus here is on the chocolate and vanilla, which makes Xocoatl quite literal on skin. Sometimes i get the impression that i'm wearing a very straight version of Very Irresistible Homme idea of cocoa and coffee, since something on the cocoa in Xocoatl reminds me a lot of cocoa powder and roasted coffee at the same time. This is the main focus for me, with the craemy sugary of vanilla work as a background to provide it some smothness.I also notice something very masculine on the rum smell, as if they used a mint licquer to give it the beverage notion to the cocoa and vanilla combination. I think that Xocoatl hits perfectly the concept, but for me it could have been a little bit more dynamic and complex.
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