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Wild Fern (Cologne) by Geo. F. Trumper
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Wild Fern (Cologne) is a popular perfume by Geo. F. Trumper for men and was released in 1877. The scent is green-spicy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBasil, Bergamot, Lavender, Rosemary
Heart Notes Heart NotesFern, Carnation, Geranium
Base Notes Base NotesOakmoss, Musk, Patchouli



7.8 (20 Ratings)


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6.1 (18 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    5
Green, green, green are all my fragrances (or: it depends on the content)
Fougèred fragrances (french fern) is a topic that always interests me, Yatagan's statement about the Amouage Bracken Man and his reference to the blueprint characteristics of Geo F. Trumpers Wild Fern made me really curious and drove me to a (usually unusual for me) blind purchase and lo and behold: it was really worth it!!

As is often the case with me, I don't test perfumes on their own but let them compete against a competitor. This has the advantage that the scent of the test candidates can also be better verified. As a competitor this time I have chosen Amouage Bracken Man, which comes from a similar fragrance family and is very important to me.

In contrast to the Amouage Bracken Man, Wild Fern is now "really" green from the beginning to its (fortunately not so soon) end.

I find Amouage Bracken to be spicy-green, with the emphasis on spicy, hence probably the - compared to Wild Fern - long shelf life and large sillage.

In the mind's eye of the Wild Fern user, lush green undergrowth appears in late spring or early summer ... bees buzz, the wind rustles in the leaves, frogs croak, mosquitoes buzz ... Huh, so what now? Should Wild Fern now perhaps serve as an anti-mosquito spray in the ferny undergrowth due to its initially suspected repellent effect? Well, these initial fears are fortunately soon dispelled and Wild Fern develops in a pleasant direction, a slight floralness resonates pleasantly in the background to the green base note. The individual components are very well balanced and coordinated, resulting in a green-light floral-earthy woody fragrance that is indeed reminiscent of a walk in the wild ferny undergrowth.

I can't really see musk and patchouli now ... The whole development is modest, but maybe that's exactly what makes Wild Fern so attractive: a certain straightforwardness, which reminds of English purism.

In the drydown, the two test candidates are then adjusted, whereby the Bracken Man now shows his green mark more clearly
Wild Fern is a simple and unspectacular masculine fragrance, in my opinion perfectly suited for everyday life and "taking the steam out" and can contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. What I appreciate in him is his extremely low sillage, so that he does not whitewash the character of the wearer and therefore leaves him his individuality.

The bottle in the modest green cardboard box is minimalist in comparison to the Bracken Man... Somehow sympathetic... that somehow explains the price level of the so-called "niche fragrances", as the Bracken Man is
The slogan printed on the green packaging:

"Can you imagine an English country lane in springtime, sunlight breaking through fresh leaves, wild flowers on the verge dancing in the morning breeze and, in the shade, fronds of new green fern?"

is indeed very well suited to describe Geo F. Trumper Wild Fern Cologne in a few words in an expressive way.

Despite his 143 years of age Wild Fern is by no means oldschool and is able to impress. I like him very much and therefore he gets the same rating from me as Amouage Bracken Man. About the price/performance ratio of the two, you probably don't need to say too many words...
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5.0 5.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
Solution of the riddle
1877 - In Hamburg, Hermann Blohm and Ernst Voss found a shipyard on the Elbe island of Kuhwärder (today Kuhwerder) with a rather *rausper* restrained occupancy rate. Asaph Hall discovers the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos, Tchaikovsky's ballet Swan Lake is premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre, and Trumper's Barbershop produces two new colognes in the UK capital under Queen Victoria. Marlborough and Wild Fern. The latter shall be governed by this Article.
Of course I put the test to the test in connection with the test of this classic. Out into the garden, behind at the water under the big alders and birches, there he grows: wild fern. It has a very special quality, which is probably the reason why it never appears in perfumes, even if they are called something with "fern". He doesn't smell. If you rub it between your hands, it smells like cut grass. But even that only briefly and weakly. When I crouched now there, with my fern, at the brook, under the trees, and a slight anger came over me, the solution to the riddle suddenly crept into my nose. Wild Fern does not smell of fern, but of the place where it grows. Herbs, represented by the clearly emerging rosemary and lavender of the top note, which begins with a little spiciness, but quickly becomes round and pleasant. The coolness of the shadow under the large trees is given by the subtle floral notes, the cracked bark is clearly represented by the tree moss and the earth by the patchouli.
This together results in a wonderfully drawn picture of a shady spot at the edge of the forest, which passes by much too fast according to the usual length of time spent there.
But luckily you can extend this Cologne in contrast to the rest in the countryside simply by replenishing
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