Camicia 113 (Eau de Toilette) by Gianfranco Ferré

Camicia 113 2016 Eau de Toilette

01.05.2021 - 02:28 PM

The Game Between Pure Fantasy and Contemporary Design

When I bought Camicia 113 Eau de Parfum in the EDP concentration, I didn’t know that the EDT version was also circulating. So I started looking for this variant, and finally, I could smell it at the Tigotà chain of stores. Both the packaging and the bottle are identical to their predecessor, but the scent is not a lighter take on the former. It is something else entirely. If the nose Nathalie Lorson had kept to a flowery and powdery family in the EDP, here we find nuances that are always clean but more floral and fruity. If you missed my review of Camicia 113 Eau de Parfum, I’d like to describe the beauty of the bottle to you.
The number takes up the shirt model 113, a 1982 creation inspired by the corolla of a calla lily and made of brushed silk, silk satin and taffeta. The cap surmounts a transparent bottle and evokes the sketch of the 113, with its calla shape. The white label is in grosgrain, and the refined juice is rosy-coloured. With this new release, the first impression was of something mellow, shimmering, and floral on my skin. It spread the top notes with overwhelming happiness, like a touch of Percale cotton on them.

Camicia 113 EDP is a floral fragrance, fresh, fruity, and woody in which, at first, feel very well cheerful Mediterranean bergamot, which is the only citrus fruit in the headnotes. A spoonful of almost sour berries sorbet adds the fruitiness, which fades slowly but survives in the background all over—an energizing opening with a juicy and sparkling aroma. The sensuality of magnolia white flowers is only there for a short time, then a creamy peony blooms and calms the senses. The bittersweet and primarily red berries are intense and make the most of the opening.

The heart notes summon the familiar gesture of slipping into a white shirt, freshly washed and ironed. Even for this creation, the nose features the tantalizing fragrance of jasmine petals on the fragrant exchange between tender cotton flower and rosy peony blossoms. The tender note and slightly indolic jasmine lasts longer and is initially cutting. This clean and flowery inkling is my favourite part.

In the tail notes, the boundless imagination of Gianfranco Ferré takes shape. There are the petals of the iris that blooms along the canals of Lombardy. Flowers that the stylist was fond of. Then comes magnificent patchouli leaves nuance. The musky note of the base strongly binds the composition. However, the EDT is less musky than the EDP. It’s just a beautiful concoction; everything fits perfectly together and leaves a sensual but very subtle scent on my skin.

I feel the red berries, jasmine, and musk more than the other notes. I like the gentle fruit and woody touch here; straightforward to wear, inoffensive at all, very unpopular brand. I like Camicia 113 EDT, but I prefer the EDP. Hot Summer months are appropriate seasons for wearing this cheerful jus, daily at the workplace or in leisure during the weekend. The sillage and projection are nearly moderate. It is an intimate scent that does not leave an intense trail, but it is long-lasting; at least it lasts all day on my skin—a game between pure fantasy and contemporary design that tingles the body.

I based the review on a 100ml bottle I have owned since April 2021.


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