Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct (2019)

Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct by Giorgio Armani
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Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct is a new and limited perfume by Giorgio Armani for men and was released in 2019. The scent is woody-citrusy. It is being marketed by L'Oréal. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMarine notes, Italian citruses
Heart Notes Heart NotesPatchouli
Base Notes Base NotesEbony



7.5 (70 Ratings)


7.4 (64 Ratings)


7.1 (64 Ratings)


8.1 (78 Ratings)
Submitted by eBOSS, last update on 10.10.2019.
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9.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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What does Armani want to tell us?
Instinct told me, "You absolutely must have him!". The head said: "Is that really what makes Acqua di Gio special?".

I have longed for Armanis Acqua di Gio Absolu Instinct for a long time after I had seen numerous videos of American perfume you tubers. The first impressions and tests at that time were positive through the bank away and so my expectations of this release were accordingly high. Dark wood notes paired with the AdG DNA were then said in the videos so more or less - that sounds like a perfume for the evening. Finally, I also see it as an evening scent for cooler days.

The bottle is really nicely made, beside the Profumo bottle for me the most elegant, above all the golden writing on dark brown glass.

The opening is really good citric, in my nose a touch more mandarin/orange than lemon. Honestly I find the opening of Absolu Instinct the best of all AdG perfumes. I just wish these citrus fruits would last longer, longer than 5 minutes aren't in it.

It is quickly joined by discreet sweetness with a wooden character. Maybe it smells a bit synthetic but definitely suitable for mass production. "Ebony" is in the base. Whether that's really ebony, I'll leave it at that. I don't have comparisons with other fragrances with ebony and I don't know too much about the various wood directions to be able to distinguish them all individually. The Drydown is darker and more adult than the predecessor and I like
in spite of its straightforwardness, it is extremely good!

Now the question remains: Did Armani do himself a favor by adding Absolu Instinct to his Acqua di Gio series? With its predecessor Absolu, the company has already thrown a product expansion onto the market, which is intended to attract a broader range of customers with its sweet-woody character. Absolu Instinct continues this but for my taste more mature and elegant. And yet I don't really know if the word "Acqua" really fits. Both Absolus are not aquatic-fresh enough for me. I don't have the maritime classic AdG DNA. She flashes at most briefly at the opening. I really hope for Armani that they will not overdo it with (potential) future product extensions of their Acqua di Gio range, otherwise I fear the AdG range will be exhausted very soon.

The perfume had a shelf life of just under 8 hours at room temperature and 5.5 hours in the heat outside. Sillage, unfortunately, a little reserved, could be stronger.

I am not surprised by the better rating compared to the predecessor Absolu. Nevertheless, I consider the predecessor to be too badly rated. But the tastes are very subjective, especially for perfumes!

I would definitely make a test recommendation, because I think most people will like it.
8.0 6.0 6.0 6.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    52
Next, please!
It's funny. I have already tested quite a few Armanis and not one has convinced me and persuaded me to buy him. The forefather of this series was really close, but on the one hand the durability didn't convince me and on the other hand I decided to go for the much nicer version with more pep from Perry Ellis, the 360° Red for Men. The Profumo which is quite ok, was also no longer desirable for me.

Now a new Flanker and the first reactions and/or markings made me curious. I openly admit here that I actually liked the direct predecessor, the Absolu, and I can't understand how it was torn here and is at 6.1, but I don't understand so much. It wasn't a revelation either, but kept good and better, was fruity fresh and for me without a bubble gum note like Invictus he liked to be compared to. They're all synthetic anyway, so Who Cares?

Now the story of the new Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct is told relatively quickly. This time I don't understand the good grades.
First you spray on lemon water and then you fall on artificial wood. Lemon water because it smells very lemony with some aquatics in the background. Synthetic wood because it smells different. That's it. That's it. This lemon wood smell remains quite strong for one hour, then withdraws very closely and disappears after 4-5 hours.
You think he's better now? Well, the tastes are different, but I sprayed the predecessor on my arm at the same time, which was more perceptible and intense and lasted much longer. Those who like the Acqua di Giò DNA by the way should not start to search here, there are just as few of them here as in the predecessor.

Conclusion: You don't really need one if you take it exactly, but if I had to decide for one of the last two, then for the Absolu. Isso. I can't do anything. When the lemon is gone here, it reminds me a little of the wood for him from Dsquared²

I once asked some celebrities what they thought of it.

Boris Becker:
Uh... it's like that. So I uh, was once the number 1 in the world, in the tennis world ne, yes u..u.. and sis yes so that I also once uh a perfume have made ne. Uh u..u..and should be high up as in tennis a praise, ne. But it was a, uh... flop. U..u..and now it's like this, the Uh..Armani here ne, is better.

Franz Beckenbauer:
Uh..hehe..jarr gud..what shall I say? Joar i hoab always says out and spins football, joarrr and hehe this year would soagen sprays on and spails hide, hehe. Joar me at FC Bayern..hehe.. joar me have our own scent. Yeah, gud, it smells like French brandy all day. Joar.

Stefan Raab:
Soooo, I don't know if you noticed. Sensational. Armani has a new scent, yes, and what was going on there, yes? You don't know. But I personally found that very interesting bottling lemon tea here... you know? Personally, I only wear water and cd's, yeah, you know? Yes

Thomas Gottschalk:
Yes Here My Dear Jaaaa Thank You Beautiful Yes Here A New Fragrance From Old Armani My Dear Betting That He Is Not So Good Also? I Yes Have A Nose For That Na Something My LIeber OH Here Lemon Aha So Jaha Here Wood My LIeber.

Dieter Bohlen:
You know, honestly, nä? Megageil is dat nicht jorgio. Listen, if it smells like that in my basement, no, the potatoes come up voluntarily peeled, you know. That little bit of lemon here. Weissu you come here, nä, then you get all out of here and then nothing happens here. Hey, I've seen mega gigs before, but with you there's not much.

Klaus Kinski:
Now I had to rise again, right? Lemon and wood, is that all you can think of? Watch out, I'll smash your face in! What I smell is what he's asking me. Can't you just imagine? You're bothering me! Guys, I can't smell like this. YOU STUPID BASTARD. Dilettantes here. I'm gonna dig myself up again, you assholes! You'll see what you've got from it, i'll skin you in the face, you'll be able to leave the face.

Otto Waalkes:
Holladihiti. JAAAAAAAAAAA..I still have a version of Hänsel & Gretel. I still have one. I still have one.
Okay, Gretel starts and Hansel wears Armani, me and my wood
And with lemon today and with wood me and mine, me and my wood
The witch looks beautiful, the children stink, me and my wood
You can burn them, you can smell them I and mine, I and my wood
Yes, if the witch burns them, then donate warmth to me and mine, me and my wood
But if you only smell, then don't ah
And now everyone in this wood, joa

Lena Meyer-Landrut:
Oh my god, oh my god, this is so super super super special. Honestly, I think it's so nice. I would so love to smell it. This is so awesome. I find myself totally tight with it and mega mega cool. Yo, really now. Can I please have some of this, I'll do whatever you something.....

I know, it's meaningless, but more names in the title don't make the fragrance any better. It's not as bad as other recent experiences, but it's not a hit for me either. But it can't always be. All that it pleases, I wish much joy with it.

Maybe I'll like the next one in line. Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct Intense or the Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct Intense Extreme and if nothing works anymore Acqua di Giò Absolu Instinct Intense Extreme Sport.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 7.0/10

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Very helpful Review    10
It could be a little uphill again!
Hello folks, here I am again and describe the newest fragrance of a actually beautiful fragrance series, of which I was disappointed by last year's Flanker and could not believe what Armani had brought out. We are talking about the Acqua di Giò series, which in itself is very beautiful, but with the fragrance Acqua di Giò Absolu had reached the absolute (ho ho wordplay! :D) low point, at least in my opinion.

This wasn't because the fragrance had nothing new to offer, but was so synthetic that it made the whole fragrance look so cheap that it seemed like a better shower gel to you (or me). So bad was the Flanker of 2018, that I was quite sceptical about the new Flanker here, especially because here the by-name "Absolu" is still in the name. And, of course, because the bottle was still suspiciously full, but this was because the tester bottle stood behind the entire packaging of the fragrance, while all the other versions stood in front of the packaging.

All who passed by these Armani scents reached for the older Absolu and sprayed themselves full from top to bottom, while I laughed myself one inside, since the poor guys were about to smell extremely cheap-synthetic. I couldn't warn them either, since they had perfected the method of "passing by a scent and spraying themselves excessively with it" in the meantime, so that I couldn't "intervene" any more. Well, I'm not really gloating, but people, ... smells first of all how the smell on your skin smells, argh ... but no, the main thing is that it says Armani on it, then it will probably be good, ... :DD

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins similar to the "normal" Absolu, i.e. maritime and synthetic, but the synthetic is at least in a reasonably tolerable range again, so that you can enjoy large parts of the fragrance if you like the fragrance notes. As I said, the scent is aquatic or maritime (although it is not salty or alginous, which I usually associate with maritime scents) and has fresh citrus notes in the top note. However, these decay quickly, so that the scent quickly becomes woody. It says here that it is ebony, but for me it smells more like cedar, although I have to admit that I don't even know how ebony smells... maybe they smell similar. The wood note is okay and comes across as herb-spicy, and the patchouli, which is not too intense, also adapts well to the woody and maritime smells and in principle it was, because the fragrance is not going through a great development. It smells the same all the time, which is okay. As I said, the fragrance is also quite synthetic, which in my opinion one could have done without, but this synthetic is much less annoying to me than the previous fragrance.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite good, so that you can smell the scent without getting too close. I also found the shelf life very good, as it lasted more than eight hours with me.

The bottle:
The bottle is great as always. It is rectangular, but rounded (oval :D) and dark brown. The name of the fragrance is printed on the bottle, at the bottom of the thick glass bottom. Otherwise you can see on the front as always the quite big Aqua di Giò lettering. Since the fragrance is limited, this time it also has a more detailed and more beautiful lid. A very nice bottle.

So that was the new Armani Acqua di Giò fragrance. I'm still not really enthusiastic, but compared to last year the fragrance is not a complete disaster this time, but despite all my criticism it's still okay and therefore usable. Brrr,... if I still think of the predecessor... the Absolu I found really terrible. You know what, man? In Lidl there is currently (because of spring and so on), once again perfumed toilet paper. You man, that's just shit paper to wipe your ass, and even that smells a thousand times better than the last Acqua di Giò scent, that can't be true... :D

Whatever. However, this new fragrance is also far removed from its predecessors such as Essenza or Profuma in both class and olfactory terms. Olfactory because the new fragrances no longer have beautiful herbs, such as basil, sage or rosemary, which gave the fragrances a great note and which came across particularly well with summer fragrances. Now the new fragrances are just more or less cheap looking, almost meaningless main streamers, which you already had a thousand times under your nose, where actually all Armanis are main streamers (except for the Privé fragrances), but that doesn't have to be bad in itself. Well, whatever. We have at least one huge rosemary bush standing in the garden here, so if I want to use this scent, I'll go rubbing myself against the bush (and the neighbours will surely think of me as a strange pervert who stands on trees and such (technical term: dendrophilie and no, don't ask me how I know the expression! D), but hey, at least this would be such an opportunity again to shout "This is not what it looks like"! :DD).

Whether I recommend a test, well... you have to know that for yourself. Actually, I would rather say no and prefer to reach for Essenza or Profumo instead. But on the other hand some of you might like this one a lot, so, yes test :D
Otherwise, this fragrance is an all-rounder for me, somewhat fresh, but also usable in autumn because of the woody notes. Maybe a little banal for going out, but still usable. For me, however, it is better for daily use.

Soo, that's it. I wish you all a nice evening, then see you next time :)
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DPArtist 7 months ago
Mash-up of ADG Profumo and Absolu, comes across as if trying to be like Azzaro's superior Wanted By Night. Not horrible but seems pointless.+2
Guapo 8 months ago
They are damaging the image of a classic with these countless flankers.
What else will they invent, around the name AdG?+4
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Jazzy76 8 months ago
Woody-oriental , sensual and mysterious but with opening fresh accents, it has a good sillage and it's perfect in every season. High price

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