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Armani Code A-List by Giorgio Armani
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Armani Code A-List is a new and limited perfume by Giorgio Armani for men and was released in 2018. The scent is spicy-woody. It is being marketed by L'Oréal. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Green mandarin
Heart Notes Heart NotesProvençal lavender
Base Notes Base NotesTonka bean, Gaiac wood



7.3 (32 Ratings)


6.3 (18 Ratings)


6.0 (19 Ratings)


7.5 (40 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 16.08.2019.
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8.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Very helpful Review    11
Who'd have thought? This code smells good again!
Today I was once again in a fragrance shop. No, that's not exactly true. It was more of a drugstore and I just went in there to see what new Halloween snacks and decorations this store had to offer and I was disappointed that 90% of all those items were already Christmas items *sigh*

So I made myself to the scents, and without a particular goal in mind. On the way one came first to the women's fragrances, and since I now all of a sudden hardly get nervous with women's fragrances, I thought to myself, I spray something ladylike on me, if possible something new. Then however I had to think of you perfumes and perfumos, which apparently only wait for the time to be able to complain with me again, because I would test allegedly always only woman smells and thought already nearly "I don't care, their screaming and complaining bounces off me meanwhile likewise", and wanted to reach therefore really to a woman smell, until I suddenly discovered this smell here from the corner of my eye.

Because this code now had a red stripe on the bottle and I thought to myself "Hey, the bottle looks different! It must be new." A quick look at Parfumo confirmed to me that I had actually come across a new code, so I wanted to test it in any case, especially to see if Armani's new fragrances continue to smell terribly synthetic in a bad way, like their last fragrances were, or if they're making well-done main streamers again like they used to. And lo and behold, I should be positively surprised this time!

Don't worry about who was happy to complain: I'll test a women's fragrance again next time, mu ha ha ha ha... argh! :DD

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins quickly with the tonka bean, which smells sweet and also a little powdery. In the background I notice citric notes, which start to smell a little stronger after a few minutes, but still remain in the background, because the tonka bean smells stronger and these citrus fruits are overlaid by the beginning lavender, which also gives the fragrance a tart scent. Nevertheless, the citric notes remain for quite a while, you only have to smell close enough to perceive them.
I think that the tonka bean together with the lavender are the main scents in this fragrance, which can be smelled for a very long time in the base. A certain synthetic appears, but it doesn't look as cheap as in the last Armani Code (the Code Colonia), but smells okay for such a kind of scent and is almost Armani typical again (synthetic-sweetish without smelling bad or looking cheap), this note becomes a little bit stronger later, but doesn't bother you.
The scent does not change much towards the later base, except that a little bit of woody notes are added. Otherwise it remains as usual sweet and slightly powdery due to the tonka bean and a little bitter due to the lavender.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is good, but unfortunately it weakens a bit too quickly, especially for an autumn scent. After only a few hours you have to get a little closer to smell it.
But the durability is quite good, because it lasted a little longer than eight hours.

The bottle:
The shape of the bottle is the same as that of all Code bottles. So it?s slightly round resp. cylindrical with inward pressed side surfaces. This bottle is black and on the front you can still see the Armani Code lettering, the name of the flanker is underneath in red. Also red this time is the neck, which is slightly corrugated (or as one calls it). I find the combination of these two colours very successful. Finally comes the lid, which is shiny black as usual. A very nice bottle!

Soo, this scent is good. Really good! This is of course especially true for all those who like Armani fragrances and/or do not have ZU great expectations of new fragrances. But it's finally a nice code scent for men again, especially when you consider how catastrophic last year's Code Colonia (in my opinion) was. By the way, the new A-List goes a little bit in the direction of the Code Profumo and smells like it beautifully autumn like tonka bean.

For me, this fragrance actually came as a surprise, especially since I liked it too. Because with most Armanis, which I had tried lately (all the same whether man or lady smell, more however man smells), there was a rather badly made synthetic note in the smells inside, which had pulled the smells all together down and these smells for me then no longer like used (and good) Armani Mainstreamer had smells, but almost like rather cheap and hastily fast produced cheap smells, in order to be able to throw simply times again something new on the market. These were fragrances like Acqua di Giò Absolu, the mentioned Code Colonia, Stronger With You or Because It's You etc.

Therefore I now hope that Armani is back on the right track and that all upcoming flankers or new fragrances will turn out much better or good, even if they may not be great (...but who knows? You can never know!). Strictly speaking, this fragrance has already been there a thousand times. But, as I said, it smells good, is suitable for many occasions (everyday smell, evening, going out and so on...), and it will certainly arrive well. So what more could you want?!

Therefore a test is worthwhile in any case!

And by the way: By the way, on Halloween snacks, I got my eyes all goggled up... and... they taste really disgusting!!! DD
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8.0 4.0 5.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    6
Non omnibus unum est quod placet!
With anticipation, excitement and a dose of euphoria I entered the perfumery of my trust yesterday to finally test the new Armani code I've been waiting for. The first sprayer on the wrist already brought the first disillusionment. Typical citric and fresh start of the top note, just like all fragrances of the Code series.

Without testing any more news, I left the perfumery to concentrate fully on this one fragrance. Since I still had other errands to do, I sniffed my wrist at every opportunity. There were strong similarities to other fragrances in the series, were my expectations perhaps too high?

Over time, the fragrance has unfolded with my skin chemistry, because every fragrance should have its chance. The aroma itself is quite pleasant; a light aroma of roasted tonka bean, but we had something like that, definitely nothing new. The series was extended by another Flanker. The transition from the heart to the base is linear and after a few hours is only very close. The durability is poor, here was saved perhaps with carrier oils?

Here is the possible recipe for AC components, as follows:

- one part AC Sport
- one part AC Profumo
- a part AC Colonia
- three parts AC Black Code

... now mix well, do not stir and fill into new hoses, ready.

Bottle: appealing glass bottle
Fragrance: spicy, pleasant to wear, restrained and suitable for office use
Sillage: very weak
Shelf life: slightly about 4-5 hours!

Conclusion: Armani Code A-List is m.M.n. the coronation of a flanker, too bad about it. Those who already have some AC fragrances in their collection can save money with a clear conscience. Interested parties are well advised to test the fragrance thoroughly beforehand. Those interested in buying should wait without hurry for the first Christmas offers, after Christmas the fragrance may even be available for a bargain price.
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JoaoMartins 15 months ago
Rubbish fragrance!

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