Armani Privé - Ambre Eccentrico (2015)

Armani Privé - Ambre Eccentrico by Giorgio Armani
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Armani Privé - Ambre Eccentrico is a popular perfume by Giorgio Armani for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is sweet-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Calice Becker

Fragrance Notes

Amber accord, Cinnamon, Tonka bean, Patchouli, Prunol



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44 Reviews
Ambre Eccentrico (@Nose.Knows.No.Notes)

I've been eyeing the Armani Privé collection for a while, so I was glad when my brother could bring back a sample when he visited Paris. He picked Ambre Eccentrico and I think that's a safe choice, because this one is hard to dislike.

Ambre Eccentrico is pretty straightforward and linear. The amber is rich and warm and almost like honey. With the added tonka, it's mostly extremely sweet. There are dried fruits, but they are more of a subtle hint, than something that you pick up immediately. It's definitely not a sweet fruity scent, but rather a vanilla or caramel type scent. I honestly don't pick up the listed cinnamon at all. There's a powdery, chocolate like patchoulli coming through, but it gets blended in with the overall sweetness quickly. The composition in general isn't powdery, but rather syrupy.
To my nose, there's the tiniest bit of a smoky base, like a burned sugar. It's comparable to the crème brûlée type scent I get from Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Grand Soir. It's not as refined or spicy as in Grand Soir, but it leans more towards a cheaper caramel sauce that you put on desserts.
Overall, extremely enjoyable, smooth, warm. When I wore Ambre Eccentrico, I kept smelling my own wrist constantly, because it's really pleasant. I will say, the sweetness is quite extreme and there are not too many situations, in which I want to smell like caramel fudge all day (and it will last all day), so versatility is limited •

Please follow my IG @Nose.Knows.No.Notes for more reviews and fragrance photography.
8.0 7.0 9.0 9.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
The noble Gourmand
The first thing you can notice is an intense sweet and fruity note that gives me the image of a slightly unripe plum, but has already fully developed its wonderful colour.

At the same time, the plum is enveloped in a beautiful, strong aromatic and slightly spicy note, which also gives the plum a certain aura of astringency and pungency and reminds me of nutmeg and pimento, but also far away it smells for me like a delicately applied clove
My research showed that Prunol is responsible for this scenttaura and is associated as a plumy-looking, with a strict cardamom note, but I would never have come across cardamom.

Since Prunol contains the scent of an immature plum, I would like to point out explicitly that with the dosage less, actually more is, since the immature plum has the potential to smell like station toilet and this scenttaura of the tart - sharp facet is still reinforced
From a pocket sprayer I landed at the "right" dosage with a sprayer that was not quite half pushed through and I can imagine very well that this degree hike will be a small challenge for some users and of course also the own skin appearance plays a role and each wearer has to "find" his own perfect dosage
A little bit later in very tender and creeping features a wonderful sweet and also spicy, typical cinnamony note is added and one is now actually of the opinion that one has a beautiful plum - cinnamon - compote in front of one, which does not appear however at all edible, but extremely noble and we have here a Gourmand, which proves here wonderfully that Gourmand can smell "delicious", but does not really taste.

The cinnamon is enveloped by a wonderful soft, almost balsamic sweet almond note, which also brings a very fine Bourbon - Vanilla-like trait and gives the fragrance a wonderful creamy air-lifting aura and in my opinion is responsible for the fact that the fragrance despite its heaviness appears incredibly shimmering fluffy and is due to the clay bean.

All this sometime, with me after 2,5 hours, turns into THE amber blanket, which one cannot imagine.

Very soft, sweet, slightly spicy, also a balsamic hint can be perceived, which harmonizes wonderfully with the very gently slow fading notes.and one thinks:

This is the blanket of the person I love!

Unfortunately I couldn't see Patchouli, but I can imagine very well that this component was used for background music.

In total the fragrance lasts 9 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is conceived from the outset in such a way that one is perceived very clearly at a whole arm length and this is also maintained 4 hours in such a way, before it minimizes itself in quiet steps up to the conclusion of the smell
I would like to express my sincere thanks to our perfume "Cocinera" for the bottling.
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8.0 8.0 9.0 6.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    13
Am I eccentric?
Hello people, once again I am here and describe a fragrance, and today we are talking about Armanis Ambre Eccentrico from the Privé Collection. And yes, the fragrance is actually translated as "Eccentric Amber", which sounds strange, because how is a fragrance supposed to be eccentric? Of course this is possible, because according to definitions something "eccentric" is something that deviates from the norm. So it is to be expected that this fragrance would have to smell completely different in order to stand out from the mass (of amber fragrances). Isn't that right?

Well, it's obvious. Or else... I smell and talk about it, and you read and scold me or something... the usual halt... :D

Be that as it may, I'm looking forward to testing the Privé fragrance here, as I'd like to sniff through all the Privé fragrances, but never really got my hands on it...

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a strong amber note, which actually smells a little different, but perhaps this only occurs because you smell a lot of other scents, which radiate just as intensely and also have striking smells like amber. There is the tonka bean, which radiates here extremely strongly, so strongly that one thinks for a moment even that it could be something else, because one knows this sweet smell rather more tenderly and powdery. Here, however, the tonka bean is quite intense and appears to be creamy instead of powdery. Then I smell patchouli, which radiates its earthy scent, but for me at the beginning it seems more like a mix of leather and oud.
For a while I even had to think about where this slightly sultry, sweetly fruity and flowery note came from, which can also be perceived right at the beginning and which is also very intense. After a long time back and forth and thinking about whether the ylang-ylang could be or not, I saw that it is the plum that smells so intense here. Because of this, and because of all these scents, the amber scent actually seems quite different than usual.
All this mix, by the way, also ensures that I sometimes feel like leather is contained in the scent. In the later base, the fragrance gets a muggier note. Yes, the scent was a little sultry before, but in the base you have the feeling as if there were really heavy and sultry flowers in it, which, as you can imagine, I don't like so much myself and which lead to the fact that I can't rate the scent any higher, because I liked it less by and large.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite strong and for a good while it can be smelled well, because you are immersed in a big scent cloud. Also the durability is quite long and lasts loosely over twelve hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is black, rectangular and slightly arched at the top of the neck. It has a gold-plated label with the name of the fragrance, which contrasts well with the black bottle. The most striking feature, however, is the glossy stony lid in dark red, shimmering tones that enhance the bottle enormously and give it a great look. Like all Privé fragrances, this one also has a wonderful bottle.

So that was the eccentric Amber. Sure, it's just a name, but the amber actually smells a little different here, which is because of all the other scents you don't get to smell every day in this intensity, especially the mix of patchouli, tonka bean, plum and some woods.

This fragrance smells good in the beginning, but it probably won't suit every taste, as it might come across too violent and/or humid with time. Amber fans don't necessarily have to "sniff in", because you don't get to smell amber soo much (or the later scents cover the amber too much). Yes, the amber here is not as you know it, it is eccentric :D

What else is the meaning of eccentric? Let's see... according to scientific studies, eccentrics have transferred the following properties to humans:
They're creative (yes, could apply to me, right?), they're stubborn (I'm a freak... yes... yes), they have a faulty spelling (yes... I've published over 1000 commis here already, you know how horrible my lyrics are!), have a certain sense of humour (does that apply, OR??), have one or more hobbies (let's see, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, comics, perfumes, video games, writing bestsellers... yes, everything applies :DD), are single (!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!! I'm also single, well then everything fits together!)... *sigh* Is now an eccentric something good or not? I have no idea, but sometimes, actually rather often, you call me more of a weird bird, and that is VERY hurtful!!!

Well, then I just don't know if I'm eccentric or not, but in any case I know that this scent fits best into cooler days here, like in autumn and winter. As an everyday fragrance, it seems to be less suitable because of its unusual fragrance, and therefore belongs more in leisure time.

Yes, you can test it, but you don't have to, because in my opinion it's not one of the best Privés. But as I said, that's only my opinion, because I don't like sultry and stuffy scents.
With that I am once again at the end and wish you all a nice evening. Then see you next time :)
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8.0 10.0 9.0 9.0/10

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Very helpful Review    11
Amber @ it's best
I'm a big Armani fan. Beside some scents I also own some fashion from this great brand. I have tested most designer fragrances and I own many. Now I also wanted to test the expensive Prive line. This is the only one left so far, but some will follow. Order a small filling/sample of this fragrance as I am a fan of sweet amber fragrances. Great little fragrance pyramid, which can come across well implemented great for fans of sweet fragrances.

The Prive-Line from Armani is very noble built. The bottles are extremely noble and elegant. Solid with golden shield and noble lid. Very nice.
The prices are of course somewhat steeper, like almost all drive lines from designer labels. Price here is from approx. 200 Euro a 100ml. Definitely something for people who deserve better.
The perfumer is Calice Becker, who became famous for her creations for Kilian and has also created some good scents.
The fragrance is rightly not magnificently divided into head-heart base. Although it changes slightly, it retains its initial DNA by and large. The star, as the name suggests, is of course Amber. Here the amber acts mainly in combination with creamy-sweet tonka bean. Cinnamon and patchouli are added. All 4 scents are very present and also the interplay is very harmonious. Also has a slightly mandeled touch. Smells very rich in calories, but still in a noble way.
The opening is very strong and has an exceptionally strong gourmand note, which radiates vehemently. The recognition value of this note is grandiose. One definitely stands out because of A.) The Sillage and B.) by this unique note. Who likes sweet amber gourmands and wants to attract attention? Take it. Especially the first hour of absolute world class performance. Then also a clear 10.0 in Sillage. Striking and one of the best that goes on. The shelf life is approx. 10 hours.
Unisex? Matching the balancing owners of the male and female sex, I have to say: One can sign like this. Those who prefer sweet fragrances can access this without hesitation.

It is really difficult to find a reason for this fragrance. As an everyday and leisure fragrance, it is definitely out of the question, because it is too rousty and simply too penetrating. For me, a clubbing and date scent is the most likely. In the club he definitely stands out and even on a date he could have a seductive effect. In my opinion it is best as an outdoor fragrance for the cold season.
Probably not a fragrance I'd buy due to lack of occasions. Nevertheless a fragrance that can score with a lot of class at some events. When you like to be the center of attention in fragrance technology? Definitely worth a buy.
2 Replies
9.0 6.0 7.0 9.5/10

76 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
A beauty with a misleading name
Very comfortable and wearable, this composition is an elegant, sweet and creamy gourmand in which tonka bean, vanilla and benzoin play the main roles. I think I wouldn't have used the word amber in it's name, it is a sweet warm oriental indeed but I find it stands far away from the usual spectrum which amber centred perfumes cover. I just think the name is misleading, it isn't an amber and it isn't excentric, I expected something really challenging before I tested it, but it isn't, in fact I think this one could be a well valued and respected crowd pleaser if it just had a different price tag.

I can feel the cinnamon and fruits, an inoffensive soft patchouli and a subtle suede/leather note in the drydown, but all of these notes are just a chorus for the main tonka vanilla benzoin trio. I agree this perfume is quite linear, but it is the appearance of suede/leather note in the evolution makes me really love it, it gives body and a chic end to the blend. The over all effect is slightly powdery too, so to me it feels as a bit more feminine than unisex.

Sillage is good still polite, while longevity is very good.

As I wore it yesterday, I received a couple of compliments, back home at night my significant other mentioned I smelled as my own skin under the sun after a delicious holiday breakfast.

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