Armani Privé - Bleu Turquoise (2018)

Armani Privé - Bleu Turquoise by Giorgio Armani
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Armani Privé - Bleu Turquoise is a new perfume by Giorgio Armani for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is aquatic-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSalty accord, Frankincense, Black pepper
Heart Notes Heart Notesindian jasmine absolute, Ylang-ylang, Cypriol
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, Vanilla, Moss



7.8 (129 Ratings)


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8.9 (122 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 23.11.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    10
Perfumers, Zadig and Voltaire
Lately I have noticed that some perfumers develop very similar or almost identical fragrances for different houses/brands. There is Alberto's "Dark Lord" for Kilian, which is very similar to the "Guilty Absolute pour Homme". I also see his works "Light Blue pour Homme Eau Intense" and "Versace pour Homme" at least as stylistically similar. Perfumers clearly leave their own signature in many fragrances. However, I find it amazing and worth mentioning that perfumers simply let older works develop/change a little further and sell them as new perfumes.

We're already at Bleu Turquoise. When I tested it, the scent reminded me of Zadig & Voltaire's "Just Rock! pour Lui" or "This Is Him!".
Right above I clicked on the perfumer of this fragrance, faded out all unisex and women's fragrances and ... lo and behold! He also created the two Zadig & Voltaire fragrances, together with other perfumers, which I just mentioned.

For me this fragrance is about 60% (I'll cut it short here) a "Zadig", which was only extended/refined with a slightly fresh, aquatic-salty and discreetly mossy green note. In comparison, the Turquoise is also significantly less sweet.

On my skin the typical, unsacral, almost unresinous frankincense note, as we know it from the Zadig fragrances, stretches to the end. It is accompanied by salt and pepper and leaves a discreet aquatic-fresh impression. Actually good for the summer, although I wouldn't necessarily wear it at higher temperatures (+27°C), because the scent looks a bit dark thanks to the incense note. The sweet vanilla is not as dominant as with the Zadigs, but nevertheless perceptible (especially at the end) and fits the incense note skilfully.

An exciting fragrance with some contrasts that work surprisingly well. Dark incense and light aquatics; freshness and warmth. So I like this fragrance better than the two Zadigs, even if they are not directly comparable now.

If you like the two Zadig & Voltaire fragrances, you might find a new favourite in this salty-aquatic reinterpretation.
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Big cinema!
It's really time for this one lance to break!
For me one of the best summer scents of the last years, but it also works in every other season.
To me, it's like the "harder brother" of the Oud Minerale (whom I adore). A few "difficult candidates" come together here. Frankincense, salt and ylang-ylang.
But here so great balanced that it's just beautiful! Frankincense is prominent, salt too. The Ylang plays in the background, takes out the heaviness. But the scent never gets sweet or pompous for me!
Durability and Sillage are clearly above br /> Average!
He's just fun!
The bottle is perfect for me! Really beautiful to look at & reflects the olfactory! Not pure blue for aquatics, but turquoise! Say something green!
Absolutely test!
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9.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    44
Male poetry
Wrong season, wrong weather for a fresh aquatic fragrance...EGAL!

Anyone who has read my commentary on Tom Ford Noir de Noir will hopefully have understood the satire in it.
Now some feedbacks have shown, that there are also many men, who come out on devil's earth to put a scent into words that no one understands anymore, that's what I'm going to do today, because it's true, what I was last allowed to read in this direction, was written by a man's hand
But now I also want to be understood and would do all of us the favour of translating the whole thing into simple words, ok? Are you ready?


Ok, so far I would have to have 2 non-helpful clicks now and the first ones closed, I haven't said anything about the scent yet. It's your criticism..I know you don't like it.

But it's nice that you at least stuck with it, because here we go... yes, I mean you! Don't pretend like that Why don't you grab a piece of the pastry, if you have anything, and make yourself a cup of tea? It gets so poetic.

The next one is now least leave me a message...Menno!

I'll start now. Oh so before it starts... could the chapel perhaps play a quiet piece, so as background music? Maybe because today is the first Advent "The Power of Love" by Frankie goes to Hollywood?

All right. Let's go. I'll protect you from the hooded claw
Keep the vampires from your door... I yea ah Yea h..

So if you don't drop the panties here, I don't know anymore. I'll light another candle before it really starts. Better panty dropper than party pooper, or boys?

So who else is there? Ah, you, that's nice. I can count on you! I like you!
Just for you, I'm really getting started. Are you excited? Me, too, because I don't even know what's coming now, so I apologize if I think about it in between.

The fragrance description with translation:

"Salt on my skin, Aquaman gave me a kiss, the surf, the waves breaking, sun sending a warm beam and tickling my naked limbs"

Yo that goes off quite aquatically by the salty chord, paired with a little pepper is the whole first of all nice fresh spicy.

"Turquoise mirror on rocks, the spray whips into the sea of flowers, a slight heaviness spreads, I lie there with a wreath of flowers in my hair (HA! HA!) and think MannwardamalHaarda."

After some time it becomes the aquatic flowery sweet by jasmine and ylang ylang, the cypriol gives the whole a certain depth.

"Light smoke covers my flower dress, I see moss in my lap, while I chew lasciviously on a vanilla and think Damussmalwiederjemandranda."

It uses a light incense, which is accompanied by fine vanilla and a slight meadow smell to round off the whole thing.

"You still glisten for hours on my skin, it sparkles, the panty hasn't existed for a long time, I let myself drift, surrender, listen to the sea as it calls, see seahorses bouncing, manta rays lowered and with foxtail and drown in nothing say verse"

It lasts quite well and remains fresh spicy with a slight sweetness.

"A breath full of discomfort blows towards heaven. Blue azure, precious and unmatched, the world embraces me. My arms opened, my soul grieved, I call your name, for you are so beautiful"

Beautiful bottle but Arschteuer!

But I really liked it. The bottle and the fragrance.

Anybody else like that? You've done it, we've come to the end. Ha look..all naked!

Well, at least you kept it up, I'm glad you did. I would like to thank you personally for that. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you. But I can understand, if you want to put on your underwear again.

And because you have held out so well, I wish you a nice 1.Advent.

This Kommi is partly satirical and self-ironic, similarities to other persons are purely coincidental..........................wanted.

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Priviledged Foretaste
I was (I think possibly somewhat genuinely) priviledged to get hold of it before the _official_ release-date, and I loved it instantly, with its excruciating musk (I see it's not listed; but, if this is not a _seriously_ musky fragrance, Trondheim is south of Melbourne!), funky-indolic jasmine, and then - to crown it all - that salt note! Stroke of genius! This perfume is a jewel, a resonance maximum! In the store I was shown maybe another eight or so before I could snap myself out of my rapture & say "it's alright - stop! stop for now! - I've already decided!".

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