Armani Privé - Vert Malachite (2016)

Armani Privé - Vert Malachite by Giorgio Armani
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Armani Privé - Vert Malachite is a perfume by Giorgio Armani for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesOrange, Petitgrain
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine sambac absolute, Ylang-ylang
Base Notes Base NotesWhite lily, Vanilla, Benzoin



7.0 (70 Ratings)


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8.4 (79 Ratings)
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Crushing Gemstone
Hello and welcome to a new comment from me, which you all have to read, as you are committed to it! Or is it? But you should!! D He he, so today we are talking about the Vert Malachite fragrance from the Armani Privé Collection.

Wait a minute, Vert Malachite? So green malachite? Malachite is green anyway, you'll say now, if you looked up two long minutes in Wikipedia like me! Yes, malachite is actually always green, but there is also a so-called red malachite on the market, which is only called red malachite, but the mineral is not a real malachite, but in reality jasper. Which is nice to look at, too. So, now you're a little smarter! :))

By the way, Armani tried to imitate his impressions olfactorily with this scent during his trip to Russia. It should be a fragrance for both sexes who want to live independently and according to their own rules, at least if you read the marketing text of it. Well, I tend to pay less attention to such marketing texts, because otherwise I would only be rolling my eyes, because every fragrance is always described as if it were the very best fragrance in the world (of course, why should the manufacturer also write that its fragrance is only mediocre or even bad?...). But I'm sure you all know that when you read such lyrics from time to time. You try to bring even the worst scent to the man (or woman), but if that succeeds is another question, because after all a scent is often tested before it is bought (blind buyer disregarded), and I am glad to have tested the scent here as well, because it starts nice, but in the end (for me personally) became unbearable...

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with very strong neroli, intense jasmine and also strong (and unfortunately directly at the beginning sultry fragrant) ylang-ylang. However, the intensity of the ylang-ylang, or rather its sultriness, decreases a bit right after that, and hopefully it stays that way, because such sultry scents are really overwhelming (for me at least). But it still remains very flowery, because lilies are added and the whole scent smells very flowery-sweet because of the jasmine. The Neroli on the other hand is getting weaker and weaker, so that it can hardly be smelled in the base anymore.
For a while one smells mainly beautiful, sweet jasmine. But then, especially in the base, the fragrance becomes heavier and more humid. Neroli disappears completely and the jasmine also fades into the background, because now the really heavy, sultry and stuffy flower scents, especially the ylang-ylang, really hit the spot. So these become quite intense, dominate for the rest of the fragrance and smell, ... well, you know my opinion, not so great anymore, because the fragrance then very VERY overwhelming smells. If I have to be honest, I didn't hold out the base very long and even had to wash my arm again, because the oppressively sultry smell had only annoyed me...

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is strong, since one is wrapped by the intensive smell notes in a larger smell cloud, whereby one is to be smelled naturally very well. The scent lasts very long, that's what I think, because I washed the scent away from my arm later. This was so after six hours, after which the fragrance had still radiated quite intensely. I would therefore assume a shelf life of ten to twelve hours, if not more.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, with the upper part slightly arching upwards. The entire bottle, including the label and the lid, which has a stony shape, has been kept in malachite green, with which one can also see the beautiful color transitions or gradients of the gemstone. All in all, a beautiful bottle rich in contrast.

Soo, Vert malachite would actually have been a nice scent. Although somewhat unspectacular, at least for a Privé fragrance, this is, as always, a matter of taste. But Vert Malachite became too stuffy in the end despite a nice beginning, a direction with scents that I really don't like at all. Of course all this is a matter of taste, but I simply don't like this stuffy scent. Oh and through all these flowers Vert Malachite is more a feminine fragrance than unisex.

It is best used in Siberia, where it is really cold and you could compensate the stuffy notes a bit... he he no :DD
However, the fragrance is actually only recommended on cold days in autumn and winter, as it should have a totally overwhelming effect on warmer days. But something tells me you ladies would probably use the scent on hot days. Because as the saying goes: "Women are crazy, perfumes on the other hand are brain-burning insane", or something like that :DD

Yes, despite the beautiful sweet jasmine at the beginning of the fragrance, this time I don't think that you crazy, uh... I mean that you ladies really smell to bite with,... no, on the contrary, I would rather go for the distance with such a fragrance on a woman!!! If you still like such scents and would like to use them, spray them rather discreetly so that they don't get on other people's nerves (I assume that this scent doesn't just seem stuffy to me).

There! That's it again. Sorry for calling you ladies crazy again, but I can't promise that I'll never do that again... :D
All have a nice evening, until then :)
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