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Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield & Banks
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Pacific Rock Moss is a popular perfume by Goldfield & Banks for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is aquatic-fresh. It is still in production.

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Australian seaside moss, Italian lemon, French sage, Egyptian geranium, Virginia cedar



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9.0 7.0 7.0 10.0/10

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Very helpful Review    15
Third attempt.
So, now for the third time I try to write a comment to this fragrance. I erased all the previous ones. Not because they were bad, but because they don't do justice to the scent.

As the appearance of the bottle suggests, it is more suitable for summer. For those days when you go to a lake or an outdoor pool because it's just too hot for anything else. On holiday in the Caribbean, on Bora Bora or the Maldives it also fits. I've never been there before, but you know what I mean. What I want to illustrate with this is this carefree attitude that you have on days when you simply don't think about anything and enjoy the beautiful weather and the free time. This is exactly what this fragrance embodies for me.

If I had to describe it with one word, it would be "pleasant", but in this case it is much too expressionless for such a fragrance. It's hard to describe how cuddly it smells, so you want to sniff it all the time without it sounding boring.
The interplay of lemon, which has an aquatic touch, with this easily perceived salty note and later with a minimal woody finish, makes it perfect. Anyway, if you're just evaluating the smell. A very high statement to call something perfect, but here it fits. At least from my point of view. One of those scents you just can't get enough of, maybe because of its volatility.

On the subject of ephemerality. Unfortunately there is a big disadvantage and that is in this case the durability and sillage. The shelf life is not so bad if you really look at how long you can notice it on your skin. However, the Sillage becomes weak after relatively short time. On my skin it weakens already after 20 minutes.
This throws the fragrance out of the race as an initiative for a fresh autumn, spring or even winter fragrance. Even on cold summer days, it is difficult to assert itself.

If I think about it carefully, the disadvantage also has something positive. If this fragrance had a monstrous durability and sillage, I would probably reduce my collection by 80% and mostly wear it, which would be sad somewhere.
Although I still have the feeling that I haven't said everything I have planned, I will leave it at that. Some things simply cannot be put into words and perhaps exactly what I would like to describe is just my subjective perception.

This is also the reason why I would recommend at least one sample to everybody despite the weak H/S. You can't wear it often, but it's even nicer if it fits.

The most beautiful things in life are often of short duration.
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8.0 7.0 6.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
Angel blue ice and sand between the toes
There's an ice cream parlor in the town where I grew up. Opposite her: a church. There's a little wood behind it. In summer the queue in front of the ice cream parlour is long because the ice is good. One of the varieties, at least at that time, had been baptized "angel blue" by the operators, perhaps because of the nearby church, perhaps because of the delicate blue tone, which was nevertheless too intense to pass for sky blue. It was a very sweet, very artificial, non-alcoholic blue curaçao syrup ice cream, a sin that was very popular with children and young people. First and foremost with me.

Pacific Rock Moss reminds me of this ice.

Not because this "weird Aquate" would be cute. He certainly isn't. But he is lovely, squeaky (unfortunately only a few hours), playful-juvenile, cheerful and carefree in a way that makes me forgive him that I don't really like this genus at all.

The watery turquoise/blue of the perfume goes beautifully with this fragrance (and probably contributed to my angel blue-ice association). Equally wonderful: that it is an "overseas fragrance" that, due to a lack of long traditions, does not have to take into account a portfolio that has been around for decades and the "pressure of tradition" that weighs on the backs of the established houses. A bit like an Australian Shiraz wine ran "out of competition" for a long time and was mildly smiled at by lovers of a southern French Syrah.

For me, it's a scent for summer. A fragrance that carries me through the years back to the outdoor pool. To the sunbathing lawn. If you let yourself fall on the towel exhausted after one hour in the water, roll around, close your eyes and let the sun see you red. When the previous effort leads to this wonderful vertigo that connects you very firmly to the earth and the world.

For me, Pacific Rock Moss is a fragrance that I (if it weren't so expensive) could well imagine for teenagers and young adults, unisex (and all those who want to remember those times). With his quite pronounced "artificiality" he has a youthful vibe (I have to constantly think of the sweets of the outdoor kiosk while writing). In the best sense of the word. This is a time, in which one - hopefully - does not know many things yet, and many things in one's actions are not yet considered, whereby sometimes a light-heartedness can come about, which will unfortunately not exist later in life (at least not this one).

Speaking of artificiality. Yes, with the lemon I go d'accord. But coastal moss, sage...? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. It doesn't matter. Maybe that's marketing. Maybe it's supposed to help achieve a fragrance placebo effect (and with my associations above he's obviously done just that, Chapeau!). I smelled "Parco Palladiano XV: Salvia Blu" twice, which is supposed to have a pronounced salvia note, and they divide a bit away. But if this is "natural sage" - I can't say (at least all sage species, which I smelled in nature so far, smelled different).

But I think Pacific Rock Moss is more of a kidnapping scent anyway. A fragrance that wants to take you away into the summer, into the scorching sun, into the convertible, into Capri for my sake, or even to those faraway, empty beaches of the Australian east coast, somewhere between Brisbane and Sydney. One wears white linen shirts, salt crystals in one's hair, the sea bursts and there are no more thoughts, everything is here and now, crunching sand between one's toes.
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8.0 9.5/10

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Wake the surfer in you!
Yes, Goldfield & Banks, from a land of high waves and numerous beaches, is aquatic-citric. Not an easy task, especially with me. Often it seems too artificial to me to bring in the sea. Often less but more or in this case really is sea feeling in fact.

I can smell it, a beautiful sun oil with lemon, in the background you can smell a slight hint of sea scent, but discreet - a little mossy, a few pieces of wood are lying around, sage doesn't pierce my nose like that, but perhaps interacts with the other ingredients.

You want to plunge into the sea right away, even if the surf is dangerous. The surfer just wakes up in you. The fragrance is so pleasant, especially in summer, light and untroubled, but still clearly perceptible, without appearing any synthetically intrusive. There you can endure it and stroll on the beach or just chill on the towel and then venture into the surf. It is really a water of life or of joie de vivre.

For me "Pacific Rock Moss" is truly aquatic in a positive sense. Where Creed's "Virgin Island Water" is already a great summer scent, it still adds some sea. I wouldn't want to miss either of them in their own way. Some think in both cases a lot of money for so much simplicity, but especially in the aquatic area many went swimming, for example the "Aqva Amara", which in this sense is only slightly above average for me, whose expression is not so good for me. He wouldn't work for me as a collector of compliments, if you will, I don't feel comfortable, here already.

Only then will this formula work and not, as is so often shown today, as a self-runner. That's why I got myself a fresh piece of Australia and enjoyed it for myself
3 Replies
8.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

3 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    12
Something going on with moss - this Aussi rocks
An Australian label with fragrances from Down Under? I would certainly have liked to get some of that from my trip to Australia, if I had already been a Parfumo member at that time and if the stuff had already been there.

Unfortunately my trip is more than a decade ago and I had Terre d´Hermès in my hand luggage, which just came out brand new and was allowed to accompany me between Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs and Sidney. In the meantime I have more or less forgotten the scent, but the continent, its cities, landscapes, flora, fauna, people and culinary specialities are still in my extraordinarily positive memory. I can definitely recommend it.

I can also write the same about Pacific Rock Moss. A really feister freshness kick, which starts at first extremely citrical, almost a bit exaggerated and again releases a roaring surf with all kinds of green moss and a few splashes of sage.

If that doesn't wake you up, you can't help it anymore. At least it must be enough for the first few minutes, because this almost brute Acqua citrus freshness on the edge of legality with a fine line between nature and artificiality can only hold the Eau de Parfum (on my test vial "Parfum Concentrate") to a limited extent. After that it is still linearly refreshing, but the surprise effect is gone for the time being.

For me, Pacific Rock Moss would have been the perfect olfactory souvenir back then, but you can also have a lot of fun with the fragrance if you like this direction.

5 Replies
9.0 8.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    12
Great carefree fragrance from Australia
Pacific Rock Moss from Goldfield & Banks. A rather unknown brand from Australia. Without Youtube, he'd probably have disappeared. I became attentive by the Youtuber Demi Rawling from Australia. A pretty lady with good videos and good perfume taste. In her videos this fragrance was number 1 in her favourite summer fragrances. The description has already aroused curiosity to test it. It is not that easy to find, as many perfumeries, even larger ones, do not carry this brand. Finally I ordered a small bottling for an extensive test.

The bottle is very chic and fits this aquatic concept. Also the name is really well chosen, if you have tested this fragrance. This is of course a fresh summer scent, which can also be worn for sports or to cooler temperatures. Fresh scents like this? They always leave. Even if I spray it on now I feel poodle well.
The indicated scents are all to be smelled or guessed. In the foreground stands the citric aquatics. Aquatics fully my thing, here well and great implemented. It starts very strongly with a citric note with a lot of rose geranium. Also very fresh and slightly sweet sage is well perceptible and makes the thing nicely soft. In addition, there is a mossy note, which, however, is not too much in the foreground. The name matches the Australian coastal moss. This fragrance definitely has a Pacific flair. When one smells this scent, water comes to mind that resembles the color of the scent.
All in all a great creation that fits perfectly to the casual look. The fragrance creates a casual and cool appearance. Not only at hot temperatures a great companion, which provides a high feel-good factor.
Performance is so lala. It starts very strongly, but decomposes in the Sillage and quickly becomes a bit close. Here you can take around 6+ sprayers. The durability is mediocre, for fresh fragrances however still absolutely in order.
Criticism is the price. Many do not carry this smell, if yes then with less well-known Shops starting from 100, with more respectable Shops between 125 and 145 euro a 100ml. It's not money thrown out, but you can get good scents of this kind for a fraction of the price. What you have to leave to this scent: A real twin of scents doesn't cross my mind. He already has charm and a great pacific flair.

All in all a great fragrance that definitely deserves a test
1 Replies
7.0 4.0 5.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    6
Beautiful enough?
What does a Pacific rock moss smell like? I'd say nice, at least if you believe this little water. If it's authentic, I can't judge for lack of comparison. But sooner or later I just had to hold my nose in this much-discussed scent. It's supposed to be nice what you hear...

It starts with a lemon. Fresh, but not loud and lively. More natural looking, maybe even a little too quiet. I'm sure a lot of chemistry was needed for that nature-identical scent. Still, it's pretty good for now. As a result, something indefinably floral is added, which somehow doesn't really fit the lemon for me. The interplay in this phase seems a little dull to me. I don't think it's very nice. Luckily, the dump quickly retreats and leaves the field to herbaceous green nuances. As indefinable as the flowers, but at least it fits better to the freshness of the lemon. All right, then. The whole time present is a minimal basic sweetness - very harmonious and really very beautifully embedded. Three, with a lot of good will maybe four hours later is then the end of beautiful, because it has fragranced itself. That's not nice at all, of course. All that remains is a slight hint of cleanliness. However, I do not perceive any classical aquatics at all. That's nice or not nice, depending on personal preferences.

All in all, I'd say that's pretty nice. Yes, it is. Nice and fresh and clean. All right, then. But if 'already nice' in relation to the price (quite expensive) and the direct competition (quite a lot) is nice enough for a purchase, please decide for yourself. Fresh and clean, others can finally do the same. Nice too.
2 Replies
9.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    19
Less than 5 seconds!
I'll tell you right now, I didn't wear a white slim shirt testing this scent. Without the trained range Coca-Cola would not have the effect that advertising once promised. Also saved me compassionate grin.

There are fragrances that long for a transition. (I like to take the time for this, because this one will be a bit longer than usual. And the song quoted in the headline by former representatives of the Hamburger Schule with the name "...but Alive", I have already been running for a long time in order to fire it off at a suitable place with an excerpt of the text:

"...It's because of him that I'm here,
because of this last moment,
just before it gets bitter.
Seconds full of light,
the rest doesn't matter.
Between patience and regret,
If you forget what you know,
breathe and rejoice.
Hello bombs and applause,

And that's not exactly what you call bourgeois life,
or what you know from "talking about it".
You only see things you didn't know that way,
and then you get ready to jump off the edge of the carpet.
No last will, no mild mercy,
the state in you gives everything a name.
And the whole thing in less than 5 seconds.
Once there and disappeared.
And that's just me and the spitting in me.
And together we ask ourselves: what are we doing here?
And for the few people who really know you,
i must call everything by its name?
I'd rather let explaining in verses be
and pack up the hobby philosopher again.
We will not be brothers, neither here nor by the sea.
I've seen enough so far."

If you like, you can listen to the song here:

It does not happen often that I myself comment on representatives of this fragrance genus. But I like to read other people's impressions when I have time. It does not remain hidden that predicates such as "shower gel freshness" are very popular and in some cases even inflationary. This has at least contributed to the fact that shower gels no longer want to smell like shower gel, because there is now a negative connotation in the room.

I just checked, my shower gels want to smell like "blue eucalyptus & cypress", "lemon grass & guarana" and "blood orange & black pepper" at the moment.

And if one looks at the range of other manufacturers of such products, the range of scent impressions is also becoming wider and wider, and thus the tempting attempt of the one-word judgement "shower gel freshness" increasingly imprecise. Which implies that 5 seconds is simply not enough to assess any fragrance!

I can only speak for myself here, but I don't know the cliffs of News South Wales and have never rubbed my nose against its rocky moss. The expectations that the name suggests here could turn into disappointment with noses that already have an expectation. There is nothing typically mossy about this figurative fragrance creation. I will come back later to talk about why this is not a mistake
"Pacific Rock Moss" isn't a new scent concept for me. It's a reproduction of Korres "Blue Sage | Lime | Fir Wood", which was made out of memory (I don't have any more material for a direct comparison) in the first half of the show. It was based on "Potion Blue Cadet" (was my first comment here on Parfumo). Pacific Rock Moss", despite a lemon from the "Bleu de Chanel" - EdP - Hain, is a bit more restrained with chemistry in the beginning. The DNA of Korres can be denied nevertheless with difficulty, if one fastens it purely to the impressions on the skin.

In the projection, however, the scent bends off, but instead of the fir balsam Absolues of the original, it shoots in a hint of hyacinth, which also florally inspires "M;0°C" of Masakï Matsushïma" in a pleasant way. This shade is easily absorbed by the skin because the sticky lemon retains the upper hand for a long time. The movement that this fragrance undergoes is generally restrained, but the fragrance gains in attractiveness for me with persistence, because the chemical then evaporates as far as possible and the result gets a snugness that you can also wear such a fragrance as a woman well.

For me, the fragrance has no classical course, only a phase with and a phase without (annoying) lemon, the latter allowing a gently aromatic green tone to shine through, which I wouldn't attribute to moss or sage. Nevertheless successful!

The positioning in the unisex camp also makes it clear why possible (irish) moss associations in advance should curb expectations. To stick to the topic of positioning. I think it's good when such fragrance concepts also reach the niche.

The comparison of the scores with the other scents mentioned clearly shows how strongly the presentation is reflected in the perception of the scores. A success (that which remains from the hype) communicates to competitors in this segment that the drops around aquatic fresh fragrances are far from being sucked.

So on the basis of the existing, something new can arise again and I am basically open to it.

But if you want to reach me in this fragrance class and trigger a buying impulse, you don't need the sounding name so much, but a floating, non-sticky, casually aromatic fragrancetaura of projection, which until now, according to the paper form, have only worked with violet aldehydes or fir balsam in the centre and are enriched with subtle spices. As well as an appropriate presentation. Here at "Pacific Rock Moss" the projection is a bit too dense for me and the lemon is overrepresented. Korres failed me in the beginning because of the synthetic vibes, the presentation had the charm of corn tincture. From "Blue Cadet" I still buy a bottle today for all holy times, but still get angry about the presentation (= stain remover).

Due to its design of the projection, it is half a point better in the scent rating. Nevertheless I like "Pacific Rock Moss" a bit better than its direct template from Korres.

A problem that all fragrances of this genus have in common is the prelude. Either too generic to synthetic or too unbalanced in the first half hour. And at a time when everything has to happen in less than 5 seconds, perfumers are also called upon to develop concepts for the beginning, if they don't want their creations to be burned up at times.

Perhaps it is helpful not to artificially constrict oneself already with regard to the targets/objectives and to no longer define freshness by sea surf and the like. Due to the plastic waste and unfiltered waste water, the bill will not open sooner or later anyway!

PS: I wish all perfumos/as a nice summer and a final special thanks to @Flanker, who gave me with his generous fragrance donation enough material to illuminate this fragrance.

PS1: It would be nice if the manufacturers finally stopped the nonsense with the map ingredients pyramids.
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9.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

1 Review
Very helpful Review    4
vacation in a bottle // beach waves incoming
Maybe 'Pacific Rock Moss' isn't something mind-blowing for experienced fragheads all over the world, but to me it smells simply incredible and I can't stop inhaling beach waves. ;)
First of all: it's an aquatic and there's nothing groundbreaking about this fragrance. So if you're not into aquatics, you can stop reading and search for another kind of fragrance.

But... Whenever I smell 'Pacific Rock Moss' I get the feeling of walking on a beach. Not necessarily Australia, but somewhere warm, somewhere beautiful, a sandy beach and in my imagination aren't there any annoying tourists - I'm all alone. Taking a walk in the around a half feet deep water, smelling the salty sea with a hint of a fresh lemon.
The longer I walk, the more I smell the lemon, but it's not overwhelming because this fragrance is just blended so well.
With 'Pacific Rock Moss' I feel marvelous. It's a crowdpleaser, you can't go wrong with it. It's for the hot and sweaty summer days, a vacation on the sea, spring, for going out in a club,.. super versatile in my honest opinion. (But not for winter)

Longevity, projection and sillage are moderate imo. Around 4-5 hours, depends on the weather, I get waves of it every now and then. Then it starts to fade away and I have to spray again. Performanc gets better with hotter weather.

The bottle is simply beautiful with the wood top and the very light blue juice. It's minimalistic.

Compliments are a reason to buy a fragrance for many people. I'm a man and I get compliments from girls and women like at least 1 time whenever I'm wearing 'Pacific Rock Moss'. They say stuff like "Wow... you're smelling great", "You smell like vacation", "You smell super fresh",...

Is it worth the money? Well.. Get you a decant and find out. I personally don't regret the buy, I fell in love the second I smelled it. I've never smelled something like 'Pacific Rock Moss' before, so I'd say it's unique. But however... What kind of fragrance is worth over 150 bucks anyway?
9.0 5.0 10.0 10.0/10

141 Reviews
Very helpful Review    7
Powerful freshy
This is my favourite from the house of Goldfield and Banks. It was one of the four original releases from the Australian niche perfumery back in 2016. Please enjoy my video on a fragrance that i think will become very popular over the coming years.


Itchynose 8 months ago
Slightly sweet aquatic with a bit of lemon & a lot of moss. White linen and straw hat by the beach kind of scent. Pleasant but short-lived.+1
Ernie824 11 months ago
From other reviewers is similar to Sea, Salt and Fig by Old Navy sold here in the U.S

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