Alexandra by Gritti

Alexandra 2016

09.02.2022 - 08:45 PM

Feminine & perfect

I was introduced to this perfume around 2018. At that time I went to the store to smell Gritti in general after reading that the scents were very good and expressive, but I had no idea that I will find something special :)

Alexandra captivated me from the very first note when I smelled it on my wrist.
At first I liked the fruity sweetness, but then the white floral, powdery scents kept my nose going. The Jasmine is the most prominent, as well as the Ylang Ylang. The bottom notes are the real classics - vanilla, amber, tonka bean. Everything is blended so well!

From the top notes to the bottom notes, I can say this is absolutely my fragrance. Feminine, cosy, stable and as bonus long-lasting. It seems really nothing special and unique according to the notes, but for me it is good quality scent from an amazing brand.
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