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Chantilly by Gritti
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Chantilly is a popular perfume by Gritti for women and was released in 2017. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Mandarin, Melon, Orange, Strawberry
Heart Notes Heart NotesApple, Coconut, Cassia
Base Notes Base NotesVanilla, Talcum, Musk



7.6 (33 Ratings)


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8.0 (32 Ratings)
Submitted by Sonic, last update on 12.07.2019.
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With a smile on his face
Do you know that when you smell a scent and then notice that you have to grin all the time :) That's exactly what happened to me with chantilly. The scent awakens feelings of happiness in me and a good mood immediately when I sniff it. In front of my figurative eye I see a woman who is playful and sensual, who does not take life too seriously and always goes through life with a smile .
To the smell: At the beginning very fruity but not pungent, rather creamy fruity sweet, most of all I can recognize the strawberry but overall very well-balanced interwoven:) towards the end it becomes more and more creamy and vanilla. I see the fragrance especially in summer or spring as a daily fragrance if you don't feel like something citric or aquatic. The durability is very good and Sillage perceptible without being intrusive.

All in all I am very excited " grins " :D
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8.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

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Helpful Review    7
Almost like a powdery fruit salad!
There's a gritti scent coming today. As I said before, I like to test these fragrances somehow. I like the brand and I am always happy to present a new (or not yet known to me) fragrance of it here.

This one here is called Chantilly and therefore carries either the name of a French city or the French term for "Schlagrahm" :D
In any case, the fragrance is supposed to radiate a beguiling fragrance and is addressed to all ladies who like femininity among other things... I know the sentence sounds a little strange, but that's what it says in the fragrance descriptions. In any case, the fragrance should be sensual, but not romantic, which is to be achieved by dispensing with floral notes.

For me the last movement in the upper section sounds naturally optimal, since I still have difficulties with flowery notes except for some flowers, whereby this becomes naturally ever better. Well, let's see how it smells. Hmm... a look at the fragrance pyramid shows me, however, that it sounds rather "fruit-heavy"...

The fragrance:
Oh,... fruit salad... I knew it, that's how it smells. Well, a little bit anyway, but of course everyone who doesn't like fruity scents that much can do a little less with the beginning of the scent, but maybe you shouldn't be deterred immediately and let the scent take effect for the time being.,,
Anyway, at the beginning I smell apples, these are the strongest scents for me at the moment. Then mandarins,... well, actually rather tangerine peels, because they smell citric as usual, but also a bit bitter. After that I smell rather general fruity notes than identifying most of the other fruits, although strawberries are still somewhat smelly because they give off their sweet scent, and which a little later even radiate quite strongly from time to time (especially together with the cassia). A little later I find the Cassia quite strong, so they replace the apples as the strongest note, but now the scent no longer smells like a fruit salad (even if it is still fruity), but more perfumed. This is probably because the fragrance is now also more powdery and warmer. Sure, vanilla and talc are indicated, ... the vanilla is sweet and powdery anyway and the talc makes a scent more powdery, even if you (or I) can't really smell the talc. By the way, if it hadn't been for Cassia at the bottom, I would have tipped on violets, because they also smell sweet and powdery to me or everything is just an interplay with vanilla, I'm not sure here. Since I don't get to smell Cassia so often or see it standing here in the fragrance pyramids.
After a little more waiting time, the direction of the fragrance is shifted from fruity to sweetish powdery, but fruity notes remain for a while, even if the individual fruits can be filtered out more and more poorly. Because now the vanilla unfolds more and more, which you can smell better then of course. There is also musk, which makes the fragrance a little darker and sweeter for me as always. By the way, I couldn't smell the coconut I gave you.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is okay at the beginning, but then it gets a bit stronger, so that he should be pretty good to smell at one. I think you leave a little scent trail behind with this scent.
The shelf life is good, pretty good. Hmm... you know, actually I should divide the durability of the fragrances with vanilla as one of the main fragrances into two areas in the future: Namely the scent where you can still smell the most scents, and the scent that later only smells of vanilla :D
Because here it's somehow no different. I'd say you can smell the perfume itself for about four to five hours. Then you smell for the rest of the time, which can take another four to five hours depending on dosage and skin (maybe much longer), almost just vanilla. Whereby here the vanilla is mixed at the end still quite easily with the other fragrances, if one smells exactly there.
Oh... in short: the shelf life is good! D

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, high and glossy white. The label is gold-plated (and striped, like brushed metal). The rectangular lid is reminiscent of marble and therefore looks great. A beautiful bottle!

Soo... okay, the scent's okay. For me personally now not insanely spectacular, but just okay! For me it smells a bit too fruity and later a little bit stuffy, but maybe you ladies like it, so a test might be worth it. Seasonally it smells a little springlike and summery for me, but also a little bit like an all-rounder, so that you could use it on colder days if you feel like it. And I think that you should use the fragrance as a daily fragrance instead of for going out, because it gives me more beautiful fragrances for going out.

What might go down well with this fragrance are the powdery soft notes and that the fragrance has a nice sweetness, but in the end is not too sweetish.
And as I said at the beginning, don't be deterred by the fact that it might smell like a fruit salad to some people at the beginning, but hey, fruit salad is still delicious, isn't it? Unless somebody comes up with the stupid idea of trying to refine a delicious fruit salad with fruits that taste strange to abnormal... like kaki or something, ugh!!! D

Well, that's it from me again. I wish everyone a nice Sunday evening and,... well... until tomorrow :D
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