Gucci by Gucci pour Homme (2008) Eau de Toilette

Gucci by Gucci pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) by Gucci
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Gucci by Gucci pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) is a perfume by Gucci for men and was released in 2008. The scent is fresh-spicy. It was last marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Violet, Cypress
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmine, Tobacco leaf
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Elemi resin, Patchouli



6.7 (177 Ratings)


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7.6 (126 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    44
Emergency room
A normal day at St.Flakon Hospital is coming to an end when it gets dramatic again.
Chief Physician Dr. Schoork was just preparing to end his service and go home when he is called back to the emergency room.

Dr. Schoork please in the OR, Dr. Schoork please immediately in the OR!

"What's up?"

We have here an acute case of syncope with nasal swelling and weak respiration. The patient does not react and the pupils are dilated.

"Good. Lay him down carefully and open his shirt. Did he have anything on him?"

We found this bottle in his jacket pocket..Gucci by Gucci!

"Damn, another poor victim of synthetic overdose. Sister, infuse directly 1ml Dior Homme, but INTENSE and spray directly into the nose. We've got to control the nasal rot."

Pulse is weak.

" Sister, where's the Dior? Sister?

It's just her brother there.

"Brother, go and give him oxygen cologne, we need to refresh him!"

Doctor, what did he actually ingest?

"Here we are dealing with severe olfactory poisoning. This stuff what he had with him looks very fresh, bergamot and especially cypress is responsible for it, in itself harmless, but after a short time a musty jasmine combines with tobacco, whereby one has the feeling that only the nicotine is released. The result is nasal rot, double pneumothorax and even a left heart valve cover rusting if we do not prevent the elemi resin from being released. Dr. Hopfenstrudel once discovered this."

My God, that sounds awful.

"It is. Some people are against it, they can break it down normally. However, this does not seem to be imun here. We have to stop this before it's too late. Don't just stand there! Give him an infusion of d'iris and make sure that it is not set too low. Go ahead and chase 100ml! That's why we have the big bottles!"

He's cramping! Pulse is now at 190 and rising!

"Take it easy, the body's responding, that's a good sign, give it another 1ml Eau de Baux. It'll calm him down and stabilize him. Plug it into the A.R.S.H..

My ass?

"Assistant Real Syncopated Actions...I speak Chinese or what?I need the values!"

Oh well, OK we have here still an increased value Patchouli, but the other values look good, they are declining.

"Yes, that's what I thought, the good thing is that it decomposes relatively quickly and nothing actually remains behind. The patient will complain of nausea, but it will be the only one."

The patient comes to, I think they've made it doctor.

" Yes my dear, that was a close one, from now on we'll keep our hands off the stuff, huh? Ok patient is mobile, oriented and independent! I think I'm done here."


"You okay? Can I tell someone? Are you married?"

Yes I am, but my injury is from snooping!

"Well, we still have a sense of humor, don't we? Very nice. Do you know him?
Two babies in the hospital talking: "I'm a boy!"
I don't believe you!
"Wait till the nurse's out, then I'll show you!"
As soon as the nurse is out, she pulls the blanket away, lifts her leg and says: "Look! Blue socks!"

Dr. Schoork left the OR with a smile, threw the bottle into the hazardous waste and smiled at himself!
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10.0 7.0 7.0 8.5/10
Underrated Gucci
This one gets much hate, undeservedly so, in my opinion. I feel the mistake many make is to use the same measuring stick to judge all fragrances. Not every scent should be noticed from across the room, or be expected to last over 8 hours- Subtlety is sexier than being overt and in your face. That being said, I think this performs fine, on par with most fragrances. If you look on the other site, there are many unsolicited reviews from women also for this, so I feel this needs more accurate representation on this site also. Yes, the one review here is from a woman, and she is entitled to her opinion, but I would like to share the fact that others do indeed enjoy this Gucci. In fact, most of them say it is indeed sexy and mysterious, check for yourself.

So, anyway, this is a nice tobacco-violet based scent with the cypress providing the interesting nose tickle in the similar vein as aquatics do. It isn't the most favorite in my collection, but puts a smile on my face whenever I sniff it, and I think more folks should give it a try. Also, the bottle itself is handsome, a timeless classic in its shape and feel.
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5.0 5.0 6.0/10
Gucci played it safe
Gucci by Gucci pour Homme is certainly nice, but a little too safe in my opinion.

A sales assistant described this fragrance as being sweet, however I do not agree. I'm also not very convinced that this is a woody chypre.

I'd say that this fragrance is more of a woody aromatic. The scent is refreshing, masculine, yet bland. A little like Only The Brave by Diesel.

The cypress and bergamot opening, while somewhat unique, needs more strength. I appreciate that Gucci wanted to produce something modern and stylish, however they failed, creating something rather generic.

Gucci by Gucci pour Homme "is not meant to be vibrant, virile, sexy, attractive to women, refreshing or fancy." However from a female's perspective, women like their men to wear a fragrance that is memorable, something that they may smell elsewhere yet connect to you with fondness. This fragrance just doesn't seem to have that ability.

The scent dries down to something rather musky and subtle. Unfortunately the unique notes like elemi resin and olibanum aren't standouts here.

The lasting strength is very poor, terrible in fact, which is very disappointing. I do still recommend this fragrance, however not with upmost enthusiasm.


KingPin 2 days ago
Start is meh, but drydown is a crisp clean wood with subtle hints of violet. Good office stuff. Underrated in my opinion.+1
Attlas 12 months ago
Very good scent. Very masculine. In my experience projects fantastic. Always get compliments. But the longevity is a disaster+2

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