Gucci pour Homme (2003) (Eau de Toilette) by Gucci
5.0 5.0 2.0/10
The Orange Juice Let-down
I've never worn a Gucci fragrance before. There I said it. So please forgive a non-haute-fashion perspective on this fragrance, but I'll cut to the chase if this is already offending your fashion sense: I was unimpressed.

Yes, the orange color was interesting, but the fact that my sample came in a orange translucent pouch was not (at least the color avoided the condom implications of Porsche Design's The Essence).

What I got out of this was a full-scale, Defcon 5, round-up-everyone-for-military-service-including-70-year-old-men-who-can-barely-walk PEPPER ATTACK! This lasts for six hours and is so intense that I sneezed a few times. Not fun. Eventually it moderates somewhat and introduces a slight smoke accord, followed much later by some aromatic non-cedar woods. The fragrance structure would suggest base notes here, but the only woods that fit the description are top notes. Oh, and of course there's the annoying vanilla note somewhere between the beginning and the end, but it's mercifully short.

So Gucci, you haven't won me over. Plenty of scents use pepper without burying me in it (Herrera and Memoir Man, for instance). I realize that my skin amps pepper quite a bit, but this was just short of Yatagan-induced nausea for me.