Guilty Black pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) by Gucci

Guilty Black pour Homme 2013 Eau de Toilette

08.08.2022 - 06:22 PM

Should've Name it Guilty Green or Guilty Sport ...

I sampled Gucci Guilty Black recently at Sephora on the Upper West Side in New York City. I liked the smell enough on my skin to buy it despite the mediocre rating on Parfumo.

However, there is a good reason for the run-of-the-mill ratings it has.


Guilty Black opens with a combination of lavender and light powdery/floral smell that makes it lean hard on the fresh side, with a light touch of sweetness.

The smell transitions to a mixture of woods and a minuscule touch of leather in the heart and base note, which plays nicely in an easy transition from the fresh notes, while maintaining a soft masculine scent profile.

It is a solid overall fragrance that is complex and easy enough to use (more on that later). However, the fresh/woods combination profile is ubiquitous with men’s fragrances in the current era due to how well it works. Guilty Black will disappoint someone looking for a unique scent profile, as it's present in many sports-like fragrances.

That disappointment is exponentially higher with people who knew Gucci’s creativity with fragrances in the past, and the lack of creativity in recent times. Effectively, Guilty Black is Guilty Intense, minus the lemon note and switching Amber with Leather.


A standard 100 ml bottle of Guilty Black is solid. Functionally, like any bottle in the Guilty line, it is slim and easily fits in one’s hand like a smaller smartphone, making it easy to spray and carry around in a pocket or bag.

I also like the green and black combination that Guilty Black has going on, giving it an attractive designer style. However, the bottle is not an artistic masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination.


In terms of performance, Guilty Black may not be up to everyone’s expectations.

For longevity, Guilty Black lasts for about four hours. That period can work for a date or a short meeting. However, it is nowhere close to lasting for an entire workday without a respray. (Good thing the bottle is easy to carry.)

In terms of sillage and projection, the fragrance does not project far from the skin, and the scent trail it leaves is faint. Do not expect Guilty Black to announce your presence as you enter a room, or even when you walk by a person. However, someone close to you would almost certainly appreciate the scent, as it will not overwhelm them.


Guilty Black is a versatile fragrance. However, it shines brighter in some scenarios, and weaker in others.

For example, in terms of season or climate, it works best in the milder temperatures of Spring or Autumn, or if someone is in a mild climate like San Francisco or London. The fresh aspects of the scent should make it workable in the summer months without cloying or nauseating anyone. While detectable, it does not perform as well in the Winter, which is unusual for a fragrance with Black/Noir/Night/Nuit in the name.

For social situations, Guilty Black is too weak to use in an outdoor event, or a party at a large venue, as the scent fades into the background.

However, it works in every other situation. It can work great as an intimate date night fragrance, especially if one is shifting away from the modern trend of primarily sweet scents.

Guilty Black can also work as a leisurely fragrance, or as a scent after a workout in the gym, because of the fresh and woody aspects at the forefront of the fragrance.

With that said, Guilty Black excels the most as an office fragrance, as it is a fresh scent that does not have the sillage to bother people beyond a personal space bubble.


Gucci Guilty Black is a solid fragrance option, but there are many reasons for disappointment. Admittedly, if Gucci called the fragrance Guilty Sport or Guilty Green, the reception is probably better.

However, Guilty Black is the name of the fragrance.

Anyone looking for a winter fragrance that excels at large parties or outdoor events would be disappointed, as most expect that out of Black/Noir fragrances.

Anyone looking for projection or longevity in fragrances will become more disappointed, especially at the price point offered, and knowing that Black/Noir fragrances typically last longer.

The same level of disappointment applies to someone seeking a unique fragrance—especially if Gucci’s current offerings do not impress them.

However, putting aside the negativity, and the silliness of labeling a sport/green scent black, if someone treats Guilty Black like the fresh fragrance it is, they will find a solid daily scent to freshen up at a point in the day in the office, or a potential date night fragrance that is outside the trend.
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