Guilty Cologne pour Homme (2019)

Guilty Cologne pour Homme by Gucci
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6.3 / 10     61 RatingsRatingsRatings
Guilty Cologne pour Homme is a new perfume by Gucci for men and was released in 2019. The scent is fresh-woody. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Rosemary, Juniper berry
Heart Notes Heart NotesSpanish cypress, Heliotropin, Violet
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Cedar, White musk



6.3 (61 Ratings)


6.4 (48 Ratings)


6.2 (48 Ratings)


7.9 (65 Ratings)
Submitted by Andir1, last update on 22.01.2020.

Interesting Facts

The face of the advertising campaign is actor and singer Jared Leto.
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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Helpful Review    6
"Good scent" arrives ...
I am a fan of Cologne fragrances especially at mediterranean temperatures ... so I tried it today rather at temperatures of a nordic climate.
I myself think he has a very harmonious Mediterranean touch. Fresh-synthetic is indicated here, yes it is but I find it very harmonious. My environment and even in Edeka I was very positively addressed on the fresh smell. Actually, when people speak to me on the scent, they know me, but strange female persons I had until now not so often.
But that's not the point ... I like him and wait longingly for the hot temperatures ..
Alberto Morillas has composed the scent and I think this composition is definitely a possible summer hit, but I think many find this composition very harmonious.
In the Gucci family I find the fragrance absolutely independent. From the siblings Guilty he carries in my opinion only the appearance (flacon) but character and content are independent.

Shelf life absolutely well and if I around 19:00 in the Edeka on the smell is addressed, which around 12:30 freshly was applied with 4 sprayers .. he has for me a good shelf life.
I also noticed him well myself at 20:00 . That's why 8 Points of mine, price-performance fits!
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7.0 5.0 5.0 3.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    36
I'm a cologne fan. I find a refreshing fragrance simply wonderful on warm days and I am almost always on the lookout for new fragrances in this direction.
Many things smell the same and similar, are based on neroli, bergamot and citric fruits.
It's not always easy to filter out really different things here, you can already see whether there are innovations that will appeal to you. I'll be quick to get my ears pricked when there's something new. I found the new Givenchy Cologne dull and thought nothing worse could come of it.

Well, far from it.
In all my life I have never smelled such a musty, unfresh and unsplashy perfume, which Cologne complains about. Dull, stale, artificial and so not beautiful at all.

An innovation? I might. When emos and gothies are finally in a good mood they can wear this. The bottle should be black, otherwise it won't fit. Otherwise well portable on a sunny day at a funeral.
Now one or the other may think, yes then you approached the matter with the wrong approach and yes that's true.
I assumed that I would at least be refreshed here, that the scent would whistle around my ears, or at least that the Guerlain L'ideal Cologne would be a bit fruity around the corner. (That's not cologne in the classical sense either)
Yes Pustekuchen.
Cellar freshness would still be a compliment for this work of art, because after all it is cool in cellars. Here is nothing.
A gibberish of indefinable. Of all the components listed here you might notice the violet. A hint of vanilla perhaps from heliotropin, but then you have to make an effort. A laboratory spawn of hell. Withered flowers in stagnant water still come into my mind.

The basis of this fragrance can be endured to some extent, then it is slightly sweet, somewhat almondly, waiting for it is definitely too long here and does not compensate for everything previous. Keeping that even moderate does what I see here but not as a plus.

This can be called innovative, as I said, or very courageous. I already know that one or the other sees it the same way and will find it totally supi. I'm happy for you. Doesn't make it any better either.

I could put on a skirt with cowboy boots in this beautiful weather. That would also be pretty innovative and brave, but in the end I would look pretty shitty with it.

I could sing my employees their feedback in the appraisal interview, that would also be innovative, but I doubt that they would still take me seriously.

I could also say to my girlfriend that we'll get dressed up and go out for a tasty meal today and then go to the standing snack "Zur flotten Frikandell". At least be brave. But she would scour me one and ask me if I still have all slats on the fence.

Innovation good and fine, but then there should be a little more power behind it. At least have a theme or a plan. Here I find nothing.

It's not cologne. Not even a good scent.

That's Guilty Murks pour homme.

The points I forgive here are indeed dedicated to all those at Gucci who have dared to wave this fragrance through and publish it. My respects.

Morillas proved to me again that he is an overestimated old man, who at least tugs in the men's area of 2-3 highlights and otherwise doesn't manage to create mediocre goods.

The Guilty Absolute pour homme, it had at least one other theme. That was neat. If you wanted to smell like a leather couch, you got exactly that. There was an idea behind it. Here it seems to me as if the cleaning lady in the lab had wiped over the plans and nobody noticed. They filled it happily.

There are already people here who like the scent. I don't want to get too close to them and wish them much joy with the fragrance. I honestly mean that.

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10.0 7.0 6.0 8.0/10

2 Reviews
Gucci A++
Wow! This fragrance is actually really good! Definitely not what I was expecting but I'm happy about that. Very modern and not your average designer spring/summer fragrance. Where most are all citrus and aquatic, This cologne is floral and woodsy. This one really reminds me of Dior Homme, but not in smell rather in genre. The more floral, soapy and woodsy with be a nice change and make you standout from all the other heavy citrus and aquatics this summer. Like Dior Homme this one opens with a pungent almost medical citrus smell, I'm assuming from the bergamot but that dissipates in seconds and the florals takeover. The Heliotrope is centerstage in the fragrance and again like Dior Homme gives a really nice soapy/powdery scent with a little little spice from the rosemary I'm guessing. From there the scent remains this soft clean floral with a warm base and the scent stays this way for most of the duration until maybe around the 4 hour mark and then the woods and patchouli completely takes over and finish off the night. And honestly the woods is really what made me a fan of this fragrance. The warm cypress with the patchouli gives this a animalic, balsamic aroma that almost comes off as a cleaner more musky Oud. This fragrance is label a cologne but the opening is pretty wide and comes off more like a edt but once it dries down it becomes very soft which I'm sure others will confuse the performance with being weak but I think this is a A+ fragrance from the house of Gucci and another one of those fragrances pushing the boundaries and starting conversation of what men fragrance can be just like Gucci Guilty Absolute, this one belongs in my collection.
8.0 5.0 5.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    19
Definitely not a bore!
Even this Flanker has nothing to do with his brothers. Nowadays, flankers can be completely new scents. It must be clear to everyone by now. But how does it smell, the new Gucci for gentlemen for the warmer days? After the courageous "Guilty Absolute", does the path continue in the right direction? For my taste: oh yes! But with many stars...

"A lot of people won't like Guilty Cologne. And some even more so. I think I belong to the latter... It's a scent with eggs. Especially if you capitalize the word cologne. A bitter floral men's fragrance in light. Very woody, very special, totally different and new. Admirable! He crossed something of one of the light versions of Givenchy's "Pi" with "Fleur du Male" and some completely innovative approaches. It takes getting used to. Blind buying tips look different. But he sticks out soo far from the crowd, dares something and thinks outside the box that I find it pretty horny. Sometimes cacophony, sometimes genius. But I'm clearly leaning to second. Violet polarizer. So if you want to break new ground this summer and don't want to smell like your ten neighbours, you have to test it at least once. My prognosis: cult hit!

Flacon: beautiful, a highlight optically, no wonder that it is hotly expected.
Sillage: he stands out through his otherness. Positive time. But not always... but he's not really loud.
Shelf life: only 4 hours, which makes me mouth

Conclusion: courageous, different, ballsy. Gucci's getting along. I like that. Polarizes and is a very special cologne. Between fie and wow. But as I said, better than always the same bullshit. Marzipan meets juniper berry. Ice kisses bitterness. Lightning touches coolness. Those who dare not...
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