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Tears of Iris by Gucci
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Tears of Iris is a new perfume by Gucci for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is powdery-floral. It is being marketed by Coty.

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Iris, Sandalwood, Angelica seed, Musk



8.3 (42 Ratings)


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Greatly helpful Review    29
In the garden of the goldmaker, where the soul balm grows
"The Alchemist's Garden" opens an ancient gate, overgrown with thorns and tendrils over the centuries, almost lost. Many people pass such an iron garden door carelessly, because it is not immediately obvious and can only be opened with difficulty under rattling and squeaking. But if you succeed, you will find yourself in the middle of a naturally grown, enchanting garden, whose soil produces plants full of healing power.
Alchemy is dismissed by the purely rational natural sciences as the spook, witchcraft and magic of the dark Middle Ages, but it is a universal scientific tradition that even the most famous natural scientists such as Issac Newton (physics) or Laurent de Lavoisier (chemistry) have recognized. The transformation of substances would be unthinkable without alchemy, which is about transforming base metals into gold or silver. This is reminiscent of a term that has become a proverb, namely the 'philosopher's stone'.

The perfume company Gucci has created a precious line of fragrances under the name "The Alchemist's Garden". The idea behind this is to mix pure natural substances according to the manufacturer and thus to make the primal experiences of an alchemist on one's own skin. The series includes wonderful fragrance creations with poetic names in fabulously beautiful ceramic vessels painted with lavender, rose petals, owls, birds of paradise and other evocative, historical motifs. Well, I'm going to go a long way because this Gucci range aims to continue this age-old tradition, namely the secret, hidden knowledge of the healing powers of plants, metals, wood, etc. And she does it not only in the beautiful presentation, but also with content and practical ideas. In the kitchen of the alchemist, work is done to heal, and in a holistic way, tasting, mixing, cooking, brewing... The knowledge of this science sees the whole human being in his God-given nature and in the context of the creation surrounding him. It is not only about scientifically proven knowledge, but also about the hidden, the handed down knowledge about the being of humans and animals.

Sorry again for the big opening credits. But I'm very excited about it. I find this very consistent, very witty and valuable. Here is once an idea that not only wants to be marketed cheaply and quickly. Here, attention and perception are requested, and the visitor is invited to silence and to calmly try and layer fragrances. And even the samples are a delight for all the senses: linen boxes with drawers and elegant slim pouring vials, some with gold print, some with coloured, relief prints of flowers and decorations.
Noble is that.
Great is that.
I like Gucci better and better :-)

The name is already art, poem, speaks for itself Here people with a creative spirit have joined forces and left nothing to chance.
Tears are healing, aren't they? Crying is good for you, isn't it? It frees the soul, it lets you breathe deeply after the tremors of violent tears.

These 'tears of iris' have a very elegant, warm, green-woody, subtle perfume, and the spicy herb of angelica gives depth and condenses the beautiful eau de parfum, which smells intensively on the skin for 5 to 6 hours - the silage is much weaker, but it is perceptible. Seldom have I been able to see sandalwood so beautifully and felt so pleasant, soft, slightly earthy, light and fragrant and as if penetrated by strong dew. After all, it is only the moisture in the morning or evening that allows wood to breathe out, producing its very own woody smell.
Musk rounds off the whole thing, gives a delicate sweetness, a creamy parfait.

The fragrance of the weeping iris root is wonderfully pleasant, permeable and airy and, as expected, wonderfully powdery. An iris of the very finest, which envelops and has a balsamic effect. Touching, heartwarming tears are those that fall on creamy white silk interwoven with golden threads and in which one would like to cuddle up.

So much beauty and so much elegance of course has its price, and it probably brings us all down to earth. Even though I will probably never be able to afford such a bottle experience, I had to get rid of it. You're allowed to gush... And if you're looking for more stimulation: Gucci made a fantastic little movie of "The Alchemist's Garden": https://www.meinduft.de/duftgeschichten/gucci-the-alchemist-garden/

I would like to thank the dear user 'Verzaubert', who lived up to her name with the samples of TEARS OF IRIS and MOONLIGHT SERENADE
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Greatly helpful Review    23
The ashes of the Phoenix
Having just made the wonderful iris discovery "Ida Violet", I didn't expect another divine top note to follow so quickly, flying towards me while spraying on "Tears of Iris", like a colorfully shimmering bird with the colors of the rainbow, beautiful. The driest iris clouds my senses, I am really overwhelmed. Stay, you are sooo beautiful, I still think and am in the absolute fragrance sky.
But after about 5 minutes I fall down from fragrance cloud 7, when suddenly I can't perceive anything, but at the moment really nothing at all anymore. Highly irritated my nose wanders in the next quarter of an hour again and again to the wrist, I had sprayed on, or was everything only a dream...?
And then, slowly, out of nowhere, the fragrance rises like a phoenix from the ashes. He's coming back, but he's changed now.
Slightly spicy angelica root now makes the fragrance stronger. I experience it as if the scent is divided like two. If one gets the full iris-load at the beginning, the other fragrances unfold after the short creative recovery-break. I would call it then in this further phase woody-spicy. The iris plays rather in the background, musk accompanies harmoniously.
By the way, the process is slowed down when sprayed on fabric, as this fine top note lasts longer, and it then becomes less woody and spicy, but as Serduszko has already described, rather a bit lipsticky.
In the statements a similarity to "Misia" was mentioned and the question of a real Morillas was asked.
To investigate this, I sprayed all three fragrances in parallel.
Well, the common denominator with "Misia" is probably the spicy note. In direct comparison "Misia" (I used the edP) is clearer, there is no woody musk note like in "Tears of Iris".
Well, it can confidently be described as a true Morillas, as the fragrance in the second phase is characterised by finely interwoven notes. Compared to "Nylaia", which came to my mind, there are no similarities. Even if "Tears of Iris" comes back after a short dive, "Nylaia" has more radiance, positively formulated "Tears of Iris" remains much softer and closer to the skin.
Do you know the Harry Potter episode "The Order of the Phoenix"? The beautiful phoenix can heal there with his tears, until he falls to ashes again, only to rise again.
I like the fragrance as a whole quite well, but I cry a little tear after the beautiful iris at the beginning already, so the name "Tears of Iris" is for me personally very met ;-)
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