Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante (2019)

Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante by Guerlain
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Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante is a new perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2019. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Thierry Wasser

Fragrance Notes

Ginger, Bergamot, Lemon, Pepper, Rose, Cedar, White musk



7.9 (93 Ratings)


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8.3 (76 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 18.11.2019
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Very helpful Review    18
Great ginger and pretty kissable lips!
Hello my dear snoopers and welcome to a new comment from me. Today I describe the second new Aqua Allegoria fragrance of the year (2019), Ginger Piccante (the first was Flora Cherrysia, also a beautiful summer fragrance).

I have to admit that in the beginning, when testing this fragrance, I had enormous difficulties concentrating on the fragrance. Because shortly before spraying my companion, a good friend (and, by the way, just as much a perfume crazy as all of you!!) wanted to test a lipstick color at all costs. As if it wouldn't be bad enough already for singles like me to watch a pretty woman paint her lips with a beautiful color (painted? dyed? lacquered? Huh? What do you think of that?? I have a hunch!!!), no, her lips had to be painted by a saleswoman (and once again I ask: are lips painted, painted, dyed, varnished or what????) :D) which was ultra beautiful and ultra sweet, aaargh!!! So it's normal when you can't think of anything else afterwards but kissable lips, aaaaah! *sigh* :D

But despite all the adversities I managed to describe the fragrance as accurately as possible here. And although ginger may sound quite unusual for a scent and is also not really common when it comes to scents, this scent has become surprisingly good and has become one of the most beautiful Aqua Allegoria scents from Guerlain for me.

The fragrance:
Wow, what a great start. You can smell a really wonderful mix of herbaceous ginger and creamy lemon balm, which in theory may sound very simple, but in practice (sprayed on) you are immediately thrilled. Sure, you might think that ginger would be one of those somewhat unusual smelling scents, but it smells so wonderfully fresh here together with the lemon that it fits extremely well into the warm days!
A little later, roses are added, which also smell good and give the fragrance a feminine touch (before that, the fragrance seemed rather unisex to me). In addition, the fragrance also has a beautiful, light sweetness.
The fragrances ginger, lemon and rose remain the main scents for a longer period of time. In my opinion, the piquant aspect of pepper cannot be perceived so strongly. Sure, you can recognize the pepper or at least something spicy and spicy if you smell it close enough to the sprayed area, but in the scent cloud this only comes across as a fine, spicy note, which doesn't matter, because it smells nice and enhances the herbaceous-sweet scent, without you really noticing it.
In the base, you can still smell the ginger-lemon-rose mix with light, creamy notes that make the fragrance appear more delicate. In addition, the cedar is a beautiful, woody note, which is not very strong, but still smells good. In addition, the fragrance has a nice, clean touch and looks fresh and clean. A very nice scent!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is mediocre and therefore better smellable from close up. As already described for some Aqua Allegorias, the Sillage of this fragrance series is the same as it is for many fresh, summery fragrances anyway. It may be a little weak, but it is still sufficient, even if you might have wished for it to be a little stronger. The shelf life is about six to seven hours, which is okay. But I would refresh the fragrance after half the time :)

The bottle:
The fragrance is filled in the great cylindrical bee flacons. The other flacons, which also have these bees worked into the glass, are even more beautiful, but this one also looks beautiful with its somewhat simpler design, especially since it carries gilded honeycombs as a nice detail on the domed upper part. The lid is also gold-plated and round. A beautiful bottle!

Wow guys, I may not be a giant ginger fan, but I find this fragrance very nice and fragrant. Especially together with the lemon balm it smells wonderful, fresh, pleasant, creating a good mood and just great. In addition, it also comes across beautifully creamy, which increases well-being even more.

The only thing I'd complain about is the rose. Don't get me wrong, because everything smells so wonderful, even the rose. But it's the rose that makes the fragrance really feminine, so that it is still a ladies fragrance as stated, even though it came across as a little unisex in the beginning. That is, it is (once again) a pity for us guys, because the smell fits you ladies (once again... tsss...) better. Especially with dark red (or other beautiful colors) lips that look so deliciously kissable that you have to sigh if you can't or shouldn't kiss them, waaah!!! D

Therefore I recommend this fragrance to you ladies in any case. You have to try it sometime. Just like Flora Cherrysia, this one has also become a great scent for warm days, which fits perfectly to many situations, no matter if job or leisure time. I'm sure this one would even make a good night out! Soo... only Coconut Fizz is missing from the new Allegorias, which I will surely test sometime, too... you know me! D

With that I am also at the end and wish you all a nice evening, until the next time :)
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7.0 4.0 6.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    23
Ommmmmm... g
In food or Sushi I usually leave out ginger, I can't do much with the stuff. Also in fragrances ginger is unobtrusive to unnecessary for me. But Guerlain's new Acqua Allegoria is anything but that: "Ginger Piccante" is India interpreted by Paris. One of the favourite, soothing and serene fragrances I've ever had under my nose. More like Ginger Galante than Piccante. It could also be a room scent. A pond of serenity and inner center.

"Ginger Piccante" can convince all along the line. Ginger often has a tendency to nerve, but here everything is loose, flaky, soft and perfectly balanced. Somewhat more feminine, as quite rosy and flowery. A strong woman, a protector, a good soul and a fresh spirit. The AA series does not offer a really bad fragrance. But this ginger cutters plays above the already strong cut. Slightly sugared, but with class. No cocktail vibe, no teen swarm. A full-grown explorer. Diana Jones. Certainly this summer a hit in the airports of our world. Tea, massage oil, sexytime. She does it with style. Never too much, never too little. A fragrant Justitia. With an exceptional balance and an enormously high quality that far exceeds the praiseworthy low prices of this range.

Flacon: hum, hum, like a bee I hum around.
Sillage: delicate and almost meditative. Carrier fragrance all the way.
Durability: here the bees are never outstanding. The spicy ginger goes, though. Six hours.

Conclusion: always cuts a fine figure, from Sushiband to massage table. An Acqua Allegoria that stands out. A really pleasant contemporary, globetrotter, power woman. A tip for every couple flying to Thailand in the near future. Whether honeymoon or first holiday together, whether adventure or city trip, whether culture or romance. It always goes. And it's actually for both of them. Saving money, saving holidays, immersed in ginger forever
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8.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

1 Review
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Greatly helpful Review    18
The ultimate feel-good fragrance 2019
Aqua Allegoria Ginger Piccante is, as already suspected in the lightning test, delicious. I know this is a hackneyed way of rewriting it. But that's the way it is: It smells cooling, it smells like ginger-lemon tea with very little honey, a little hotness, a lot of freshness, green and ...healthy.
Just like freshly cut ginger pieces in a glass with a slice of lemon, an ice cube filled with cold, clear water. Honey only marginal.
The top note is the most ginger-intensive, then it becomes fresh-green, always just before the lemon verbena. The sharpness is limited. I hardly find it woody, I search musk for free.
Successful freshness kick! If the summer becomes as I fear, you need a few liters of it.
Lasts even longer than the shy Cherrysia, but still not long enough for moi.
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Trucklady 161 days ago
This should have been Mon Guerlain Bloom of Rose. Up the sillage and it is a Guerlain winner.+1
Jazzy76 168 days ago
Citrusy -fresh with spicy accents, it's the perfect scent for the hottest days.Unfortunately not so longlasting in comparison with its price+1

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