Aqua Allegoria Passiflora (2018)

Aqua Allegoria Passiflora by Guerlain
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Aqua Allegoria Passiflora is a new perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2018. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Thierry Wasser

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPassion fruit, Calabrian bergamot, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesAquatic notes, Mandarin juice, Grapefruit
Base Notes Base NotesYlang-ylang, Orange blossom



7.5 (67 Ratings)


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8.4 (66 Ratings)
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A Night Wisp - but what a light!
Passiflora is the Latin technical term for passion flowers.

"Flower" is Passiflora only on the edge, because the fruit notes clearly dominate both in the head and in the heart note. Even the citric component and the aquatic note on which the fruit notes float are more present than the flowers. But passion - yes, the name keeps what it promises.

Passiflora is fruity and sweet without squeaking. Lemon and aquatic notes successfully prevent it from slipping into banal sweetness. It is even noble, but - and this must be emphasized in a particularly positive way - not so noble that one never dares to put it on. Some fragrances are such an orchestra that they can only be worn appropriately in the opera - and thus rarely, even as an opera enthusiast. Passiflora, on the other hand, is not a fragrance that makes you ponder in front of your perfume cupboard in the morning whether you're applying it a little too thickly. Because he has class, but subtle class. His strength does not come at the expense of his femininity; he is like a figure skater - strong and at the same time immortal beautiful.

Passiflora is one of those fragrances that not only appeals to the sense of smell, but also moves something in the soul. With Passiflora, I just feel confident. When I need encouragement, I put it on and sniff at my wrist - BÄM, there she is, the certainty that I can do anything. There are very few fragrances that can do that.
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10.0 6.0 6.0 9.0/10

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Hidden, quiet and incomprehensibly close - this is the fragrance
It's strange, but what's important to me about a friend or loved one I can't see or understand. In a sense, however, I can 'smell' it. The sense organ with which I select and recognize a friend and then, after a certain familiarity, recognize him, is something hidden, quiet and yet very real, strong and effective.

Maybe we have some kind of psychic sense of smell in us? Sometimes something radiates from a person and I take it deep inside myself in an inexplicable way, while my inner sensors signal a warm 'yes' or 'you can drop yourself'. I do that with people, sometimes also with animals, very often with music and more and more often with perfumes. Everything that is dear to me has a wonderful, unique smell for me, which radiates from its soul, its spirit. There is something between heaven and earth that draws me there and gives me a good feeling about life.

Smells have become increasingly important to me since I landed on "Parfumo" exactly one year ago. And I am happy to train my sense of smell much more intensively than before, especially through my experience with perfumes. Again I got to know a fragrance that almost magically attracts me. This time it's a rather unusual fragrance for me with an airy, light and lively character. It's cologne-like and refreshing and picks me up like a favourite music wherever I am, purrs a beautiful melody into my ear, enlivens me and puts me in a bright, cheerful mood in no time. This little fragrant happiness envelops me in the course of two or three hours, but AQUA ALLEGORIA PASSIFLORA always remains light and transparent. After four hours at the latest, the scent pleasure is over; only very close to the body can I still enjoy something soft and warm from it.

It begins with a powerful cocktail of intense, tangy-sour grapefruit (juice with peel!), dark, warm, luminous passion fruit (passion fruit) and delicious sprinkles of bergamot and juicy-sweet mandarin. The prelude resembles a rushing sea breeze, which makes me jump up from my couch on the beach and jump into the water. Very awakening, very enticing and wonderfully invigorating is this refreshing potion on my skin. I see in front of me a wooden box full of fruits from the south, laughing at me with their lights - that's how this Guerlain begins. And it wouldn't be Guerlain if there weren't more spells, more surprises and more drama.

Soon I notice spicy, gently ticklish crumbs of clove and a few aniseed crumbs. Above this very harmonious mixture two noble flowers emerge, which on the one hand radiate something fresh and green and on the other hand convey something warm and elegant. On the one hand, these fragrance blossoms come from a proud, highly erect rose in the most delicate rosé shades, from whose calyx the scent of the finest noble soap emanates. On the other hand, there is a jasmine-like, flowery, heavy scent that must come from light yellow ylang-ylang flowers. For me AQUA ALLEGORIA PASSIFLORA becomes really tropical, exotic, very seductive and full of content. Perhaps not only the flowers of this evergreen tree, which grows in Haiti, Madagascar and the Philippines, were used, but also the wood
I own the fragrance in a fancy miniature bottle (see photo), which is filled with 7,5ml, or more precisely 'was filled'. I owe this gift to Couchlock, who once again sends his very, very sincere thanks and greetings this way.

As I said at the beginning: Odours and scents are something mysterious, hidden, incomprehensible and yet they are something so important, alive and strong. A fragrance and its radiance come as close to me as nothing else can but the fragrance itself can. The poet Rainer Maria Rilke has aptly and for me almost painfully brought this phenomenon to the point in his poem 'Der Duft':

THE Scent
Who are you, Inexplicable: you spirit, 

how do you know where and when to find me, 

who makes you intimate the inside 
that it closes and circles.

The lover who takes one,
hat they are not near; only you alone are near.
Who haven't you soaked
as if you were jähe
 the colors of his eyes?

Oh, who would see music in a mirror, 

he'd see you and know your name.
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10.0 7.0 6.0 8.0/10

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Summer to go
This fragrance is like a summer embrace, very light, very fresh and yet powdery. You can still perceive this scent during the day like a soft background noise.
For me personally, this passion fruit scent is nothing, although I must confess that this composition has been incredibly successful for Guerlain and makes the citrus scent incredibly pleasant and bearable.


Jazzy76 65 days ago
Fresh, fruity and a little sour, it's the perfect scent for the hottest days.Unfortunately not longlasting in comparison with its high price
Reniferka 16 months ago
Watery passionfruit (slightly synthetic) with a lot of grapefruit. Aquatic note is strong and reminds me of 90s men's fragrances. Not bad.+1

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