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Eau de Lingerie by Guerlain
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Eau de Lingerie is a popular perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2013. The scent is powdery-floral. It is still in production.

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Christine Nagel

Fragrance Notes

Iris, Rose, Vanilla, Sandalwood, White musk, Ambrette



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Submitted by Joe, last update on 14.11.2019.

Interesting Facts

The fragrance was created for perfuming underwear.
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Greatly helpful Review    22
Visit to the "Dream-Lingerie-Temple"
"Lingerie" - the word triggers in me the memory of fantastically beautiful lingerie shops; at that time they were true "temples" for ladies' lingerie.
In many cities they were my destination and I can't remember not having found what I was looking for!

Some of these temples were visibly inspired by the boudoir: noble wallpapered walls, stylish mirrors with discreet lighting (you never looked green or yellowish there), fine furniture and fabrics.
The laundry poles were mostly embedded in niches, which were covered with wallpaper just like the rest of the shop.
I still remember cabins that were small tents. Even inside, the mirrors were well lit: there was no glaring light to scare a woman away.
The customer and her chosen pieces were put "into the right light"!
There they found not only fine underwear; delicate underwear that wasn't marked with catchwords like lingerie, underwear or even underbuxe (Sweetsmell, thank you!).
Silk, lace and very fine cotton were mainly the materials used, also for "nightwear"!
Nightgowns that could almost be called night gowns, negligees - often both as a combination (how I loved them!) - quilted housecoats and these dreamlike silk coats that can be admired in every old Hollywood movie and always make "bella Figura".
(By the way, during ironing the enthusiasm for these silk dreams is dampened a bit!)
In the eighties I was still a frequent guest and customer in such shops.
These visits were entertaining, time-consuming and not exactly cheap!
The glass of "Sprudelwasser" (sparkling water) was, of course, one of them, as were the beautiful bags that were more or less proudly carried home!

That's why "Eau de Lingerie" immediately reminds me of these "temples of underwear": the scent of pure femininity floated there too.
Especially this fine vanilla. Vanilla of the kind that Sylvaine Delacourte uses in her vanilla fragrance collection.
The heavy, creamy, erotic-looking vanilla would be out of place here: the fine sensuality of the laundry does not need a wooden hammer!
Iris and rose - are there actually more feminine flowers? - are delicately fragrant here; I think a little of the bouquets with the small yellow tea lilies that you took with you to coffee invitations: bound with veil herb and wrapped in lace cuffs!
Even the white musk comes on tiptoe. This is very pleasant.
In the last time he always met me very powerfully; in some scents he even tried to smother me.
This is not the case with "Eau de Lingerie": a restrained musk, which is striated even slightly by the musk oil (Ambrette), sets very nice fragrance accents.
This elegant "laundry scent" is magically rounded off by sandalwood: discreetly dosed and yet spreading a sensuality that beautiful laundry should always accompany.

Some cotton bags filled with lavender blossoms, placed between the under- and bed linen, are today usually the highest of feelings and are called "laundry scent"!

"Eau de Lingerie" has fallen a little out of time: but its feminine grace still unfolds.
This awakens nostalgic feelings: the longing for something that we probably no longer allow.
Women who choose, take care of and wear their underwear with devotion and love are already a bit of the past.
One forgets very quickly what used to be so self-evident and yet could easily be reintegrated into life: the little bit of everyday luxury!

Because this Guerlain scent envelops you like a breeze of powder: very light and fine - powder that is dusted with a large, soft tassel and you don't think about cleaning the bathroom afterwards.

The bottling of "Eau de Lingerie" reminds me that the "little luxury" had to give way to an everyday life that often lacks shine During the search for lingerie shops I knew, caused by this scent, I met to my disappointment a solarium, an internet café and a coffee shop!
Even my girlfriend, who always accompanied me with great enthusiasm to these purchases, belongs to the past.
Pity - double pity!

But thanks to "Eau de Lingerie" I will be able to perceive the contents of my linen cupboard more consciously!
This season with its long dark hours is ideal for this purpose. Who knows, maybe I'll even find some surprises?
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Greatly helpful Review    22
Is there a tendency to fetishism when sniffing underwear? :D
So really... now comes a scent from Guerlain, who is actually only there to... perfume the underwear? I mean, clothes in general are lightly perfumed after a wash, because of fabric softeners and so on, but I think here it is meant that you should spray the underwear extra with a scent. Is that what you really do? Yes yes, now one of these comments follows again, which shows how little I know about some things :D

Perfumed underwear, then. This may sound sexy on paper, but somehow it also gives me fetish thoughts, which could lead to a woman throwing me out of the bedroom if I would rather snoop around on her underwear instead of "taking care of her",...
Because I can well imagine that the whole thing could happen like this,... once you've gotten into the bedroom together... you know, first of all:

Woman: "...so you like striptease?"
Man: "Well, somehow every guy likes it! :)“
Woman: "Do you want me to slowly defoliate?"
Man: "Oh, nothing better than that!"
Woman: "Well, pay attention and put on some music!"
Man: "Oh yes!"
(yes yes, you see, I love to write, but dialogues for "erotic novels" are probably not my strength... :DD)

The woman starts dancing sexy, while the guy hastily searches for some strip music and his choice somehow typically falls on Joe Cocker's "You Can Leave Your Hat On"! She begins to take off her clothes one by one, until she finally stands there completely naked.

Frau: "And? How was that?"
Man: "Absolutely fantastic! I've never seen anything hornier!"
"Hi hi, you want me right now, don't you?"
Man: "Oh yes! But... well, almost now! First I want to smell your underwear!"
Woman: "... What?????? You're not serious, are you?"
Man: "I just noticed a great scent, and wanted to smell this more exactly!"
Woman: "What a pervert!!!! You want to smell the way I smell down there?????"
Man: "No no, something smelled great but vanilla and powdery notes and..."
Woman: "What???? And you don't think I could have perfumed myself??"
Man: "Yeah, but it smells so different from your perfume?"
Woman: "What do you mean?"
Man: "I don't know either, but as I said it smells so horny, better than your skin and... Ah wait I didn't mean that!!!...."
Woman: "!!!!OUT HERE!!!"
Man: "Oh Menno!!!..."
(... I said yes, I am not necessarily a gifted author for erotic scenes and such... :DD)

The man then goes out as quickly as possible, because he sees how the woman already reaches for heavy objects in order to be able to throw them after him. Flower vases, for example... with cacti in them!!!! Which of course can be found in EVERY bedroom, strangely enough...!

See what I'm saying perfumed underwear can run out to? Or should I be wrong and do you actually perfume your underwear a lot? Should I really smell my underwear at some point? Nahe... better not... :DD

The scent (on the skin):
I smell a nice, powdery iris with a slightly citric background. Then light, sour-floral notes are added, these are the roses. Afterwards the vanilla becomes noticeable, which makes the fragrance even more powdery and gentle, but above all also sweeter. The fragrance looks a little warmer on the skin, but smells very beautiful and of course feminine. Later, a beautiful, dark sweetness of musk is added. In the end you smell musk and vanilla best, so the fragrance is sweet and powdery as usual. A beautiful fragrance.

The scent (on the clothes):
The beginning is essentially the same as the "skin description" above, but at the beginning I perceive the iris much more intensively and the scent seems a bit cleaner and soapier. I don't know if it's psychological, but somehow the scent has more of a nice smelling fabric softener when you spray it on your clothes. In any case, the scent on clothing is less warm and more bright, but just as soft and beautiful as on the skin. By the way, I found the musk scent on the clothes much weaker than on the skin. In the end you smell vanilla and musk the most, but with a much lower sillage (at least that's how it was with me).

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is on the skin as well as on the clothes rather weakly turned out, so that one can smell the smell best only from the proximity. But what's okay, if you really want to sniff the scent only on your underwear anyway :D And as I said I think the sillage on the skin is a ticking better.
The shelf life, on the other hand, is average because the fragrance lasts four to six hours. Strangely enough, I found it more durable on the skin.

The bottle:
The bottle is one of these typical Guerlain bees bottles in delicate pink, only without the bees worked into the glass. The pink scented liquid gives the whole thing a nice look, as does the shiny pink silk bow on the lid. As always, a beautiful bottle.

Soo, strictly speaking the fragrance smells almost only of iris, but especially of roses, musk and vanilla. It is soft, powdery, slightly sweet and smells simply loosely and beautifully. And that on the skin as well as on the clothes, even if there are slight differences here. I think you could use the scent for "night activities", because it smells really good, but say, do you really perfume your underwear as well (actually rather woman :D)? On the skin I would find such a fragrance more beautiful :D
Hence the question: Are your (yes, this is a question to the ladies) underwear extra perfumed in the wardrobe? Or just on "special occasions?" :DD

And you know what's typical, of course? If WOMAN perfumes her underwear, it's sexy! If MAN perfumes his underwear, everyone will say that this is only an attempt to keep the underwear fresh longer, because some men would not change their underpants every day... tssss, always these prejudices against us guys! :DD Interesting but that there are pre-scented underwear (of course... with... musk scent!!) for the men to buy because of that, which should endure supposedly even 30 washings!

By the way: Some articles about women's briefs say that you should rather do without perfumes in your underwear, as these could promote irritation of the sensitive parts of the body. Hypersensitive people should not even use fabric softeners because of the fragrances they contain!

Well... but back to the scent: As I said, the scent is a beautiful scent, which came across a ticking better on my skin, because in my opinion one could perceive the musk better here. On the other hand I tried the fragrance only on cotton and not on silk briefs or something like that :D
It is recommendable already (if you find it somewhere!), but you should know that the smell of the Sillage and durability is really extremely weak
10 Replies

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