Habit Rouge L'Eau by Guerlain

Habit Rouge L'Eau 2011

14.06.2021 - 01:25 PM

Habit Rouge's twin brother

I love L'Eau as much as the original Habit Rouge. Also I wear it as often as I wear the original one. But L'Eau is not the summer version of the original, nor is it lighter than the original. L'Eau is a slight change just in the opening citrus, which gives it a brighter feel. Some may say this is a modernised version of Habit Rouge, but I think L'Eau is still much closer to classical elegance.

In fact, L'Eau not only shares the DNA of Habit Rouge, but in many ways it's extremely similar. They're like twin brothers with only different hairstyles. So if you already have a Habit Rouge EDT and it's a big bottle of 200ml or 500ml, you won't have to have an additional L'Eau. But if you're crazy about Habit Rouge and you're someone like me who can't live without this scent, you must have L'Eau. Of course you already have this before reading my comment.

L'Eau, just like the original, is something you can wear anywhere, almost anytime. I tend to choose L'Eau over the original when I wear a light colored shirt or casual outfit, but actually it's not consistent. It's just that I enjoy two types of things that I really like (three including EDP, but EDP is a bit different). If you want to make some more changes, I recommend you try Shalimar Piltre. It is closer to Habit Rouge than Shalimar, in my opinion. It was released for women, but nevertheless, Piltre is a gentleman's very fine fragrance, with a very soft lavender and a little rose.

Oh well, as I mentioned at first, I don't think L'Eau is for summer, just like the original. It doesn't matter if it's a dark evening or an air-conditioned indoor environment, but it's still not the best choice to wear during the daytime in midsummer. I'm still looking for Guerlinade-style fragrances for the summer season. I hope someone to give me some advice. These days I usually wear Chanel Paris Riviera, but there's still something that doesn't fill up.
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