Imagine Une Ville. Un Parfum - 04 London 2011

Imagine / Une Ville. Un Parfum - 04 London by Guerlain
Bottle Design Serge Mansau
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Imagine is a perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 2011. The scent is fruity-fresh. It was last marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation
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Thierry Wasser

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamotBergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesCardamomCardamom
Rose absoluteRose absolute
Base Notes Base NotesVetiverVetiver
Black teaBlack tea
White cedarWhite cedar



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Interesting Facts

This fragrance was re-released as "Imagine" in 2019 as part of the collection "Les Parisiennes".
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Top Review    15  
she showed me Great Britain
I strolled through their novels along the narrow and steep streets of Porthkerris/St. Ives; the always strong wind, which determines the special climate of Cornwall, made me miss a headscarf on the beach: so he pulled my hair.
Through her I got to know this charming landscape and its inhabitants better; although I have to avoid the Atlantic coasts, just because of this wind.
She kidnapped in bizarre cottages in Sussex, with large, partly wild, partly lovingly maintained gardens and in mansions in Kent or other parts of England.
There lived "real" people with her, mostly there was a lack of money to repair everything. But the park-like gardens are always a feast for the eyes.
And the rooms of these houses: always easily pampered and perhaps just because of that so cosy, radiated cosiness and a very special charm.
She especially loved Scotland. The sunrise on the day of the winter solstice, high up in Scotland, near Inverness, where the days around 21 December are very short, is unforgettable and always worth reading.
How do I freeze every time on the still dark beach in the morning, at temperatures below zero, which are strange to me city dwellers.
And what astonishing delight grips me when a strip of pale light appears on the horizon above the sea - it becomes! This play of light from yellow and orange to the sun, which slowly appears, gives me goose bumps over and over again. And awakens the longing for a cup of hot tea.
The cup of tea is the British panacea!
And, of course, each of their stories leads to London. There, the protagonists have at least one narrow small apartment (often called a "rabbit hole"), often a small terraced house or the almost typical London townhouse.
Wherever you "stay" in the city: a little piece of green with the obligatory golden rain, honeysuckle, some roses and a little mossy lawn is part of it.
Just like the two hydrangeas in tubs on the right and left of the stairs to the front door.

So Rosamunde Pilcher showed me her homeland. She let me enjoy, be happy and sad with her and led into a world, which can be entered by her novels over and over again from new ones.
Similar to Jane Austen in her time, she did not have to travel "the continent": she found everything for her stories in her homeland. That she loved them can be seen in the many little things with which she adorned her stories.
Rosamunde Pilcher died yesterday, February 7th. She will remain unforgotten to me by her books and look me certainly still often when reading over the shoulder.

And so I would like to set Mrs. Pilcher with Guerlains "Une Ville, une Parfum - London" a fragrant monument.
How clear and straightforward this fragrance is composed: only Jo Malone describes the British understatement in fragrance form better in my opinion. But that's a matter of taste.
Bergamot and rhubarb, who would think of that combination? But it fits and is delightfully refreshing even by the slightly bitter aroma of grapefruit.
This prelude vibrates slightly with joy during the day.
Not the cool, English rose as expected, continues the way into this fragrant day.
No, full of the scent of roses, which is emitted by the sun and warmth of old, fragrant varieties of roses, ennobles this sparkling fragrance start.
Missing must not be the violet either. What would an english scented painting be without this little guy, who always brings so much strength with him; so he sometimes hides growing and blooming.
Rose and violet, which like two different women harmonize amazingly well, form a mature heart here.
Nothing heavy is contained in the fragrance: only purity and clarity and a vibration that sounds like soft laughter, like joy.
Cardomom spices up this light-footed fragrance beauty and thus forms the perfect transition to the dark green earthiness of the vetiver, which always appears slightly moist. After all, a little spicy moss belongs in every lawn.
White cedar and the scent of freshly brewed teas on a laid table: the picture of an English garden can't be more beautiful than this.

"Une Ville, une Parfum" takes you to the beautiful side of London; far away from the noise and smog of a big city.
It is more of a fragrance than a perfume and also has the short-lived durability of such a fragrance.
And yet it is a fresh, flowery fragrance that flatters every woman.
Maybe it is a little atypical for the brand Guerlain; but also this fragrance creature is a credit to her.
I met a friendly evergreen here, not only for the warm season.
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evanescent tea
I'm always eager to try scents with rhubarb, so I ordered a sample of this one even though I didn't (and don't) see a connection between rhubarb and London. This is quite a pretty scent to start, with soft rhubarb (neither too tart nor too sweet) over a somewhat tannic tea. It's cooling without making you pucker up. Light citrus and floral facets emerge soon after. At 45 minutes, it's a light rhubarb-rose scent, softly echoing Hermes' Rose Ikebana. Unfortunately, it starts to vanish soon after. After an hour, all I get is faint tea.

I might still be willing to wear this and spray often if it were available for a bargain price. However, a bit of web searching shows me that the only place I could get this would be Neiman Marcus, known as perhaps the most expensive department store in the US. NM features this scent in its online "Guerlain trunk show" at $215 USD for a 100 ml bottle. I'm not ready to spend about $20/day wearing this wan scent (respraying every hour or so), and I think Guerlain is rude for asking me to.

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