Jardins de Bagatelle 1983 Eau de Toilette

Jardins de Bagatelle (Eau de Toilette) by Guerlain
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Jardins de Bagatelle (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Guerlain for women and was released in 1983. The scent is floral-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by LVMH. Pronunciation
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Jardins de beaucoup
A walk on the Champs Élysées is nice of course, but if you want to go for a really decadent-chic stroll you should visit Parc de Bagatelle. Located on the outskirts of Paris, this botanical garden is said to have 10.000 rose bushes from 1200 different species.

Imagine that many floral species in one perfume. In all colors and shapes, by the way, not just roses. That is basically what you have here. Jardins de Bagatelle, an abundance of flowers on a faint musky-woody base. Decadent-chic and feminine overall, but surprisingly wearable in casual settings as well. An interesting Guerlain that doesn't get much attention.
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Flower explosion
This is review goes for vintage edt.

Oh my, this is such a beautiful flower explosion! The flower blend is superb, excellent, unbeatable. You can get many notes as it continues to change towards cheerful chypre floral guerlainish dry down. It happily lasts a very long time on my not so easy skin.

In the middle way between 70s and 80s florals but with Guerlain's house extra quality.

I love it.

If you like aldehydes, white flowers, specially gardenia and tuberose; if you like fragrances to evolve and change and surprise you with their different reaction to different weather and skin conditions; if you feel attraction for floral and chypres, give this one a try.

And don't believe everything you read, it has little to do with Fracas, even less with Carnal Flower apart for containing tuberose; neither is it a sillage killer or headache inducing (unless you are one of those which get headaches with real flowers).
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Top Review 69  
Your garden was special, very special...
I was still excited myself and just a kid;
but I suddenly had to grow up I had not yet settled in myself and was standing in the wind;
but suddenly I had to learn to take care of you
Years went by, you were in and out of hospital;
so I came to you again and again and gave you a bouquet.
Years passed, you needed rest and strength,
so I got you new shoes and brought you your favorite juice
We bought you an allotment garden at some point;
because we knew we couldn't wait any longer You loved being there and wanted to grow vegetables;
but I've been away a lot and just wanted to get away from this work [...]
And I'm sorry for that, I'm so sorry...
I should have helped you out more often, but I just wasn't able to...

But when I discovered this fragrance here, discovered it by chance, saw the name, the first thing I thought of was you, and your little allotment garden... I can't explain it, but that's how it was...
I read the name and immediately had you in front of my eyes, you with your gloves, your hedge trimmer in your hand, your little belly, which didn't come from beer, but from good food...
That was my association, you and your garden... And me, your son, who didn't help you out enough..
"Jardins de Bagatelle", that's the name of the fragrance. But your garden was nothing to be considered a 'bagatelle'...
No, absolutely not! On the contrary!
Your garden was something special!
He had a magical aura, a fascinating charm, an electrifying effect, an extraordinary influence on you...
You came back to life there, found your old strength, were in your element, were able to let off steam, mow your lawn, proudly present me and Mom your very first home-grown tomato...

The smell here, it smells like your garden...
It is fresh, but in a tart way; it is aromatic, but in a classic way; it is floral, but in a noble way; it is woody, but in a restrained way...
He doesn't yell around, he doesn't act up, he knows how to behave, he has manners, he is of the "old school", carved from a completely different wood and radiates an inner peace and serenity, just like your garden did...

Your garden, with its mini house, was a dream garden, a radiant garden, a charming garden, a fabulous garden. Just like that smell...
Your garden was full of white flowers, daffodils, daffodils and even roses. Just like that scent...
You loved nature, just like this fragrance does, which smells of pure nature, with slightly woody notes and reminds me of you and your little garden, with its old, nostalgic wooden bench in front of the mini house...

The scent is as delicate and fine as fleeting dreams...
The dreams I had when I was lying on the hammock in your garden, closing my eyes, blackbirds chirping, bumblebees buzzing like clumsy helicopters, butterflies touching my arm, thinking of the afterlife... The dreams that are always present, but never tangible...
The fragrance sparkles with joy, cheerfulness and youthfulness, just like you do; and that is when you had been at work in your garden...

It can and should be worn by everyone: Woman, man, Divers, Trans, Black, White, Brown, Tall, Small, Slim, Fat, Fat. All irrelevant, not only with regard to fragrances, but basically seen, because it doesn't matter anyway; what counts are other things...
That's what I've learned, that's what you taught me... I'll apply it to all areas of my life, just like you taught me...

You can wear it all year round, just like you could visit your garden all year round...
Although it shines especially great in spring and summer, just like your garden;
but it doesn't need to hide in autumn and winter, just like you could stay in your mini house in autumn and winter...
And it stays on the skin for a long time; long enough to be noticed after a normal "working day", like in your garden...

You do not know that I am here on this forum...
You don't know that I've developed a passion that I'm living out here...
You don't know that I bought the fragrance blind, because the name hit me immediately, like Cupid's arrow, right in the heart...
You don't know what the scent means to me; not only him, but especially him here...
You don't know that he is a very special scent, just like this comment, which is the first one ever about him...

You will never read this text, but can you assume that I will always wear it, forever, until the fucking end of my days, in memory of you; and of course your little garden...
And I want you to know one thing: I wanted so much to help you out more back then, but I just couldn't, I just couldn't...
I love you very much, Papa, like this fragrance, and your special garden...
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