L'Homme Idéal Cool (2019)

L'Homme Idéal Cool by Guerlain
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L'Homme Idéal Cool is a new perfume by Guerlain for men and was released in 2019. The scent is green-fresh. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Thierry Wasser

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Orange, Aniseed, Mint
Heart Notes Heart NotesNeroli, Almond, Aquatic notes
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Vetiver, Ambroxan



7.4 (62 Ratings)


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8.1 (61 Ratings)
Submitted by Sunnyiland, last update on 29.08.2019
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8.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    51
Color theory
Have a nice day.
Welcome to Talk Talk Talk. My name is Dorian Wurstbusch and I welcome you here in the studio and at home at the TV screens.

Today's topic is perfume again. Our guest today was already with us and brought along a new fragrance, which we talk about today. Once again we are looking forward to his analysis.
Please welcome with me Schoork!


Glad you could make it. It's been a while. We were celebrating your 100th comment back then. You have certainly already tested 1000 fragrances, or?

"Oh, God, no. In fact, I'm close to 200 tested scents. I do the whole thing only 1 year and the year has only 365 days. What I write about is also worn correctly by me. However, there may be people who have tested 500, 600 or more fragrances in this period, but there is probably the smell of scent stripes, or a spray on the arm with fall. I prefer to wear it correctly in order to be able to tell something, not to write a statement quickly, which I have already done. Nevertheless, it shows how subjective individual evaluations are and one should rather trust one's own nose. One of my absolute favorite fragrances, to which we will surely still come, pimmelt here at 7.5 rum. From my point of view, of course, completely undervalued."

How often does one then wear such a test fragrance?

"Different. There are scents that tell you what immediately and others want to be discovered more. It also has to do with favors and dislikes. You don't like to wear a terrible scent again."

What did you bring us today?

"A new flanker from Guerlain. L'Homme Idéal Cool. I've been testing it for two days. I got this from Blauemaus and would like to thank you again at this point. I was very curious about this fragrance, because I liked the series so far and it is one of my absolute favorite fragrances! I now take the chance to compare them with the new one."

Very interesting. What did your ranking look like before the new green one and why?

"Now let's stick to the colours, it's a little easier to explain. My ranking looked like this:

5. Black (Intense) was too overloaded for me and it wasn't really intense either.
4. Orange (EdT) I liked already well, great almond, only a little volatile.
3. Red (EdP) more durable than the EdT, beautiful almond rose fragrance with a hint of cherry. Great in winter.
2. Blue (Sport) Fresh fragrance and close to number 1. Almond crossed with aquatic notes.
1. Yellow (cologne) dream scent in my nose. Fresh and sour grapefruit wrapped around an almond "

The yellow one that is most difficult to get in the shop at 1?

"Funny, isn't it? It has been rumoured for some time that he is out of the assortment, but I saw him standing somewhere the other day. Maybe that's why it's only at 7.5. Yes he is super and even a perfume critic like Luca Turin gave 4 out of 5 stars. I don't care much about that, but maybe it's important for others to like him. As expected, the Green can't keep up."

Then tell me about the green one.

"I'd love to. First of all, I like the almond in this series. With almonds you have to be careful that they don't smell the same as marzipan or amaretto and in my opinion Guerlain is very successful in this series. These different crosses with this one made all fragrances interesting and wearable for the gentleman in shirt and suit, as well as in casual style and here Guerlain breaks in my eyes with this tradition."

That means?

"I think this Flanker is intended for younger people. Already the name Cool should generate this on the one hand, even if the name fits to the fragrance, because it is actually very fresh. The colour also goes well with the fragrance and has become pretty."

Curious people would now ask how it smells?

"Sloppily said just after shower gel with mint. For me the Ambroxan dominates here strongly, which one perceives immediately and up to the end. Imagine they drive your car in the right lane, right of them is a wall, that's the Ambroxan and all the other ingredients rushing past you from left to right so Aniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis...Nerooooliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and far left the guardrail is the mint."

Sounds a little monotonous, or am I mistaken there?

"I say you have to concentrate to perceive other things. At the beginning you get a hint of orange, at the end vetiver, but the colour green fits very well. Unfortunately, the almond is completely lost, as is the rest. Aquatics is here probably also only breathed on and in the shower-yellow-vibe contained. After all, this is a new kind of shower gel with mint. But after a few hours I occasionally have the association of toothpaste here, too. Only from time to time, a light basic sweetness makes sure that you don't have to think about it all the time. You'll notice it's really fresh, the scent. This is how it could smell in the bathroom in the morning."

Why do you think the fragrance speaks to younger people?

"Because it's fashionable. Don't get me wrong, I like shower gel scents, real Schoorkis, but ideally these should also have a certain elegance, this is a pure casual scent with a shelf life of about 6h. Almost too little for a working day. Therefore rather Garçon L'ideal than L'homme and I find it absolutely legitimate of Guerlain to go here also a little bit with the market, I think too hip the brand is not with the 20 year olds and one reacted. I also don't say that it's not for the older generation, I find it only more suitable for the younger generation, namely for males and females. The row has the wrong name anyway, they're all unisex somehow."

Where would this new one be placed in your ranking?

"At the moment somewhere between 4-5, the other good ones I can't get to, but everybody has to decide for himself. I have the yellow and the red and I am satisfied, I have written about both and I will not need it now. It's not bad, but it doesn't force you to buy. But what I find very interesting, but unfortunately too little pronounced, is the scent one day later on clothes. Here he reminds me of good old Davidoff Relax. If this were clearer and only in the base I would have considered."

Are flankers necessary, or an evil?

"Basically, Flankers are understandable. It is legitimate to add variations and/or react to the market with a series that runs well. Exciting for me, too. I've compared this to the music before. You hear that your favorite band is releasing a new album. On the one hand there is anticipation, but also concern that the record will be good. That the band stays true to the style they like and doesn't start experimenting. But it's also clear that there will never be a second thriller, Appetite for Destruction or Dark Side of the Moon. I can't understand the groaning when a new flanker announces himself. His name is secondary, it depends on how he smells."

But it's more of a mainstream phenomenon,or?

"We'll talk about it when the Aventus Cologne comes out in summer!"

With this we are also at the end of our show and we thank Schoork and wish all spectators a nice Sunday.

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9.0 7.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    46
Green is hope
Green is hope: as the colour of spring, as the colour of renewal in Christianity, as the colour of the prophet in Islam, as the signal colour on traffic lights, as the colour of an aspiring party. But I think even more of a novel by TC Boyle that turns the green of germinating marijuana plants and then withering again into the satirical, ironically turned descent of a hippie community. Anyway: Green also works well in advertising and so it seems to be almost a sign of the times that two particularly high-turnover brands (Davidoff and Guerlain) are launching a green men's fragrance on the market almost simultaneously.

Basically, I am sceptical about all the fragrances in the L'Homme Ideal range. EdT as well as EdP and Intense were much too almond sweet for me. Gourmands are actually a horror to me, even though I have to admit that Guerlain did not succeed badly in this case. I find the sport variant completely accidental and leave it out of consideration for further considerations
Where does L'Homme Ideal Cool (what a terrible name...) stand now in comparison to the other versions of this meanwhile extensive series (I wouldn't speak of flankers at all in view of the different orientation)?

The resemblance to the Cologne, which I consider to be extremely successful, mentioned here several times, leads a little astray, I think. The family resemblance is more apparent in the almond note, which, if you take the newer women's fragrances from Guerlain as a reference, seems to be something like the new Guerlinade. In the L'Homme Ideal series it was consistently transferred to the men's line. This has a certain internal logic and is therefore not even unsympathetic to me. Both in Cologne and in the new Cool, this almond note has been significantly reduced, is no longer as present as in EdT, EdP or Intense, and therefore no longer has a real gourmand character. There are parallels between the two fragrances (neroli, orange, bergamot) and the discreetly recognizable cologne-water components, which provide a subliminal freshness that you will not find in EdT, EdP and Intense. The clear difference between the two lighter fragrances of the series (Cologne and Cool), however, is the respective top note, which extends far into the heart note of the fragrance and blends there with the respective discreet almond note: mint and a (fortunately) distinctly restrained aquatic in Cool, grapefruit in Cologne.

One could say that there is now a L'Homme Ideal for almost every taste. For the lovers* of food leftovers in fragrances, the EdT, EdP and Intense (of varying intensity), for the lovers* of bright, cologne-like variants Cologne and Cool. It would be a shame, however, if Cologne were to be permanently removed from the programme in favour of Cool. For me, Cologne is still clearly the best and perhaps only outstanding variant.

Where is the cool in the context of the Guerlain portofolio? I see his justification as a bridge between EdT and Cologne and could also imagine that he is a real alternative for those who are looking for a summer fragrance without Hesperidia dominance. Mint is often the only really fresh alternative - and is implemented better here than in almost all other fragrances I know in this style. For me Cool is a really good fragrance, which I could imagine well in my collection, but would never prefer to cologne permanently.

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9.0 9.0 7.0 8.5/10

1 Review
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Greatly helpful Review    16
It doesn't get greener
I don't think there's gonna be a greener LHI after this LHI "cool." The Wrigley Spearmint hunch I had half wished for and half feared at any rate did not come true. Mint is in it, especially in the top note and also over a longer period of development, but the typical LHI Tonkamandel sweet base is missing, or it is only very vague to smell. I'm even afraid to call Cool a gourmand.
After the fresh mint opening with light DiorHomme powder (nice!), the powder falls down sideways and the mint gradually takes a bath. An aquatic, slightly bitter note is added, which is becoming more and more important. The longer, the greener. (Hash me, I am spring!!!) After a few (approx. 6) hours I notice only citric freshness, which seems unusual for LHI, but could be just right for the coming summer. Interesting and different!
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