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Myrrhe & Délires by Guerlain
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Myrrhe & Délires is a popular perfume by Guerlain for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is spicy-fruity. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Thierry Wasser

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesGrapefruit, Pink pepper, Black pepper, Pear
Heart Notes Heart NotesRose, Iris, Myrrh, Apricot
Base Notes Base NotesFrankincense, Glycyrrhiza, Patchouli



7.6 (102 Ratings)


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Scent 7.0/10
2 Awards
Salty Licorice Dark Woody Oriental
I had largely given up on Guerlain, but Apicius was kind enough to send me a sample of MYRRHE & DELIRES, which I am happy to report is much better than the other members of the Arts et Matières series familiar to me. Some of those perfumes I positively disliked; others I simply found disappointing. There is no plastic-gourmand amalgam in this particular composition, thankfully, and the unsweetened licorice bark note is really beautiful. Given the texture of this perfume, I'd have guessed that there was ambergris in the base--and perhaps there is.

MYRRHE & DELIRES is only going to appeal to those who like the scent of black licorice and reminds me of salted Dutch licorice, more specifically. I hasten to add, however, for those not familiar with salted licorice, that this is much, much less sweet and much, much more complex than LOLITA LEMPICKA, probably the most famous black licorice perfume around. This creation really smells niche, while LOLITA LEMPICKA is sweet enough to be toeing the line between celubscents and mainstream. The big virtue of LOLITA LEMPICKA, given its low price, is the miraculous fact that it does not smell like a synthetic nightmare and is instead a pleasure to wear--at least on occasion.

Of course, MYRRHE & DELIRES would have no excuse for smelling cheap, since it's certainly not, but I've learned from past experience that there are enough disconnects chez Guerlain these days--whether because of its management by LVMH or the uneven creative directorship of Wasser, or some combination of the two--not to expect anything. So for me, MYRRHE & DELIRES is a pleasant surprise, a genuinely enjoyable, high-quality and original woody oriental perfume. I agree with Apicius (see below) that this creation deserves to survive.

Time will tell, however, whether the marketing gurus at Guerlain or LVMH will decide to prioritize fine perfumery or continue to focus on serially disposable flankers and regrettable reformulations at the mainstream designer level.
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Scent 7.0/10
3 Awards
Comforting and yet ethereal for autumn days.
For a soft iris amber aroma with just a hint of patchouli and myrrhe, the opening experience of Guerlain's Myrrhe & Délires will not disappoint. Initially the pepper is quite striking, yet never sharp nor tangy with the accompanying citrus, so cannot become intrusive to those seeking the balmy softness that comforting myrrhe brings. Both pepper and citrus perceptions seem to quickly melt away leaving a trace of faint florals and frankincense entwined with the light liquorice that emanates and remains close to the skin.

An elysian scent that one might place upon a soft scarf when keeping snug during the cooler days of late autumn or one could layer, complementing any of one's favorite notes already found within Myrrhe & Délires. This muted and gentle perfume should not disappoint those who prefer a misting and scented veil. Thank you Apicius, this is without exception, quite sublime.
Bottle 7.5/10
Sillage 5.0/10
Longevity 7.5/10
Scent 9.0/10
Helpful Review    4 Awards
Great Fragrance - Botched Launch
When we make a new acquaintance, it is always the first seconds that decide between sympathy or antipathy. When we discover a new perfume, it is not the first sniff that makes it top or flop for us – well before that, we have received a lot of other information: Does the name appeal to us? Or the marketing campaign? Do we like the flacon or the way it is presented to us? And what are the expectations aroused?

At Guerlain, the marketing department must have had a blonde moment when they apparently decided to mention a comparison to the discontinued Djedi along with the release. They couldn't have done any worse to arouse wrong expectations. Myrrhe & Délires has nothing in common with that grand, opulent and strong perfume – is is just the opposite of it! Small wonder some of the reviews I have read so far are disappointed or reserved.

Myrrhe & Délires is breathtakingly beautiful – but the fragrance is very, very discreet! My defining moment with that scent was the impression of German Veilchenpastillen which are liquorice candies with violet flavouring. These are really beautiful sweets, and since there is no violet in the scent notes, the similarity must come from the liquorice combined with the rose or other florals. However, Myrrhe & Délires is so much more noble than these inexpensive sweets. It is just a resemblance, however, the fragrance lacks all candy-like appeal.

Usually, I do not like liquorice in perfumes. The reason it is different in Myrrhe & Délires is that it is used in a true Guerlain way – very discreet and elegant so all sharp or overly spicy attributes that liquorice may have are out of question. This also applies to the myrrhe – a note that tends to be a broad and fat resin in some other fragrances.

Myrrhe & Délires is just as faint as Guerlain's Bois d'Armenie. You will not experience lots of scent around you, but rather a faint aura. Insofar, Myrrhe & Délires will appeal to a special group of customers – those who try to avoid strong fragrances. For the same reason, testing it is not easy. You should avoid having two or three other perfumes on you at the same time, or you might simply miss the fragrance.

The only criticism one could have is the lack of longevity. After 4 hours, the liquorice elegance is gone on skin, and reapplying would be advisable. Personally, I can live with that.

Referring to any more notes does not make much sense to me. Again, Guerlain shows us a complexness where single ingredients mingle into something unique and consistent. This is one of the aspects that a typical Guerlain perfume discriminates from so many other fragrances around. All I can say is that it just fits! - Yes, and Myrrhe & Délires makes my heart beat just a little bit faster when I sense it. I bought it lately, and it looks like I will wear it a lot!

Myrrhe & Délires is hard to describe, and it is not just its discreetness that prevents me from detecting a certain character or mood in it. The fragrance itself is neither dark, nor bright or pale, neither masculine nor feminine, and no impressions of landscapes or seasons. It is absolute music given the form of a fragrance - Bach, not Beethoven. The secret of its abstractness makes it all the more attractive.

With the illusion of violets, for me Myrrhe & Délires by Thierry Wasser relates to the later works of Jean Paul Guerlain, namely Arséne Lupin (Dandy), which was so much praised at Parfumo and elsewhere. I love that grand, dark evening perfume, but what can keep up with it during daytime? The aura of Myrrhe & Délires could be the answer! Also, Myrrhe & Délires can be regarded as an offer to those ladies who adore Arsène Lupin but would not like to wear a declared gents' perfume.

In spite of the very questionable way of launching it, I hope, Myrrhe & Délires will make it in the long run.
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