Rose Barbare (2005)

Rose Barbare by Guerlain
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Rose Barbare is a popular perfume by Guerlain for women and men and was released in 2005. The scent is floral-powdery. It is being marketed by LVMH.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesAldehydes, Bulgarian rose
Heart Notes Heart NotesFenugreek, Turkish rose absolute
Base Notes Base NotesUnderwood, Honey, Patchouli



7.9 (218 Ratings)


7.5 (160 Ratings)


6.4 (165 Ratings)


8.6 (157 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

This fragrance is part of the collection "L'Art et la Matière".

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7.0 6.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    34
"Almost like Sleeping Beauty!"
To anticipate: There's nothing barbaric about this rose.
Not on me, not on my skin.
And not on paper, sprayed for comparison.
Conan the Barbarian would hardly have wet himself with "Rose Barbarian", Arnold Schwarzenegger most likely not either.
Then rather with "Eau de Protection", Rossy de Palma's thorn rose from ELdO, the scratchy, biting, stabbing one with her metal shell.
Hiding a gentle heart, by the way, protected by shield and spears.

None of this is "rose barbarian."
It is neither cold nor hard, nor prick its thorns.
Still young it appears to me and dark pink, the petals lightly beperlt from the morning dew, damp grass and juicy Gehäcksel.
No dark red, no blood, no diva-like behavior.
Grape-sugar sweetness, fruity, juicy, ripe, characteristic of some rose varieties.
Sun warm wood and expensive body powder.
Friendliness, lightheartedness, a smile in the eyes.

Gentle and warm and soft, it develops with time, the rose, from youthful to maternal almost, always rosy, always feminine, always velvety, supple, fine.
Even at 30 degrees and more it is never too heavy, too loud, too much - it almost holds itself back, stays close to my skin, perceptible only to those who are close to me, come close, stay a little closer for a moment.
"How nice you smell!" says a little girl, burying her nose deep in my hair.
"Almost like Sleeping Beauty!"
And it seems to me she's not so wrong about that.
20 Replies
7.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    4
Delicate blossoms, prickly stems, wondrous scent
These are scented roses. and there are a lot of them, which always differ a little in smell.
And in "Rose Barbare" at least two of them have been used. For the "tuning in" probably a somewhat sweet smelling apricot coloured representative, who stands out by a finely dosed portion of aldehydes.
Almost imperceptibly then a change takes place to the spicier, somewhat darker and tarter dark red rose. (Yes, different flower colours have meit REALLY different scent chords) The clover is a pretty decorative accessory.
Rounded off with woods and patchouli, "Rose Barbare" has the flair of a summery rose garden, where you can smell an intense "blossom boll" here and there, stroll along paths along trees in between, and occasionally enjoy the peace and quiet on a bench. Just enjoy the day.
And these roses are by no means "barbaric", at least not in the sense in which "barbarian" or "barbaric" is seen today. Barbarians were in the Roman-antique term all those who had a supposedly "wilder" uncivilised culture than the "ancient Romans". But it was precisely the "old Germanic tribes", also known as "barbarians", who brought with them for the Romans elements that were first scorned and later beloved. The Romans took them over and nobody knows where they came from except cultural researchers. Incorporated and recorded.
Couldn't it also be the art of making fragrant cultural goods out of "wild plants"? Or the ability to resist the most adverse conditions and to find joie de vivre in them?
This "barba#rische" rose scent gives the latter in any case.
7.5 10.0 10.0/10

223 Reviews
Greatly helpful Review    9
The Rose to end all Roses ...
O, how much more doth beauty beauteous seem
By that sweet ornament which truth doth give.
The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem
For that sweet odour which doth in it live.
The canker-blooms have full as deep a dye
As the perfumed tincture of the roses,
Hang on such thorns and play as wantonly
When summer's breath their masked buds discloses:
But, for their virtue only is their show,
They live unwoo'd and unrespected fade,
Die to themselves. Sweet roses do not so;
Of their sweet deaths are sweetest odours made:
And so of you, beauteous and lovely youth,
When that shall fade, my verse distills your truth.

Shakespeare had no knowledge of Guerlain's Rose Barbare when he wrote this sonnet. Had the Bard placed his nose upon this beautiful fragrance, he would undoubtedly have torn the page to shreds and started again!

M. Kurkdjian has in one single spray transformed my opinion of this exalted flower. When I say that I have loved Roses for some time (and those of you who read my reviews can attest to this fact) I can truly say that I have not LOVED Rose until just a few hours ago. The ethereal beauty of her intent has been captured in Rose Barbare and laid bare to the world to hold those of us that worship at her thorny throne captive ... and incapable of anything but wonder!!
Rose Barbare brings forth the memory of scent, from the tangle of wild blossoms emerging from the primordial ooze to the superbly grafted beauty of the most valuable specimen. This Rose is as subtle as a moonlit figure robed in white, and as solid as the emanation of a garden choked with multicolored blooms. A soft sheen of honey pays homage to the tiny darts of winged light in the sunshine, responsible for her propagation.
The Aldehydes in the top make her sparkle, while the Patchouli in the base reminds of the lush soil in which she grows. A faint thread of Peach pays homage to her splendor, reminiscent of the velvet like touch of her petals.

Yes, I am consumed ... the beauty that is Rose has lifted me to a place that I could scarce imagine existed!
3 Replies
7.5 7.5 9.0/10

1239 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
A Glistening Patina of Deep Amber Honey on Dark Garnet Red Roses
Guerlain ROSE BARBARE is a beautiful composition of dark garnet red roses glistening with the thinnest patina of deep amber honey. This is a very refined display of the rose note, far from the "I only promised you a rose garden" frags. Simply exquisite. The development is not very complex, but ROSE BARBARE opens so appealingly that I'm happy for it to stay that way--as long as possible, in fact!

I do not consider this a chypre but a lightly oriental floral with a slightly gourmand edge. I could eat these rose petals! The honey note is luscious and the dark red velvety roses are a welcome change from the pink ones so often featured in perfume. Although ROSE BARBARE opens fairly warm, the drydown becomes warmer still.

I am very impressed with this creation: a welcome piece of unexpected evidence that the twenty-first-century house of Guerlain is not (as I was beginning to fear) constitutionally incapable of producing great perfume.

Definitely full bottle or decant-worthy. I would love to wear ROSE BARBARE again.
1 Replies
7.5 5.0 6.0/10

1165 Reviews
Rose, honey and spices
I'm not normally a rose person. It came as quite a surprise when I had decided to order a whole bunch of samples so that I might find the perfect rose fragrance. I was interested to see what an expensive, exclusive and somewhat niche rose fragrance, such as Rose Barbare, would do for me.

Guerlain has managed to create something that stands out in a crowd of rose perfumes lining our department store counters. On paper, Rose Barbare seems cold and metallic, watery in a sense with delicate rose petals, mostly white.

When applied to the skin, Rose Barbare becomes much more characteristic. I still sense an element of watery-ness, however the rose seems more natural this way. It's a much darker, redder rose than on paper.

The honey sweetens this fragrance considerably, with the spices providing an interesting balance. I enjoy the depth that this fragrance has.

When first applied, Rose Barbare smelt a little like turkish delight, so I certainly got the gourmand reference straight away. However once settled, the sugary tartness softens, making way for an incredibly feminine and natural rose concoction, which is rich in some ways, but not particularly warming.

Rose Barbare strikes me as more of a Spring scent, the cold weather doesn't seem to highlight its beauty. It makes me think of pretty pink dresses and tea parties.

My above statement leads me to question why Rose Barbare is not barbaric, wild and uncivilised like its name suggests. I get an edible rose with a somewhat refined nature. There's no dirty innuendos or rankness to be found here I'm afraid.

The sillage of Rose Barbare is very intimate, sometimes there are moments when I can't smell it at all. Lasting power is so-so. For an ordinary fragrance, I would be impressed, yet by something arising, like this fragrance does, from a big house like Guerlain with such a price tag, I'm a little disappointed.

The quality is commendable, however the longevity left me lusting for more.
10.0 9.0/10

220 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
The most beautiful of all roses?
I did not think I'd buy this right on the spot when I started to stroll around the Düsseldorf perfume shops, together with the the other participants of parfumo's community meeting. I wanted to test Bois d'Armenie on my skin, but since the words "Armenie" and "Barbare" look quite similar engraved on the L'Art et la Matière flask, I confused them - and was impressed!

Aldehydes and peach - with these notes I do not feel addressed as a male customer. Surely, I would not have looked at it for good. But an eager clerk at Breidenbacher Hof hastened to assure me that in Paris, Rose Barbare was mostly requested by men...

Roses for men is a special topic, reserved only for exclusive and niche labels. In the perfume mainstream rose and the rose-like geranium often are not mentionioned in the pyramids at all, even if they are there (i.e. Michalsky pour Homme). But we do have roses for him, and in very different shapes: Newcomers will be enthusiastic about the dark and grand rose in Washington Tremletts' Black Tie, whereas Neil Morris' Flowers for Men: Rose provides a very laid-back rose feeling. Domenico Caraceni emphazises the depth of the rose with francincense. Only Amouage with its Lyric Man uses the rose to sell an expensive perfume to their customers that reminds of cheap skin cream.

Last but not least, there is Lumière Noire pour Homme by Francis Kurkdjian. He embeds his rose into a sexy skin scent - too sexy for Guerlain!

Anything we can describe with a few words, but with Rose Barbare - this is not as easy.

A wide arc is beeing traced - and we are taken on a journey through diffent landscapes of roses. All aspects of the perfumes mentioned before are touched during the development of Rose Barbare. At the start, the rose is almost lovely, amiable, brilliant and fresh. It is supported by a fine fruity note, which I would recognize as the peach note. With peaches in perfume, I always think of artificial aromas and additives as being used by the food industry - but nothing of that kind is in here. In fact, the mere idea of a ripe fruit appears that mingles most delicately with the rose scent and provides an unexpected, almost kittenish impression.

Now, this sounds like fun for little girls, but the rose-fruit is accompanied by something alcoholic, which is like cream liqueur to me. I think I know this - it reminds me of the top notes of Chanel No. 5. Is this the famous aldehydes? I always thought they should be transparent, light and ethereal! Anyway, it's a good contrast that makes curious about what is to follow.

By the way: this is the first perfume I know where peach is listed as a base note. I take this as a warning to the attentive customer. Rose Barbare has a good sillage on skin, but it really sticks to one's clothes. A little spritz on your wrist will permeate the sleave of your coat, and come back to you next day. So, Rose Barbare wants to be the only perfume of her owner, if she is not, you will have to use her with consideration.

Let us push forward to the heart! Now this rose develops some qualities of a true skin scent. It is becoming creamy, but in opposite to that Amouage perfume, this is highest quality beauty cream. A nice change! During this state, Rose Barbare unfolds its pleasant feel-good factor.

Over many hours, Rose Barbare then shades its complexion. The blossoms transmute from crimson dog rose to the most grand of all roses - a dark red, almost black splendour. Finally, one recognizes a kind of chypre accord, maybe with some vetiver added. Still, the rose is there. Very seldomly floral notes take it to the base notes of a perfume - but here, the perfumer obviously accomplished a miracle. This state of development shows us the masculine side of Rose Barbare.

In every respect, Rose Barbare satifies all demands that we have towards a high-level Guerlain perfume. The development is extraordinarily rich, and the scent ist most beautiful at any stage. Although a wide arc is traced, Rose Barbare never appears inconsistent or disrupted. And rose is always present as the leitmotif of this perfume.

Rose Barbare makes your heart beat faster. Getting aquainted with this perfume is a highlight for every perfume lover. Can this be done any better? I do not think so.


Lexa 3 years ago
Honey dipped rose petals riding on top of an aldehydes cloud.Elegance itself spreading its arms to its followers.Beautiful and classy.+2

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