Shalimar Parfum Initial L'Eau by Guerlain

Shalimar Parfum Initial L'Eau 2012

01.03.2012 - 06:49 PM
Very helpful Review

Most beautiful Guerlain Iris note.. sure! To me at least!:=)

First I read the comment text on the packaging of Shalimar L'eau, quoting Jaques Guerlain "A burst of freshness revealing one of the most beautiful Guerlain Iris notes.." And surely to my nose it is! I love the original Shalimar version, all of them except Ode Vanille. Shalimar Initial was wonderful with the great earthy patchouli note in there.. but I guess this one Shalimar L'eau will appeal to more people because of missing this strong and sometimes strange notes (Caramel!)of the Original Initial version. In Initial'Leau there s only a splashing green freshness of Bergamote, Grapefruit and Neroli.. and then not long after these fresh opening the Iris kicks in, warm , powdery, caressing , flowery much enhanced by the rose .. My dream combi! Iris, Rose, Tonakabean, Vanille, always a winning combination for me! And yes, there s a fine sweetness to it of course through the vanilla and tonka, but that s to a great effect, never sickening sweet only flowery, powdery. Also a great iris-rose combi is Burberry Body Intense.. but that s another story and somehow sweeter then Initial L'eau. I m not very often disappointed by a new Guerlain, this one no exception. Only downside point : it s an EDT and not as long living as some would wish, but 3-4 hours will do. Needless to add: Totally LOVE IT!
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