Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men by Guess

Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men 2019

13.12.2020 - 04:08 PM
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Eros little sibling

Purchased this fragrance before the pandemic, the scent has similarities to Versace Eros, but in a affordable price another reviewer from this post said could be Guess best fragrance and I would agree to the T. Longevity/performance off my skin is beastly I get around 13+ hrs (with moisturizer on pulse points). To me is great alternative to Eros and highly recommend.

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Ernie824Ernie824 1 year ago
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Century Very Classy scent
Cannot describe the words for this scent, to me is just a pure class, barbershop fougere, I can detect the Sandalwood, Neroli, citruses and Cardamom which is well blended, off my skin longevity I get around 6-8 hrs. Is a must have for spring,...

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Bleu de Chanel Parfum Best Blue fragrance IMO
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