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Gutteridge Black is a popular perfume by Gutteridge for men and was released in 2013. The scent is citrusy-woody. It is still in production.

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Oakmoss, Blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, Lemon, Amber, Vanilla



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Submitted by Bill88, last update on 05.06.2019
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Nichtwissen is fuel
Short and sweet:

It's probably a never-ending topic, Aventus. THE bestseller etc pp bla. Where, in which house you don't meet a clone or a leaning or a brother or something that also wants to get what from this cake or wants to share in the success of the great role model, not only cheap houses mind you (Rojas Elysium, Liebe von Khaltat, Mazzolaris Nero etc.).
Understandably, what once worked will always work again. Didn't I? Dead-ridden topics for me. I personally like Aventus and like to wear it, but I have to say that I was able to grab a big bottle with a fantastic batch. Balanced fruity smoky, projection and durability absolutely titanic, after 16 h still very clearly perceptible and I don't know how much longer if there was no shower. There's just nothing on the original.

Then one day all the clones will come. Gutteridge is one of them. That was my last purchase so far, where Aventus is listed as a fragrance twin. Whereby I bought him out of curiosity whether the other comments and I was already completely indifferent to a relationship.
It's just not worth it. Gutteridge is beautiful, clean, creamy, citric and has Aventus Vibe. There's nothing classical-Italian about it, I'm sorry. It's another clone for a fraction of the price of Creed. Currant and more vanilla than Aventus, less aftershave, less oak moss, something soft-unisex-lovely. For its price it is a good fragrance, but unfortunately it does not have the durability or the charisma of the model.

Sometime after my "Aventus-Challenge", where clones like Club de Nuit Intense Man, Vibrant Leather, Insurrection II Pure, L'Aventure Pineapple Vintage and Pineapple Vintage Noir and the original (by the way, every participant could blindly identify the original) had to be found here in the forum, I stopped testing more clones, because it now makes more sense for me to rather treat myself to a bottling or a bottle of the original than to run after some cheap dupes forever. Who buys cheap, buys double, that is unfortunately the truth. With Aventus clones this increases immeasurably, so it will no longer happen with me. I ran out of fuel in this field
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The first impression
Hello my perfume friends,

this perfume is only available in Italy in the Gutteridge Stores, where you can also find great clothes and you can not even order it online to Germany.

The question is: Is a purchase worthwhile during your next holiday in Italy?

The answer: Yes! ...but...

I have to admit that I haven't smelled anything better since Creed Aventus 5 years ago. And then came Gutteridge Black.

Very subjective but honest: I have hardly experienced a more beautiful opening (up to 30min) in my life so far!

The sad thing is that this alleged eau de parfum (for 20€ / 100ml) only lasts for about an hour and is no longer perceptible for yourself afterwards. The environment has perhaps up to 3 hours still something of this smell, although very closely.

I simply hate this perfume for not having a more potent version, otherwise it would be my number one even before Aventus!

What's it smell like? As may be seen from the fragrance pyramid, there is a certain similarity to Aventus. Only in this case this smokiness is missing and a sweet, tart, fruity freshness (grapefruit-like) paired with pseudobirch and oakmoss and a hint of vanilla bring a smell in perfection states as I have rarely experienced it! Kernig male but as soft as the drydown of Aventus. Fruity and refreshing like a cool drink in the hot Italian summer. Serious and gentlemanly discreet! I don't think I could do better than that!

But I am so sick of this lack of durability that it makes this fragrance almost unwearable, despite travelatomizer. It's just annoying to feel you have to spray every half hour. Especially at work.

That would have been the next level Aventus for me! What a shame!

Nevertheless I like to use it as a room scent or to relax before falling asleep. I'll have him brought to me again and again! Love-hate. This opening just... zero synthetic, you want to bite into it! Incredible scent quality!!!

Well, it is what it is. If you ever stumble across it, treat yourself to it. Price performance nevertheless wobbles due to the facts described above.

Lg and a nice day to all
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9.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

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A blend of roasted pineapple, smoke and creamy vanilla
I should mention now that I came across this little jewel during one of my recent visit to a shopping mall. Actually, all the times I visited that place, I smelt a so nice, fresh, and creamy aroma in the air, a kind of like blend of roasted pineapple, smoke, and creamy vanilla, and honestly I thought it was coming from Hollister Co. shop, you all know they are used to over-spray their scents like an ambient perfume. Anyway, no matter how good they are, none of their scents smelt like this. Umm, at that point I was a bit puzzled.
I was on the verge of giving up with chasing that gorgeous scent, whilst standing in front of the window of Gutteridge's shop, that the lovely trail got more and more powerful. Oh man, the smell was coming right away from that shop... Yeah, they had a branded male cologne named Gutteridge Black! Here we go.

The fragrance is distinctively clean, sharp, and citrus, with a smoother, creamier aroma in the higher qualities. A bit zesty, a bit fruity, a bit smoky, a bit leathery, and a bit mossy. I decided, or better I immediately entered the shop without taking any decisions and bought a bottle of GB, it was on sold for just 25€ rather than 49€. The bottle is cute, all black, elegant, with a cap that reminds me Amouage's ones.

Hence, what about the scent? On my skin, it opens with a strong blast of clean lemon. Its juicy sharpness is accompanied by bergamot and fresh berries, which give even more tartness and sweetness to the composition.
After the first reviving blast, I detect a smoky note creeping in. This is the birch, or something leathery not mentioned in the main notes, which stays sharp but adds some firmness and anchor to the composition. Besides, a blend of spicy and floral notes linger around for a while. I mostly enjoy this heart because of its unusual character in modern compositions, especially when transposed on the background of pineapple.
GB remains mostly linear after the initial blast. The smoky note remains until the dry-down and it is joined on stage by a mossy accord giving more earthiness to the blend. The vanilla accord that emerges towards the dry-down is divine. The velvety creamy sweetness of the vanilla and the amber gives a nice balance to the mossy, animal, and leathery accords.

The overall impressions I have had in testing it have been positive, the essence resting on the skin perfectly with a remarkable and never intrusive persistence. The strength of GB is precisely its sobriety that allows it to be one let pass for any occasion or age. It is interesting how it shifts from quite a citrus and fruity scent and settles down into a mossy/leathery fragrance with a great blend of sweetness.
It is worth to mention that both longevity and sillage are above the average. At the and of my business day I still get a whiff of it whenever I turn my head or I move my arms. In my opinion, GB fits well with the mid-seasons, when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot.

What are you waiting for? You will love it as I do.



Toreter 10 months ago
Club de Nuit Intense by Armaf clone .
Elysium 20 months ago
Citrus and moss are the aspects of the atmosphere that will breathe, leaving space for the currants, sweet resins and velvety creaminess.+2

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