L by Gwen Stefani / Harajuku Lovers
Bottle Design: Coty Prestige, Gwen Stefani
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L is a perfume by Gwen Stefani / Harajuku Lovers for women and was released in 2007. The scent is fruity-floral. It was last marketed by Coty.

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Harry Frémont

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPear, Freesia, Violet leaf, Water hyacinth
Heart Notes Heart NotesSweet pea, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Orange blossom, Rose
Base Notes Base NotesFrangipani, Heliotrope, Musk, Peach



4.0 (25 Ratings)


7.4 (18 Ratings)


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4.6 (24 Ratings)
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247 Reviews
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Could have been wonderful
L LAMB is clean & fresh, very much like the brand Fresh is clean & fresh. Yet L is more complex, perhaps a composition that is better done even. It's also better than the fragrances that I have sampled from the Harajuku Lovers range. I'm quite surprised by this one.

I really enjoy the accord on top -- it's ripe fruit, and I just adore pear & peach accords in fragrance. Although it's targeted to a younger market, L LAMB has the potential to end up on my FB wish list. I've been looking for a bottle of a "fresh" fragrance for some time, and L LAMB has all the right marks to be a fragrance worthy of my consideration.

Unfortunately, quality just isn't there in L LAMB, and I find it incredibly synthetic & irritating. This scent could have been fantastic. It's not. What a pity.

Move along. You aren't missing anything here.
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5.0 7.5 7.5 3.0/10

362 Reviews
Flowers drowing underwater
I whould describe this as submerging a
bouquet of flowers in water the ultimate
Aqautic Floral. The the note of pear seems to dominate this fragrance in a
few minutes sweet aromatic scent of Freesia makes it's presence and the prevalence of musk marks it's drydown.
these three notes overshadows the less
dominent like jasmine fragrapini lily of the vally but i can detect a bit of rose peach & sweetpea.

The bottle is unique like a swank rastafarian vibe like almost a 1970's
Bling bling kind of a mentality like a
Pimp dressed in Gold chains Gold rings and jewelery walking down Kingston Jamaica in 1972 in one of thoese cheesy
70's Blaxpolitaion Films.

But Neverless a one of a kind of Perfumes.
7.5 7.5 2.0/10

1239 Reviews
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Beyond Paradise Plus Molten Plastic and Insecticide
Was it the "sparkling green freshness" (note scare quotes...) or perhaps the leafy water hyacinth amalgmated to pears and white freesia? All I know is that the moment I made the fated decision to don Gwen Stefani L-LAMB in a store today, it became clear that I had made a very serious mistake. Instant headache in a bottle! My poor little neurons were pulsating in pain until I finally made my way out of the store and into the abundant fresh air of the parking lot, where I hyperventilated for several minutes in order to flush out all of my suffering, suffocating cells.

Never again will I subject myself to such torture. I tested a few of the Harajuku Lovers collection a while back, which were so banal and BHT-laden that I could only come up with haiku reviews, but L is positively toxic on my skin. Gwen Stefani now numbers among my select list of celebrity "perfumers" to scrupulously avoid.

The bottle should have been the biggest warning sign of all. Cheap plastic huge cap, the very antithesis of fondle-worthy, a complete and utter aesthetic mess. Honestly, it brought back memories of a yuppie couple I once knew who had silverware that was so cheap and flimsy and battered and ugly that it looked as though it might have been lifted from a hospital cafeteria. But I digress...

Bad bottle, worse contents. Thank goodness I set my skepticism about induction temporarily to one side and had the good sense not to buy this one blind. Oh my, I must be suffering memory loss from today's poisoning: I have yet to describe the smell of this "perfume"! Think BEYOND PARADISE plus molten plastic and insecticide.
2.5 5.0 7.5 5.0/10

1165 Reviews
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Fruity shampoo
I bought the shower gel as a gift for my housemate last year and she absolutely loved it. I have fond memories of the bathroom smelling like L after she'd used it. I decided to try the perfume the other day, hoping that it would smell like the shower gel, only a lot softer.

I was a little disappointed to discover that it did smell clean like the shower gel, but didn't have the perfumey vibe that I was after. It's a nice, pleasant scent, (don't get me wrong), but in my opinion, L smells much better as a shampoo or body wash, than it does as a perfume.
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