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Iris de Nuit by Heeley
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Iris de Nuit is a perfume by Heeley for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-powdery. It is still in production.

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James Heeley

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesAngelica seed, Ambrette
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrris absolute, Violet, Carrot seed
Base Notes Base NotesAmbergris, White cedar



7.3 (130 Ratings)


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7.1 (91 Ratings)
Submitted by Andi136, last update on 21.10.2019
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6.0 8.0 5.5/10

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I had a sample of Iris de Nuit in EN's fresh Heeley package today - and without knowing Goldie's comment, I came up with exactly the same associations. Girls scent, room spray, one-dimensional.
After half an hour to an hour I would at best still assume a certain Lolita charm, because the ambergris makes the whole thing very sensual and almost a bit lascivious - but otherwise the fragrance is also too simple for me.
What I like about the Heeley fragrances is basically the clear statement, but here it does not reach me, although I understand the concern
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Clean Orris...
So Iris de Nuit by James Heeley is a fragrance composed around orris root, the root of the iris flower. Personally, I love iris. My signature perfume has an iris/orris root note and I love how it smells clean and earthy at the same time! Here we have a clean, slightly earthy orris note paired with powdery violet and clean vegetable musk (ambrette seed). A very clean musk. There is also a carrot seed note which I think must be similar to (although I haven't tried it - Hermès - Hiris, which has the same note). Either way, I like this one... and as I was wearing it today I received a compliment! Which rarely happens! To me this reminds me of very clean laundry sheets, and earthy powder (hard to describe actually)! A lovely fragrance. Especially as I am a huge fan of iris/orris root. For me personally I have already found my perfect iris fragrance, which does not smell like this one. So for me I don't think I would buy but if you like a "clean" but interesting smell you could try it out.
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7.5 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

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My Iris Forever.
After Iris Nobile who has a weak developpment and, after purchasing Cuir Pleine Fleur, I trusted Heeley's ability to create a well rounded scent out of the iris and I was not wrong. This is one of my favorite perfumes. All the power of this flower is treasured in the violet colored liquid that may warm up your days. Worth every penny.
5.0 5.0 7.5 10.0/10

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IRIS DE NUIT by James Heeley

Mystical, Magical, Enchantingly beautiful. This distinctly unusual wraith-like scent drifts up with a swirling haze of cool, shadowy Iris and powdery Violets. Misty tendrils of sweet herbal-green angelica and sensually rich ambrette seed are woven seamlessly through this composition and linger throughout its duration; giving a tremendous feeling of openness, spaciousness, and an elusively fine, airy splendor between the pull of the celestially transcendent crystalline angelica and the earthy voluptuous carnality of the musk mallow. The juxtaposition of these two notes is uniquely brilliant in this perfume.

An interesting dewy-moist vegetal of carrot seeds is very subdued and serves to maintain the otherworldly beauty of the Iris firmly to the very end of the dry down, gradually increasing the feeling of wetness as the Violet completely recedes and the majestic Iris proclaims her dominion. A breathtakingly clean cedar serenely grounds the entire composition with quietly somber grandeur, while smoothly consistent amber provides an invitingly warm and intimate sort of tender coziness to the entire work.

This is a truly magical scent impression of fireflies hovering in the misty twilight, with elves and fairies and other nocturnal creatures stirring in the gathering dusk. It is the scent of night itself awakening in a tranquil forest just as the air turns cool at lakeside.

This to me is stunningly exquisite, unbelievably refined, and just profoundly beautiful. The balance here between masculine and feminine, between spiritual and corporeal, between dryness budding into moisture, between that perfect moment of light closing into darkness is so perfectly balanced that it is… sublime.

On my skin and to my nose, this is Iris perfection.
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7.5 5.0 8.0/10

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A perfect balance of beloved notes
Heeley IRIS DE NUIT is just beautiful. It numbers among a cluster of niche-quality iris perfumes featuring iris, cedar, and carrot tops. I'm thinking especially of the versions on this theme found chez The Different Company, Hermès (Hermessence), and Frédéric Malle. To my nose, this may be the best of the bunch, compositionally speaking. The proportions are perfect. The inclusion of ambrette, which I do not detect as an isolable note, but which may be helping to harmonize the whole, cannot hurt, given that I adore ambrette! I also love violet, which, again, I do not detect here separately from the blend, and amber, ditto. What I perceive is very straightforward and deceptively simple: a seamlessly woven cloth of iris, powdered cedar, and a light seasoning of carrot tops.

The mark of a high-calibre iris perfume is that all or most of the notes are genuine, not aromachemical substitutions. The iris is really iris; the cedar is really cedar (not iso-E-super!). The details matter, including the judicious proportioning of the individually beautiful components. Together, the quality of materials and perfect proportions elevate this composition above the others. Although I do not believe that the idea is new, the execution is irreproachable.

Is this a masculine iris? I'd say that it is perfectly unisex. My only wish is that the longevity of this quiet, subtle beauty were better.
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5.0 5.0 7.5 9.0/10

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Wild violets and squeaking bats
Once we found a bat in the attic. Somehow he got trapped. I was very excited because i love all animals, specially the strange ones. It was tiny. The bones of the translucid pink wings were so thin and perfect, the eyes were as tiny as the tip of a needle, as they were its teeth, and the fur was the softest thing i have ever touched, so soft it would make cats and rabbits feel rough. I held him carefully, while he complained and then released him into the night. The smoothness of the bat and the happiness of its finding are very similar to the sensations i get from Iris de Nuit.

Iris de Nuit is an iris fragance as it is a violet fragance. Violet and iris are so intimately mingled that you don´t know where iris starts or violet ends, a little bit what happens in Serge Lutens´ Bas de Soie with other iris and in this case hyacinth. So far, it was love at first sniff. Iris and violet are one of this blue/purple tinged notes that make me sigh in rapture every time i find them in a perfume.

Iris de Nuit starts very green and flowery. A chilly musky violet and some bitterness from the angelica and the carrot seeds. It truly has a night quality, or better, twilight, when the sunlight is almost gone and you start feeling the air getting fresher, and you go for a cardigan. Iris is earth caked, with nuances of turnip and carrot, enhanced by the last one´s seed.

This dusky violet/iris heart last very long on the skin. Violet doesn´t smell too sweet or prim, but on the contrary is wild and sultry, the dirty iris contrubutes an outdoor feeling. I am bewitched by the transparence of this perfume; the drydown is a warm ambery iris similar to Dior Homme, very refined and elegant, and a bit soapy. We could say the iris starts a bit dirty and ends neat and clean. The dominant violet is reduced to a whisper.

Heeley is becoming a favourite house. I get in here what i want from violet and orris without the distraction of other misleading notes. Some might find it too simple and introverted, but to me is perfect.
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Theea 4 years ago
I just found this parfume. This is my new coach! His quality is amazing, and the masculin-feminin proportion in this make it philosophic!+1

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