Sel Marin by Heeley

Sel Marin 2008

30.06.2021 - 11:10 AM

Niche version of Acqua di Giò?

On my 3rd summer with decants and I admit, I never thought I would write a review on this one, but here we are.
From the first sniff, there was this "I know this scent" feeling - to me it's a niche version of Acqua di Giò.
It has a fresh citrus opening, mixed with seaweed (green), salt (ocean), "oyster" scent. The best I can decribe it is: "You are standing on the harbor in a small village on the North Sea shore, and you are squeezing lemon juice on the fresh oysters in front you. That smell/scent right before you eat it.... That's Sel Marin"
The scent fades quickly (2-3 hours) in the heat (due to sweat), but on the "colder" days I get anywhere from 6-8 hours. Only a light wiff at the end - if the breeze hits right, but it's there.

I don't think I'll ever get a bottle of this, don't get me wrong, the quality is here. But, I don't seem to find use for it for than 2-3 days per summer.
Yes, I can see it see it used on a beach vacaction or just spending a day near the ocean, sadly I don't do enough of those! My sweet spot for this fragrance, is on a overcloud day, around 20 degrees Celsius / 70 Fahrenheit - that is why I think of the North Sea and not more mediterranean / tropical beaches.
That said, it is one of the most realistic ocean scent I have smelled, takes me back to my childhood summers, when I was running around in a small fishing village harbor...salty sea breeze with a squish of lemon!
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