03.10.2021 - 05:46 AM

The greatest fragrance of all-time...well, at least in my book

I have never smelled anything as good as Still. It is mind-blowing, exquisite, heavenly and addictive.

Still is a divine vanilla scent, supported by beautiful floral and woody elements. Jasmine is the most prominent floral note I detect. The vanilla is warm, rich and natural, and while it is sweet, it never gets cloying. The vanilla is assisted by nutty tonka bean, sweet teakwood and lactonic sandalwood, each adding more depth and character to the scent.

Similar to Blue Vanille, this pure perfume sits rather close to skin, but the longevity on skin is excellent. The ideal time to wear Still is during the spring season, but it is versatile enough for all-season wear. I would categorize this as unisex. This discontinued masterpiece is evocative of the extremely high quality I have come to expect from HJ and it currently has the honor of being my all-time favorite scent (and I doubt it will be dethroned anytime soon, if ever).

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