Correspondance Pure Perfume

Correspondance (Pure Perfume) by Henry Jacques
Bottle Design Christophe Tollemer
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9.4 / 105 Ratings
Correspondance (Pure Perfume) is a perfume by Henry Jacques for women and men. The release year is unknown. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Damask roseDamask rose
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2 Reviews
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rose & oud .. and some apricot
Reviewing oils form HJ is no easy task ...
First you have to recover from the huge sum you pay on them .. and after that you have to keep in mind that they are natural oils.. this is the most important issue, since in nature, no natural fragrance/aroma/etc lasts an eternity or projects immensely.
Oils in general are a more intimate affair, you will NOT quickly spray them, applying them takes a bit of time and more consideration, the likes of which are not usually not taken into account when spraying fragrances: want to apply on clothes ? are you sure ? they will stain, they won't evaporate and due to the fact that the fabric is dry, has no oils like the skin, projection will be kept to a minimum and voila.. maybe get ready for some disappointment from this point of view.

Knowing these let's get to Correspondance.
Usually HJ oils are blended to perfection, high end perfumery tends to be like this. This is not their best blend. It is good, but not exceptional. Also it is not such an innovative composition, rose and oud are omnipresent in perfumery.

What Correspondance stands out with is the quality of ingredients. Upon applying it you get hit with rose and the discrete hyacinth in the background. It is a bit powdery as given by the iris, and the apricot to my nose is more like apricot's soft core/kernel (if you have eaten one you will know that specific bitterness taste and aroma).
So the opening is a mellow somehow bitter sweet oudy rose. I know it's a lot of words for an opening but that's what you will get. More experienced noses maybe will get something else. One thing to note is that the oud here is not the barnyard/stinky one usually found in poorly processed ouds (don't want to cause a fight with this argument, there are opinions and opinions on this), but it is a higher quality one. It sits in the background and gives a masculine touch. Yes, this is a masculine oil in my opinion. For a woman ? Maybe yes, but for someone more mature.
In time the rose will fade slightly and the scent will become a tad more bitter and powdery (hello iris); this will happen in 15-30minutes. But it will still project quite well.. After this time the rose will loose it's power even more (ever saw an eternally smelling rose? nope? me neither), but will not fade out, the iris will make the scent more powdery. The bitterness of the apricot will remain, but after 30min the main players are rose, oud, iris, in this order.

The oil has a sweetness to it, (not as sweet as Roja's fruit-patchouly Amber Aoud). That is present in the beginning and fades out slowly.

It projects good for a HJ, as they usually stay more close to the skin. And as every oil it opens up in warm weather. In fact, all HJ's are excellent in warm weather. Want to throw money out the window ? Great, buy some HJ oils and wear them at sub 20 degrees Celsius.. Over 22, 24 ? Excellent !

My bottle is from 2020 but I've heard that vintage bottles are even better. Can't imagine how to be honest..

Don't know why I picked Correspondance as my first review here but here it is..

And yes, the official name is CorrespondAnce, not CorrespondEnce..

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HJ's Correspondence, wonderful rose & oud, slightly powdery, 15ml new style bottle
by Cnix

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