Et Pourtant Extrait de Parfum

Et Pourtant (Extrait de Parfum) by Henry Jacques
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Et Pourtant (Extrait de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Henry Jacques for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is spicy-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
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Top Notes Top NotesLavender, Lime
Heart Notes Heart NotesClary sage, Lily-of-the-valley, Benzoin
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Leather, White musk



8.6 (19 Ratings)


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8.6 (14 Ratings)
Submitted by WitweBolte, last update on 19.11.2020.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Et Pourtant (Pure Perfume) by Henry Jacques, which differs in concentration.
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Top Review    34  
Women, we made a mistake
Many people who know me here know that I have a big mouth and that I am not embarrassed by the odd quick-witted answer or two.
Where does that come from?
Well, I grew up with boys, was in an almost pure boys' class and last but not least I trained in the gym for many years, at a time when bodybuilding was still a serious activity. (Yes, I used to be very sporty)
If someone showed his belly jewels and asked if they were also nicely defined, then it is already ok to briefly touch on them The guy may be looking for confirmation of the training he has done and the hopefully resulting success.
But by invitation, and only then. Every person has his distance circle, which one should really only cross by invitation.
As a counter-compliment, perhaps at some point I got a jealous look at my own calves, or a : "You are probably the only woman who looks for varicose veins in her upper arms."
(Yes, if you are well enough trained and defined, the veins on the upper arms will come out. Please don't be afraid, I kept my femininity even then and didn't overdo it)
And that is a truly great and respectful compliment from a bodybuilder. Even if it's a bit rough maybe So now I need to get my act together, but I needed the gym Later on there was this woman, who would grab men's bottoms unasked for pleasure. I find that quite impossible, and would never do it, it corresponds roughly to bosom grabbers. And it takes away the possibility of the men to take over the direction. An unpleasant side effect of emancipation It's great and wonderful that women today are firmly established in their careers and are not financially dependent on men, and can leave when the relationship has broken down.
Only, with this "tearing up behaviour" women deprive themselves of a very substantial part of the woman-man relationship. How nice it is to be courted and cared for by a man I grew up in a time when that was rude. And when I think back on my youth today, it was so wonderful There were places to meet friends, dance halls, cafés, etc... There you were, under the protection of your friends Once there was the one you liked, then you risked the one or other secret look,
and the butterflies fluttered in the stomach when a look came back and the eyes met...
short only,
but still a moment longer than with someone else.
Then came the exciting time...
the, of wondering... ...maybe he could like me too? More frequent eye contact,
a first request to dance,
an innocent escort home,
a respectful opening of the car door ,
and at some point, a tentative first kiss...
Well, they hardly exist anymore, these places of slow getting to know each other,
at least not any more, when the school time is over.
Loud discos, beer tents and last but not least the internet.
Especially with the internet you have to make a conscious appointment with someone right at the beginning...
I feel sorry for our children, that they hardly get to know this old form of wooing.
The wooing of the man for the woman, and not the other way around.
It would be nice if you could turn the wheel back a little bit here, let the men take over their part in this wonderful game between man and woman a little bit more.

How do I come up with such thoughts now?
It's that smell He is uniquely beautiful.
For days I have been sneaking around him, sniffing, putting him aside, sniffing..
There is something about him that I would like to say, even some fragrances we women should leave to men for our own sake.
A scent I would simply rather sniff and explore on a man...
The nose in the crook of his neck,
the lips on his skin...
No, no, I'll stop, otherwise this will become a love story again.

This fragrance is so uniquely beautiful,
a work of art as if it were a relic from a time long past,
where scents were still alive.
Every detail chosen with care,
perceptible for itself,
but woven into a wonderful whole Seductive and alluring,
strong and protective.
A dream of a man, ääähhmmm scent.
A delicate touch of lavender,
balsamic underlay right from the start.
Light sweetness, attractive, not gourmand.
A trace of fresh lime, like bergamot,
which brings a certain lightness to the game.
Soft down-to-earth earth, this soft bed of amber.
A forest in the far distance, but the element water was also
by a minimal pinch of algae do not forget.
Maybe real amber from the whale? (should there still be sometimes, from stranded animals)
That brings a tiny trace of animalism, which fits in very well here.
A wonderful, very gentle spice from the Muscat sage, exactly in the right measure.
Don't let the lilies of the valley put you off,
they're only here to show the man's soft side.
The fragrance is getting warmer and warmer, not too dark, more amber in colour.
The wonderful resin of benzoin drips like thick honey (no, it does not smell like honey, only the consistency)
The whole thing rests on the finest, softest, powdery-balsamic suede,
not showing off.
It gives the amber a lot of room
Actually, this scent is exactly what I love,
a very urgent must-have,
and yet I think it's meant for men Maybe just,
because I'd like to bury my nose in the crook of my neck...
Or also out of self-protection because of the horrendous price.
Yes, it's expensive, but anyone who has the opportunity to get a specimen (and likes Amber) should take the liberty of getting to know this masterpiece.

So, I'm going to go clean up and calm my senses
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