Concentré de Pamplemousse Rose (2011)

Concentré de Pamplemousse Rose by Hermès
Flacon Design: Philippe Mouquet
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Concentré de Pamplemousse Rose is a popular perfume by Hermès for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is still in production.

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Grapefruit, Rose, Vetiver



7.9 (94 Ratings)


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7.5 (77 Ratings)
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Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 7.5/10
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A woodier take on grapefruit
One downside of some members of Hermès Les Colognes is a very short duration on the skin. As the aromas are refreshing, delicate and rich in its nuances their scents are just limited to a maximum of 2 hours, which today is something that few expect and even desire, thus more concentrated versions are required even for refreshing ideas and the challenge is to maintain the coherence of the original version and to make it last on the skin.

For Eau de Pamplemousse Rose, one of the first of the new members, Jean Claude Ellena chose an interesting way to make a Concentré version, exploring in the base a contrast that is present in some synthetic materials used to create a Pamplemousse accord. Ellena emphasizes the vetiver root nuances that can be extracted from a synthetic construction around a Grapefruit idea and so almost makes Concentré version a kind of Eau de Vetiver Racine, suggesting aspects of root and earth of this aromatic grass.

Focus of Pamplemousse works between the freshness of a little bitter grapefruit and a musky base with nuances of grass and woods. Depending on your expectations or aroma image of a rose it can be challenging to find it here, as its most green and dewy aspect is explored over the more fruity, honey and silky flower side. The rose for me here plays the role of a connector between the slightly bitter freshness of output and woody and musky base, keeping the theme in a modern citrus cologne.

It is good to note that despite being a perfume called Concentré, this version still retains the more minimalist aura that Hermès often use in their perfumes, so that the initial goal is reached, maintaining the delicacy and consistency of the idea with a better duration and just a little bit more of intensity. This makes it an ideal Cologne for use in daily life or for very high temperatures where it is expected a freshness that can last more than 2 hours.
Concentree version: it does what it says, and it does it terribly well. Basically, nearly the smell you’d have on your hands after having pressed grapefruit to make a juice, with just a thin, subtle and irresistibly classy aroma of flowers, which is almost unperceivable and more than an actual smell of flowers, gives just a bit of weight to the citrusy-grapefruit notes, together with Ellena’s signature light woody base. Most of all it’s grapefruit, though, which smells zesty, lively, quite realistic, invigorating but rich in Hermes' “transparent refinement”. A subtle scent, but decently persistent. Classy and versatile, a solid fresh companion for summer nights out. Decent price, too.

Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 5.0/10 Longevity 5.0/10 Scent 7.0/10
Simple and Satisfying
It's hard to believe in some ways that grapefruit colognes have become an independent genre, but their numbers continue to augment, so we can be very selective if we want. Hermès CONCENTRE DE PAMPLEMOUSSE ROSE is a good one, no doubt, and may appeal to those who find that the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria grapefruit entry (PAMPLELUNE) veers too close to dreaded "cat box" territory. I myself do not perceive it in that way, but apparently quite a few reviewers do.

In this Hermès grapefruit "concentrated cologne" (an idea recently turned into an entire line by the house of Atelier Cologne), there is just as much vetiver as grapefruit, and the citrus is both tart and smooth somehow, as contradictory as that may seem. I'd say that the citrus scent is closer to zest than juice, and it smells very natural without being overwhelmingly grapefruity. Is there really supposed to be rose in this creation? Or does "pamplemousse rose" mean "pink grapefruit". That's how my nose reads it...

For better or for worse (better in my case...), I myself do not find very much overlap between this composition and TERRE, as does Greysolon (see below...), and for me this simple yet satisfying composition works very well in both hot and cold weather. All in all, CONCENTRE DE PAMPLEMOUSSE ROSE is a fine and refreshing citrus-vetiver cologne, and I do not believe that one must be a grapefruit nut to wear it, especially since in the drydown the vetiver becomes much more important than the citrus.

I have not tried the diluter version, but this one has pretty good longevity.
Scent 9.0/10
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Concentre de Pamplemousse Rose=CPR for hot, humid weather
Concentre de Pamplemousse Rose has become my favorite summer fragrance. The realistically tart, sour grapefruit scent is so invigorating and rejuvenating in hot, humid weather. The sensation spritzing on CPR is nearly identical to cutting the rind of a grapefruit and getting an olfactory blitz of mouth watering citrus oils. Don't worry, the grapefruit will mellow into the rest of the fragrance. But, if your experience is like mine, as you catch a whiffs of CPR over the course of the day you'll feel refreshed by the pleasantly tart and sour grapefruit notes. It really does have a mouth watering effect.

Even though CPR is more about grapefruit than rose I'm always pleasantly surprised when my wife tells me how much she likes the rose note in it. I wish the rose was slightly more present but it's there along with a dry vetiver/cedar accord.

If you're a fan of Terre d'Hermes you'll probably like Pamplemousse Rose. Just be sure to try the Concentre because the cologne formulation doesn't really have much longevity. However, if you're an Iso E super/Terre de Hermes hater or don't care much for grapefruit, you probably won't like CPR.
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