Equipage Géranium (2015)

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Equipage Géranium is a popular perfume by Hermès for men and was released in 2015. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still in production.

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Spicy notes, Geranium, Sandalwood



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Can A Variant of a Classic Improve On It?...
Equipage Geranium opens with a blast of soapy fresh, natural minty green geranium with a dulled rose undertone. Moving to the early heart, the slightly sharp, minty green geranium takes the fore, melding with a co-starring lemony sandalwood and rosewood tandem, as a spicy saddle soap accord joins in support. During the late dry-down the sandalwood takes control, as the geranium vacates, turning relatively dry while eschewing its earlier lemony facet, as the leathery spice mixture remains in support through the finish. Projection is average, but longevity good at between 8-10 hours on skin.

I am one of the relatively few people who never quite warmed to the original Equipage, even the original formulation. Oh, I have a vintage bottle in my collection to keep my "perfume enthusiast" card intact, but in all honesty I never wear it, as while I can appreciate the composition's quality and the skill used to create it, something about the rosewood in it just did not click with my taste, coming off a tad stodgy. Enter the 2015 release, Equipage Geranium by Jean-Claude Ellena... While many may question my sanity, I have worn this new composition on skin many, many times and I dare say Ellena has found a way to take the original Equipage foundation and successfully bring the composition into modern times by adding a fresh, soapy clean minty green geranium to the top and heart notes. One wouldn't think this would have a dramatic impact on the composition, but it really does. The result is a perfume that retains its classic roots while additionally feeling just a tad modern, enough so that wearing it is easy for all. Ellena also added a spice mixture to the woods that does a great imitation of supple leather. The whole thing is an outstanding effort that may be Ellena's final solo output for Hermes before retirement, and if so, he is going out on a very high note. The bottom line is the $128 per 100ml bottle Equipage Geranium is potentially Jean-Claude Ellena's swan song for Hermes, delivering the goods big time with his best work in a decade, earning an "outstanding" 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 rating and a very strong recommendation to all. Equipage Geranium is surely one of the best compositions of 2015.

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Equipage in Spring
Among the most prominent designer brands, Hermès is currently probably the only one which is still able to deliver solid products on a consistent basis, at least for the masculine/unisex side – good, sometimes great, decently boring in the worst cases. This new addition to their classic series confirms that commitment to respect customers’ taste and intelligence. Equipage Geranium is in fact, briefly put, a very solid fragrance. It pays all respects to Equipage’s heritage, cleverly reworking its bone structure by giving it a sharper, colder, more floral yet somehow drier shape – shortly, a fresher, more contemporary look. And also a sort of more transparent, edgy texture. I must say that globally it is very similar to Equipage, even almost too much, and you easily get it since the very opening. “Equipage in spring”, so to speak: all that timeless, distinguished, smoky herbal-woody refinement tinged with a shade of cold, yet cozy an breezy geranium and a sprinkle of spices, topped with a really enjoyable citric accord – citrus was there in Equipage too, here it seems a bit stronger and more persistent. The evolution is equally enjoyable, the scent – which turns out to be quite more long-lasting and bolder than you may assume – gets drier, a bit darker and woodier as a base blend of bitter mossy woods (vetiver mostly) and, I think, some cloves-leather accord gets a more prominent position, with even a touch of grey, slightly powdery smoke arising and giving some dusty, refined warmth to the blend. Still a sharp herbal blend, just a bit moodier and more somber. Oddly enough, as we’re talking about two opposite types of fragrances, the emerging of a general sense of dusty-sweet warmth brings in a really distant echo of the very drydown of Tiffany for Men, too.

Coming to the main feature and the “raison d’etre” of this flanker – the geranium – I am sadly not familiar enough with it, so I can not comment on the specific note extensively. Never been a fan of it, actually. But it seems, well, really good to me here. It smells crisp, tolerably acrid, even slightly fruity and powdery while remaining bracingly sharp and minty. And it shows some evolution, which is often a sign of quality of materials – it doesn’t simply decrease its presence, but it changes and evolves, getting unexpectedly warmer and more “powdery-floral” before leaving the stage to the mossier-woodier drydown, with sandalwood and salty vetiver as nearly-main notes – both quite thin, but fulfilling and solid.

So overall, you surely get the “Equipage” first, and only then, the subtle, brighter floral-spicy variations. In other words, don’t expect a geranium-based scent; rather a subtle, elegantly executed spicy geranium-based variation on Equipage. Whether you care for or know Equipage already, the final result is an extremely pleasant, refined “old school” fragrance with a palpable “vintage” feel (the mossiness, the virile and restrained dryness, the austere herbal-woody structure with that nondescript sort of citric-metallic feel so many classic masculine scents had, and so on – several classic names come to mind, from Monsieur Carven to, obviously, vintage Equipage itself) and a more contemporary tangy accord of spicy-grassy notes. Quite a mature, “over-30” discreet fragrance fitting like a bespoke glove, lasting longer than I expected and projecting just perfectly. Maybe just a tad too close to Equipage to make sense for Equipage fans, but... well done, Hermès.


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