Hermessence Myrrhe Églantine (2018)

Hermessence Myrrhe Églantine by Hermès
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Hermessence Myrrhe Églantine is a new perfume by Hermès for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-spicy. It is still in production.


Christine Nagel

Fragrance Notes

Myrrh, Eglantine rose



7.5 (48 Ratings)


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Very helpful Review    6
A balsamic masterpiece
Honestly, my advances went up and down. The first curious touches with Myrrhe Eglantine weeks ago in the store initially triggered rejection. Too sweet, somehow synthetic and intrusive. A strange scent, which had something sour and at the same time honey. I forgot him for once.

Then in between my sister reminded me of Myrrhe Eglantine. I had given her the little sample that had been kindly given to me. The scent is so soft and fresh! Really, I thought so Did I miss something? One reads something similar again and again about the new Hermessencen. He was a crowdpleaser, light and rosy, lighter even than Rose Ikebana, whom I love.

So I made a new attempt and bought a 15ml bottle. I sprayed generously at home. Waiting for the gentle fresh rose. Again a rather killing sweetness. But at least this time, at least hours later, something unfolded that suddenly appealed to me. Something warm, which I have never smelt in this form before, rose, and not spaciously, but close to me, like something that got close to my body and into my nose.

Is there something about this scent after all? One more try the next day. A little spray, and this time I intuitively did something you shouldn't do. I rubbed the scent into my skin. And suddenly it was all there. The gentle rose, surrounded by apple, delicate amber and above all something completely unknown to me, which is probably myrrh and can be described as resinous. I got it right at that moment: This fragrance is not a perfume, but a balm!

Christine Nagel has achieved something incredible here. A perfume that feels like body oil. There is something acidic about it which does not kill the rose, but rather highlights it and produces the much invoked freshness. Myrrh and amber (I suppose) make it all oily and resinous and give it what I think is a unique consistency. And then there is this real strange oriental smell, probably also the myrrh, who knows, which is really innovative without being too much. Not to forget, the scent lasts for hours and develops over time only more "balsamic".

That must have been how an ancient Egyptian beauty smelled! Well dosed a dream!
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10.0 6.0 6.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    11
From the wonderful fleetingness of the moment
It's no secret that I was irrevocably addicted to Rose Ikebana and Osmanthe Yunnan at the moment of the first spraying. Myrrh Églantine was given to me as a sample by the very generous saleswoman. And almost (but only almost) I regret that she was so generous. For myrrh Églantine also captivates me at the first attempt.
The fragrance starts fresh and sour. It is not a citric acid, but rather like a fruit acid in apple or apricot - without it smelling decidedly like a certain type of fruit. We have a climbing rose in the garden (New Dawn), that is a Sleeping Beauty rose with terribly many thorns and white, soft-pink, tinted, double flowers. It exudes a similar scent: rose mixed with apple. Myrrh Églantine has almost always had a rose in it - but it still has a hint of acidity and freshness. Below lies myrrh, very fine and like a veil. Myrrh can also be quite sharp and dominant - this is not the case here. There is only this touch of spice to it that prevents myrrh Églantine from slipping into sweetness or becoming arbitrary. In the further course my nose thinks to discover still amber and a trace musk, which let the smell become still more intimate and softer. But the fruit acid remains extremely pleasant on the skin until the very end.
Rose Églantine is a delicate, restrained, reserved fragrance, which unfortunately gets very close within a very short time and can hardly be smelled after only four hours. And yet it's such an enchanting, floating, light, elegant fragrance that it's immediately on my wish list for Hermes' next pack of four. This kind of fragrances, which have something artistically constructed, slightly artificial about them, but nevertheless do not have a hint of synthetic in them, inspire me more and more. Behind the Hermessence scents that have conquered my heart so far (Rose Ikebana, Osmanthe Yunnan and now Myrrh Églantine) I would have guessed the same creator! All three are airy, perfectionist in every detail and very thoughtfully composed and elegant to wear beyond all measure - and all three drive me to despair because they leave me all too quickly!
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MRoth 6 months ago
A disservice to name this after myrrhe - it's a gentle, fresh, fruity rose. Similar DNA to de Marly Delina, though Delina is much less shy.

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