Hermessence Santal Massoïa

Hermessence Santal Massoïa by Hermès
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Hermessence Santal Massoïa is a perfume by Hermès for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is woody-sweet. It is still in production.

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Massoia wood, Milk, Sandalwood, Dry fruits



6.7 (113 Ratings)


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Bottle 8.0/10
Sillage 6.0/10
Longevity 6.0/10
Scent 9.0/10
Helpful Review    5 Awards
Doce de leite in the form of sandalwood
Doce de leite is a confection created by heating up sweetened condensed milk and it can be enriched with flavours reaching from vanilla to cinnamon. You basically stick a spoon into it and don't stop eating until it's all gone. This is the first thought that comes to my mind when feeling this very sensual creation by JCE.
Massoïa bark provides the fixpoint of the scent with gentle resinous aspects alongside coconut, peach, butterscotch and a sprinkling of cinnamon. The santal is velvety, smooth, round and lactonic. Sweetened by dried candied fruits, cooled by green fig and enlivened by milky rose water Santal Massoïa is as comforting as the softest and most precious baby cashmere jumper in Fall and promises never ending Saturday afternoons of comfort. It is mouthwateringly delicious and can be used as a very subtle quasi gourmand complementary to the right scent.
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Woods in heaven
I think I underrated this line way more than it deserved, except for Cuir d’Ange which stroke me since the very first sniff as the utter overwhelming masterpiece it is. Both Vetiver Tonka and Ambre Narguilé quite grew on me slowly over time, and lately Santal Massoia has done it too – even more slowly. It seemed to me a weak sandalwoody ”thingy” at first, while now I quite changed my mind about it (luckily I hesitated to review it right away back then). I mean, I liked it already, but it just seemed a bit too tame at first. On the contrary, it’s a fantastic, perfectly compelling and fulfilling scent: and as many fantastic scents, it just requires a bit more attention than usual to get its value at its fullest. Composition-wise it bears Ellena’s best features, which this Hermessence line surely and deservedly glorified: transparency, weightlessness, and yet a substantial, consistent, rich presence and persistence – just a different, “airy” concept of richness. If you want to understand the difference between “light” and “weightless”, then a couple of these Hermessence scents are quite a magnificent example of that.

Since the very first minutes, Santal Massoia goes back to Gucci Rush for Men’s territory: clean, modern, transparent, onirically creamy sandalwood-cedar notes, here paired with a subtle, marvelously comforting sort of milky-fruity note (the “fig” nuance). Take Gucci Rush for Men, for once not raping it like any other depressing ripoff of it did in the past years (from Azzaro Chrome to Pal Zileri Sartoriale), mix it with Carbone de Balmain’s concept of a “fig-infused woody accord”, give it a luxury, extremely quality substance and elegance as in the very few best sandalwood scents of all times, tweak the volume know down to left a bit, spray it on an angel’s wing, distill it, there’s Santal Massoia. By the way, the “angelic” component – I wasn’t kidding about that – will emerge even more clearly on the late drydown, a fantastic, ephemeral sort of watercolour touch of bright, vibrant yet extremely delicate floral nuances with a light woody undertone, oddly even more fresher than the early stages.

A superb piece of classy understatement, nowhere and anywhere on your skin, one of those subtle scents which seem always about to vanish and yet you smell around them for hours, and hours. Just pure white brilliance with a sophisticated, somehow opalescent and dreamy texture as in some old Polaroids of a trip to Middle East. It’s very simple actually, a delicate (and amazingly high-quality) creamy sandalwood, and yet Ellena’s ability makes it smell just like heaven. A dreamlike reflection of heaven, actually, given its smooth, glassy, see-through substance. Just give it a shot. Amazing and completely unique.

Bottle 5.0/10
Scent 9.0/10
Helpful Review    3 Awards
Milky Woods...
Santal Massoïa is a milky, fig-like interpretation of creamy sandalwood. It is a sweet, very playful scent which blends with the skin beautifully giving a translucent, "beige" like impression of warm, musky skin.

I find that Jean Claud-Ellena's description of "milky woods" sums this up pretty well. Sandalwood itself is known for it's milky, creamy quality (notes of real Milk are also featured in the composition) and the note of Massoïa adds another special quality... a cinnamon-like vibe juxtaposed with real Coconut notes. The Fig note here is both green, and slightly mineral-like in the top (Ellena's trademark use of Iso-E-Super), but dried fruit-like and resinous in the background too.

A pretty enjoyable fragrance, I find it very nice and approachable. Be warned though, it is a skin scent throughout. It stays very close and blends with warm skin, staying there until the drydown.

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