Terre d'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche by Hermès

Terre d'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche 2014

05.01.2022 - 06:31 PM

Sunny December Days !

Although it's December, Christmas Week here in Greece was filled with sunny days and relatively high temperatures. So ....Terre D Hermes Eau Fraiche was brought out of the closet for few occasions and will probably see the wake of dawn back again in Spring. All I can say is ,although it maintains the original TDH DNA (in my nose it really doesnt) ,it discards all the things that I dislike in the EDT ,PARFUM and intense Vetiver version. First of all,its a more modern and refined version of the EDT( granted it came almost a decade later) and its really a breath of fresh air with all the aquatic notes including the orange and bergamot standing out ,make it a perfect seaside or peak of spring fragrance with moderate (on my skin...it lasts way more on clothes) longevity .Silage is pretty much nonexistant , although I recieved compliments for its dry down (the patchouli and spicy notes popping out) ,the first 20-30 minutes where its silage peaks I did not even get a mention. Only on occasions where I asked about someones opinion,did someone mention that they like the scent. For those who have tried ,it felt like wearing an Acqua Di Parma aquatic line fragrance .The case with them is that the first 20-30 minutes you leave 3 foot trail (especially on sunny days) ,and suddenly all of that dissapears and it instantly becomes a pleasant skin scent with the only people blessed enough to get to smell it are the ones that put their nose a bit too close on your neck. Enough about projection and longevity,lets talk about scent . Similarly to Chanel Allure homme Edition Blanche ,there is depth in this green-fresh bad boy . At first like I mentioned the fresh-opening is really interesting and unique in my opinion .The dry down on the other is a totally diferrent fragrance that is definantly not as fresh as the opening and a tad more intimate .THIS FRAGRANCE IS MEANT TO BE WORN DAY TIME , PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT WEAR THIS IN THE NIGHT . This fragrance is definantly in my top 10 day time fragrances and the past Sunny December Days helped to solidify its spot .
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