Un Jardin sur la Lagune (2019)

Un Jardin sur la Lagune by Hermès
Bottle Design: Box Illustration: Safet Zec
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Un Jardin sur la Lagune is a new perfume by Hermès for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-synthetic.


Christine Nagel

Fragrance Notes

Woody notes, Sea breeze, Pittosporum, Madonna lily, Magnolia



6.3 (122 Ratings)


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The lagoon is "tilted"...
The summer in the lagoon was probably too hot and too humid... - ...at the end the water is "tilted"...
This would at least explain the brackish water-like, nausea-inducing first synthetic note.
The unfortunate brown colouring of the actually classically beautiful flacon supports this first perception optically in the most unfavourable sense...
With effort and necessity keep one hour for further analysis on the skin and then immediately rinse off thoroughly.
The conclusion is short: FUSSIALLY!!!
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8.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    16
the small island paradise
Morning silence still lies over the lagoon, which is broken only now and then by the call of a water bird.
Many of them are still bobbing around sleepily; they look as if they don't know exactly if they want to start the day or if they are dreaming something else. That's why they paddle sluggishly through the almost standing wet.
For yet a fine gauze spider lies above the water. The towers and houses of the not-so-distant city seem shadowy in this light fog - as if they were floating.
But also the islands are not yet ready to open the curtain of the night completely: they only slowly face the first light of day.
However, this fine golden ray nevertheless begins, stubbornly as for eternities, to assert its claim quietly and successfully.

In this humid silence lies the scent of wood: of humid wood emanating from the small old rowing boat, which is now striving towards its destination in the lagoon with a steady beat.
From there, a green, garden-like island, this wood aroma mixes with that of the stacked wood piles, which lie in the sun near the simple investor to dry.
One day a new boat will be built out of it; built again with one's own hands, one's own knowledge of the power of water.

The more the sun fingers conquer the day, the more intense these two aromas become.
Also now the first soft breeze rises; the sea, beyond the narrow headland that borders the lagoon, greets our rower and the day with wet coolness.
The more the boat approaches the island, the more intense the scent of the green garden becomes: the longed-for coolness of the shady green announces its fragrant charm as a warm welcome.
Surrounded by his very own world of fragrances, green, spicy and still soaked in light moisture, he enters his paradise.
Only a few steps and the heart with the white wooden house is reached: it stands on the clearing, where everything blooms, surrounded by amazingly dense trees.
Spring morning holds a quiet court here: a hint of the last fine aroma of the waxy magnolia blossom floats above everything. It won't be long before they too will have to bow to the power of summer.
But she still weaves her slightly bitter sweetness with that of the enchanting white Madonna lily blossoms.
Their heavy, often intoxicating magic of the night is already somewhat weakened. Their crowns are already a little crooked, they seem tired.
This early hour does not call for opulence: the day is still young, it still feels its way easily towards what should and will become.

With "Un Jardin sur la Lagune", Hermès leaves it up to you to decide in which island world you want to find your own fragrant paradise.
The scents are so neutral: this garden could be almost anywhere.
It is worthwhile to follow this cleverly placed trail: it will not be a very long journey; the durability of this fragrance is not very pronounced.
Also, he certainly lacks the sophistication or elegance that is automatically expected from this brand.
Perhaps too much is simply expected, with each new composition the familiar, the classical is immediately called upon and thus the boy is immediately confronted with a mirror in which he cannot recognize himself at all.

"Un Jardin sur la Lagune" is too light, too much "water, island and garden" to stick long.
And yet on warm days, like this one and those that will follow, this spider's scent is a very pleasant companion.
The woody spice with the light sea breeze that caresses the skin, the green and the flowers of the garden give a feeling of cleanliness and lightness.
An extremely likeable island of fragrance is created here.
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8.0 6.0 7.0 6.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    25
The lagoon at the edge of the industrial park
Until now, I was firmly convinced that Hermès would bring above-average fragrances to the market. After all, the mark currently has a valuation average of 7.8 points. I also thought that the "Jardin" series would reveal some truly extraordinary creations. But unfortunately wrong thought or great disappointment with this rusty red lagoon branch. Although the name was as idyllic as the other fragrances in the series, I don't want to have or enter my garden with this red water lagoon.

The opening is relatively promising, because at the beginning one hears fresh citric notes paired with light aquatics and finely tart hairspray vibe. Could have stayed that way, but within a few seconds the lagoon garden turns into a lily- and magnolia-like garden, but with a lot of Calone on plywood, which is anything but successful. The hairspray note also drifts more into the unpleasant. I find the slightly salty note to be consistent with the theme, but it doesn't want to really funk either. And also here I thought that Christine Nagel would stand for a certain kind of quality.

Nope - this is not so much a lagoon as a big muddle with stale flower water, which didn't motivate me to spray the water during the test.

I'm afraid that's the least interesting Hermès water I've ever had under my nose.
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7.0 5.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Very helpful Review    13
...it's been a long time!
Last week I made a side trip to my regular perfumery again and sniffed a lot. Among other things 'Un Jardin sur la Lagune'....The 1st sprayer boa, thought this is an EdT from the drugstore market. But quickly the garden changed and I had to rummage in my memories for a long time: my school exchange to southern France. Well, we had nothing to do with learning, because Canet Plage and the French Mediterranean were only half an hour away by bus and the French boys weren't to be despised either.
On the beach there was a scent of magnolia blossoms, mixed with sun cream, wet bath towels and a lukewarm sea breeze. In between a breeze of sticky seed blossoms. There were lots of bushes there. Yes, this is exactly how uJsdL develops. It's got a really good shelf life. The next morning there was a slightly sweet smell on my wrist, the magnolia? I personally don't find it synthetic and it reminds me of a carefree time in southern France. A successful summer fragrance that has nothing in common with the classic Jardin fragrances. It's not as horrible as it's made here. Test it at warmer temperatures.
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7.0 6.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    9
The garden at the lagoon
It's humid in the garden by the lagoon. The midsummer is over, but the warmth is still noticeably between the leaves of the southern plants, from which thick drops of the recently passed rain fall. The warm and humid weather calms the senses, everything seems slower; the course of the day, one's own movements, one's own breath.

The evaporating rainwater mixes the scents of the surrounding plants to a harmonious potpourri. It is difficult to discern individual notes; from the trees a warm feeling of well-being penetrates, from the Madonna lilies and Magnolias a breath of floridity.

The Jardin sur la Lagune is not a tropical paradise brimming with exotic fruits, just as little as it makes it seem as if a fresh or even salty breeze is blowing from the sea. It is the calm after the thunderstorm, in which the scents of a tropical but distinctive garden combine to form a pleasant composition.

This composition is definitely pleasant. But it lacks that certain something that makes a scent "wow" instead of "yes, nice". Since it has nothing biting, stabbing, penetrating, one can certainly wear it at any occasion. But the other Jardins have more esprit, which one must consider with the evaluation.
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7.0 5.0 9.0 5.0/10

211 Reviews
Eau du Citron Noir at Sea
Un Jardin sur La Lagune opens with a refreshing, sparkling lemon on my skin, not as ripe and juicy as in Eau du Citron Noir, but imparting an equally natural feeling. Unfortunately, this fresh, aromatic lemon's fate also mirrors that succulent ripe lemon in Eau du Citron Noir: quickly tainted by acrid, screechy woody amber aromachemicals. Here, they're not as smoky as in Eau du Citron Noir, but mainly to provide a dry, almost dessicated texture to a salty, slightly mineral note, in order to imitate the ambient aroma of sea water in canals and stone walls in Venice.

Although I do detect the delicious, jasmine tea-like redolence of pitosporum on the test strip, on my skin, the floral notes in La Lagune remain frustratingly vague throughout the whole development. Once the fresh lemon note completely disappears after about 2 hours, Un Jardin sur La Lagune then remains this abstract, slightly salty floral musk with an unpleasantly fuzzy undertone of woody amber aromachemicals. The later eventually take over after 5 hours and turn La Lagune into an amorphous woody amber musk, not unlike the far dry down of many current masculine perfumes centred around these popular woody amber aromachemicals.

Un Jardin sur La Lagune has a moderate sillage on me and is pretty tenacious thanks to its woody amber musk dry down, lasting almost 11 hours on my skin.

Although I can more or less see why these elements are chosen to recreate the imagery of hidden garden behind stone walls with wafts of sea water through the canals, the abstract combined effect doesn't smell convincing to me. I guess this rather atmospheric treatment aims to be coherent with the rest of Les Jardins series, but the problem for me is that, while those scorching woody amber aromachemicals and inorganic-feeling mineral notes can work magic when they're cleverly disguised within other notes or when they're surrounded by vivid details, they often appear very artificial to me when they're laid out bare or without enough intricate details to smooth out the edge, which is more or less what I perceive in Un Jardin sur La Lagune. Because of the noticeable presence of woody amber aromachemicals and a resulting more harsh texture, I'd recommend it to those who enjoy Eau du Citron Noir and are interested in a slightly marine twist, rather than those who enjoy the previous entries of Les Jardins series.
8.0 5.0 6.0 6.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    22
Nudism for all the senses
Many perfumers are looking forward to Christine Nagel's new orange jardin. Clearly, her first composition to the popular series, the first offshoot of this for years. So what can "Un Jardin sur la Lagune" do?

It's a bold scent, but it's a little stinky behind its sisters. At least to my taste. And the fact that he is slowly but surely driving the great "Jardin apres la Mousson" off the shelves is a bad thing for me. "Jardin Lagoon" is a salty-human magnolia. That's the best way to describe it. It combines the masculine power of the sea with an expansive, almost dusty floridity. It definitely has more in common with an "Eau de Narcisse Bleu" than with the Nile Garden, for example. Nevertheless he tempts to head cinema and is not too far alien to the row with it. Especially with the yellow "Monsieur Li" he has enough in common. Only it wasn't a full hit either...

I see an island, a private sandy beach surrounded by dark rocks. The sun burns, the humidity is high, clothes are overrated. The air is heavy, breathing becomes slow, making love is only possible in slow motion. If anything. It's so humid. Relax, sweat, tropical relax. Chilling without will. The beads of sweat fall on the sand soaked by uniformly arriving waves. A garden of magnolias grows. Paradisiacal but somehow not natural. Seductive but somehow deceptive. Tasty but somehow poisonous. A little more nature and a little less magnolia would have been ideal for my taste. So it's only enough for one "good". Ellena can be satisfied, but certainly not overwhelmed.

Flacon: Hermes has found his style for years and you don't have to change it too quickly. Very nice!
Sillage: stronger than most of its sister fragrances. Do not underestimate and first of all discreetly dose.
Durability: one shovel more than in many other gardens. Seven hours.

Conclusion: Mrs. Nagel's first jardin is... needs getting used to. Floral and yet masculine, sexy and yet somewhat bland, exotic and dusty. This lagoon has its own spirit. But the certain little flower with the big M gets on my nerves quite quickly here...
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9.0 6.0 6.0 6.0/10

74 Reviews
Salty magnolia soap
I tried it this morning and I could not enjoy it: fresh salty soft floral soap on a wood base. True magnolia is not an easy note for me. Still the bottle colour is the really beautiful. Longevity: medium. Sillage: moderate.


Jazzy76 159 days ago
A light and refreshing delight to wear in the hottest days, soft and feminine but quite evanescent. Very refined the bottle. High price.

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