Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermès

Un Jardin sur le Nil 2005

25.11.2020 - 06:57 AM
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Lotus on the nile
This smells like a luscious greenhouse garden with blooming flowers and riped and fresh vegetables very different from the usual retinue line up of fragrances not alot of perfumes mixes vegetation with floral well or this has to be the first scent to try and succeeded and it's organic and it has no synthetic compounds
it's all natural.

This is an complex and challenging scent to review and that why i admire this it food for the mind' the opening is interesting with plump Tomatoes sweetened with mango spice it up with lemon and make it crisp with orange carrots' as it dries down orange starts to be detected and with the subtle sweet
note of peony dries to an earthy tone of
dry bulrush.

to my senses there is no evidence of cinnamon labdanum or hyacinth but for the drydown i do pick up if distant scent of iris but barely and also i can't pick up the note of incense there
is the smell of musk but it's diluted
by it's watery note of this perfume.

if you want a fragrance that is not the usual rose jasmine patchouli sandalwood
peach lily of the valley and amber roster you come to the right place.

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