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Source¹ by Hermetica
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Source¹ is a perfume by Hermetica for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is citrusy-synthetic. It is being marketed by Memo.

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Bergamot, Dry amber, Woody notes



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Submitted by Cincy, last update on 30.12.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    18
[Please insert eye-catching title here]
brand impression
Since I was and still am very impressed with the Floraïku series, which is also marketed by Memo, I had high hopes for the Hermetica sample set.
The set is visually very valuable and affordable at the same time - I always like this marketing strategy very much.

As Kovex very aptly described, Hermetica advertises in its booklet with a trendy alchemy approach that aims to perfectly combine natural and synthetic fragrances to provide a long-lasting shelf life and clear volume (H&S are really high). This alchemy floats in a new medium called "Innoscent", which does without alcohol and is said to have caring properties.
Then a small area of my wrist is at least supplied with moisture and fat. Very attentive, thank you.

Something else is deliberately omitted: On a fragrance course.

Overall, my test of the samples was sobering: About half reminded me of different variants of shower gel, blue (Greenlion) and green (Jade88) for men, pink (Rosefire) and apricot (Megalotus) for women. So after testing the "Drywaters" and "Emerald Stairways" yesterday, I jumped to the conclusion that this legendary Innoscent medium might be one that gives every fragrance the same base because it already contains fragrances.

However, this medium has a good characteristic: Some of the fragrances can be washed off relatively easily with water and soap.

Today I tested the "The Door" and "Vertical Ambers" lines. I didn't have shower gel associations, at least not with the gourmands among them.

The four individual lines of the mark each contain 3 fragrances which are arranged in a circle in the sample box. In your center you will find the source sample. So that's the star of the whole brand. Cost with 175€/100ml also 20€ more than the other fragrances. It's a good thing I kept the best until the end.

I spray and smell lemon candy.
I smell again and the sweet candy makes room for bitter woody notes.
Wait, this looks familiar to me?
Iso E Super + Lemon + Vanilla (ok, here it is Amber) = "The Sexiest Scent on the Planet (IMHO)"

The 4160 Tuesdays scent is much more beautiful.

And the moral of history'?
Buying is sometimes not worthwhile.
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6.0 9.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    20
The revolution in the perfume industry!
The marketing strategists haben´s simply on it. Something new is needed. Who wants eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume, perfume Intense? The upsurge will be silly sometime. I'm sure there's more to it, don't you?

To judge the ancient art of alchemy soll´s. The study of the properties of substances and their different reactions to each other is predestined for application in the perfume industry. Alchemy. Basically geht´s about chemistry and pharmacology. Just a little more mysterious. But beware: Hermetica also uses natural raw materials.

Revolution number 1: combining synthetic and natural fragrances

The mode of action of the originally applied alchemy can of course only be achieved if the perfect molecular-chemical connection with the skin can be established. The global Symrise Group has spared no expense or effort to develop the unique patented technology Innoscent ™ for this purpose. Only with it has it been possible to bring natural philosophy and synthetics into harmony. This is impressively represented on the brochure in the form of a chemical formula of the three fragrances in combination with terms such as "revelation", "enlightened" and "the first day on earth". The name: Source1. I'm gonna pee my pants.

Can there be more? Oh yes, it can!

Revolution number two:

Alcohol-free. Can you believe it? As a perfume junkie, he's already on the gas, could that be the end of all lasers? Finally no more the constant sniffing at the wrist or shirt collar? Alcohol-free without withdrawal symptoms?

Only the hard-core self-test helped. As expected, Source1 has an oily consistency and can therefore be worn in the sun, according to the manufacturer. Even has caring properties. That would have almost become revolution number 3, if it weren't for the oil stains...

Enough revolutions. In principle, it smells like the fragrances mentioned above. You don't have much to expect. A top note does not really exist, I don't want to talk about a development at all. It is a woody ambered scented oil with citric-spiced colouring. Not unpleasant but nothing special at all. Goes to every season and for both - oh no, there is now a third sex - so ok: all sexes. Maybe others can think of more. I don't. It's definitely good for layering. With Molecule01. Or something.

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Itchynose 91 days ago
A woody amber overload in the style of BR540. It could have done with something else to smoothen the hard, raspy edges.

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