Vivacious by Hiram Green

Vivacious 2020

20.06.2020 - 04:24 PM
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Vivacious (NKNN)


What's a new release that you're excited for? If you've been following my journey, you'll know that I love what Hiram Green is doing and I love most of his fragrances. Now Vivalicous is one that I honestly had concerns for (as far as my personal taste goes), because I love florals, but not often green and/or indolic ones and this seemed to go in that direction. Dilettante and Moon Bloom from the house are hard to wear for me, but I'm glad to say that Vicalicious was a pleasant surprise and I love it.

So it sounds like a Destiny's Child song, but it smells like violet, or at least, that's the note that Vivalicious is built around. If that would be all to it, I probably wouldn't love it. As with all of Hiram's works, it's all natural and that's also how it smells. The violet is slightly bitter and sharp, almost spicey for a moment (it also has carnation, which I think can get quite spicey), but turns soft and powdery. It's a bright opening, with some bergamot and I get a hint of an orange-y scent. What absolutely steals the show for me is the orris butter. Despite the powdery texture that I also get, it's such a smooth fragrance. Combined with an amber accord, it has a warmer, quite sweet base. It's almost a honey-like sweetness (a more conventional synthetic honey, rather than the honey that is used in Slowdive). To my nose the overall composition has a sweet hay-like or even woody scent. It's a bit grassy, ever so slightly vegetal, but not nearly as green or indolic as either Dilettante or Moon Bloom. The sort of gold color of the juice represents the scent well for me.

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