21.02.2017 - 07:30 AM
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The pleasure of sadism
My favorite in HDP refrences is 1740, which literally captured "Marquis de Sade" in a bottle. It reminds me "the Quills", a movie narrating Marquis de Sade ideas. It is so odd as "Marquis de Sade", fascinating, sensual, tough (because of the leathery and labdanum notes, but soft at the same time (because of vanilla and cardamon) like "Marquis de Sade's" characters, and unforgettable at last. Patchouli has never been revealed so poetically in another perfume as it was happened in 1740. Smokey, Leathery, woodsy, and so earthy, harmonized with dry fig note so artistically. The opening of the perfume is a duality between harsh notes and powdery notes. However, I will call the powdery beginning as a bitter one. The very moment you wear this perfume, you may feel a heavy shadow surrounding your whole body. That could be called the devilish side of Sade which could be so fascinating an tempting at the same time. After half an hour, the spiritual side that owes this spirituality to notes such as cardamon and coriander arises and lets you feel the bright side of the perfume as well. This could be counted as the stage that you may either fall in love with or will hate this perfume. Now, Patchouli has been harmonized nicely with leathery, citrusy, gurmand accords, the result of which starts dancing in Elemi resin. In the dry down stage you may smell tobacco leafs, and smoky leather which could be nice ending for this perfume. lastly, although it is not that masculine as the color suggests, it still could be one of the best patchouli based perfumes that you may want to give a try.

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