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Interesting Facts

"Hollister" (actually "Hollister Co.") is an American fashion company. Parent company of the brand founded in 2000 is the fashion label "Abercrombie & Fitch". The basic idea was to offer a youthful target group (children and teenagers) hip leisure fashion, which is also available for little money. Hollister" was able to draw on the experience of its parent company. This enabled the label to position itself quickly and permanently on the market. Within a few years, "Hollister" became the second most popular brand among American teens.

In line with the company's orientation, "Hollister" presents itself in an emphatically youthful manner in its offerings and language. Boys and girls can stock up on henleys, hoodies and tees. The overall range also includes jeans, underwear, jackets, some accessories (belts, bags, caps) and various personal care items.

The main draw among fragrances for guys and men is "SoCal Cologne " with a blend of pineapple, rosemary and white suede. The eau de toilette is offered in three different sizes, which is also in line with the company's philosophy. The perfume "Wave" features either bamboo leaves, cypress and tonka bean or blackberry, poppy and sandalwood.

The feminine fragrances also fit perfectly into the dreamy world of girls and teenagers. Even the flacons are rather playful and the contents are often presented in delicate pastel colors. For example, the perfume "Malaia" (basil, lavender, vanilla bean) brings an atomizer at the top and the perfume "Sol Dreamer" (passion fruit, jasmine flower, winter wood) has decorative gold ornaments.

The products of "Hollister" are sold in this country in some stores (mainly in the major cities) and of course on the net.
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