Forbidden by House of Matriarch
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Forbidden is a perfume by House of Matriarch for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-earthy. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Christi Meshell

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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 07.12.2021.
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Mushroom Magic (?)
As a mushroom nerd I wanted to test a fragrance for a long time, which smells among other things also after mushrooms. This mysterious, partly still quite unexplored species, (mushrooms are assigned to the animal kingdom, by the way, more than the plant kingdom) fascinates me. I know a few varieties and have been an enthusiastic collector since I was a child (with the prospect of a few porcini mushrooms, I suddenly find it easy to climb 85-percent gradients...) While working as a goldsmith, I cast off a few specimens and cast them in silver, which looked incredibly beautiful because of the lamellar pattern. Anyway, the "mushroom" smell doesn't exist like that. There are some that smell like flour. Others smell like anise. Some smell flowery, others stink of carrion.
Of course, there are also those mushrooms that can transport the mind into other spheres, alter perception, trigger hallucinations. Such "journeys" interest me only theoretically.
However, what I often wished as a child, certainly inspired by the "infinite story" and the Czech series " Arabella, the Fairy Tale Bride", just like the main characters to discover a door to a fairyland. To experience great adventures there and, of course, to return home with a magic ring, a magic flower or something similarly useful and to cause a sensation. Well, what can I say? This morning this bottle suddenly appeared in front of my door and according to the ingredients it seems to be a real witch's brew. The bottle says "Forbidden". And since such bottles are always opened in fairy tales, that's what I'm going to do now.
Attention...Open and spray !
Ah, here she comes already, this half-silent stunner tuberose. (If this fragrance were a human being I wouldn't buy a used car from her ! ) If she is present in the perfume, she does not let her appearance. Here, however, she enters the stage quite softly and enchantingly. Light, like delicate flowing dark pink silk. Bedded on woods and the scent of sun-warmed, loamy earth, which you can also perceive directly.
Wrapped, in light, dark leather she appears - or should I say snakeskin? She smiles dark-honey-sweet and holds a small glass of absinthe in her hand, with a clearly perceptible greenish-bitter aroma, which however, typical for spirits, soon evaporates somewhat. The little glass of rum she has already drunk and gives himself altogether accordingly beschickert.
The whole fragrance has a very warm, relaxing character. Sit back, let go and enjoy, blows me here as a message in the nose. The tuberose is shown here from a very quiet, earthy side. The otherwise sometimes almost shrill Sedier flower was here itself ingratiatingly anesthetized, without losing its character.
Is there now finally a mushroom to be found here ? Well, I'm not sure. If so, I'd say the hint of a chanterelle whistles a delicate spice to it here. I also detect a hint, (but really no more !) of spices, like cinnamon and nutmeg. It's impossible for me to really break down this warm-woody-earthy-spicy miscellany that underpins the fragrance into its constituent parts. There's wood and animal and earth and spice...
A fragrance of cozy warmth, but at the same time a mysterious abysmalness, which is due to the tuberose and the leather, the animalic, and quite, quite certainly also the mushrooms, which keep themselves somewhat covered here ;-) Towards the base it changes again in a very attractive direction. A spicy-zart-herb, dark honey-harzig-warm woodiness develops towards finally wam-weich-erdig-sanft.
I suspect yes with expert-womanly nose, that it could be the contents of this forbidden bottle here, once again a kind of love spell, which is snowed me there in the house. Exactly must be discussed here, however, only yet.
This fragrance invites in any case to spend a cool autumn evening relaxed at the crackling fireplace, with a nice glass of wine to. He is also well suited to go out to eat, because he has no particularly strong sillage. The does not interfere with the taste.
In general, he fits to, however gearteter, relaxed, pleasant togetherness at the very best, as I find. He smells interesting, but nowhere near as weird as one might suspect
i found him immediately pretty great and am glad that I could get him much cheaper than the original price. Because as great as many fragrances of this brand are, they are unfortunately also cost-intensive. I say anyhow Bescho here again many thanks for the
HoM hiking package, without which I would not have been able to get to know the great fragrances of this brand so quickly !!
Some vonden HoM perfumes have door-in-fairyland potential.
Just like Forbidden, for which I have hereby broken a lance.
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Hippie gothic
Forbidden opens with a powerful blast of dark, thick floral-indolic notes (a truly overwhelming, ipnotic, migraine-inducing tuberose) with a subtle zesty feel and bitter, crunchy leafy nuances, as per Matriarch’s style. The notes are raw, bold, dark; the ambery powderiness, the “botanical” indolicness, the threatening astringent greenish accord, a really peculiar kind of decadent fruity-vegetable breeze (that mushroom note?) set a mood which makes me think of Lovecraft’s stories, that American Gothic heritage which seems behind other House of Matriarch scents – that, with a hippie approach. The mood is dark, breezy, quiet but gloomy and tense. A nice, clever and interesting take on a rather classic floral note, which smells opulent but definitely in a non-classic meaning; no French luxury “baroque” here, rather a cold, shady, earthy blend which smells at the same time much realistic and vibrant, but filtered through an oniric, kind of mesmerizing approach with a definite “narcotic” power – a subtle dark sweetness mixed with that “flower power” (hence my “hippie” reference). Shortly a hypothetical “hippie gothic”, if that ever existed. As for other House of Matriarch scents though, the persistence is a bit weak: the first minutes are incredibly sharp, bold and catchy, but it quickly tames down to a still nice, yet more “average”, quiet and uninteresting tone – not what I would expect for such a price. A nice vetiver note pops out on the drydown, still carrying a subtle dusty sweet feel. Nice, but really incomparable to the superb early phase. There’s some magic indeed in this fragrance, but you’ve to be quick enjoying it until it’s there... still a really good dark and lascivious floral-woody scent, quite an interesting stop for all tuberose’s fans, but unworthy the cost in my opinion.


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