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Sex Magic is a popular perfume by House of Matriarch for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is woody-resinous. It is still in production.

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Christi Meshell

Fragrance Notes

Gandhi root, False sandalwood, Damiana, Evergreens, Amber, Oud, Leather, Mysore sandalwood, Pine, Moss, Violet, Cedar, Choyas



7.9 (32 Ratings)


6.8 (21 Ratings)


6.8 (22 Ratings)


6.8 (29 Ratings)
Submitted by Apicius, last update on 02.02.2019.

Interesting Facts

Originally, the scent was part of the collection "Achtung".
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327 Reviews
Well, okay, well
I tried to love this fragrance which House of Matriarch just re-marketed as if it were new and I fell for all the hoopla. It is leathery. Yes. It is dark. Yes. It is rich. All true. However, I am left with an indelible impression. Shoe polish. My husband said he shined shoes for extra money in his youth and that’s what came to mind. I smelled again and sure enough. An expensive bottle of shoe polish I probably won’t wear. Hate to say this because I love HoM. Putting on skin. Sniffing again just to be sure...okay, well, modification—beautiful shoe polish. Divine, actually. Smoky and woody plum pudding sort of thing for a bit. Maybe I’d wear it after all. To a seance at a castle in the dark of winter. No need to wear it to an orgy. Things will smell like this soon enough.
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here are my notes on the fragrance
reminiscent of Madrona but is much more complex and better, also very natural, leather with lots of cedar and smoke but not too strong, if spicebomb extreme in winter in a cottage in the alps then the here in russia in winter in a cottage in boreal needle forest on the smoky fireplace with leather jacket
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Crowleyan leather
Sexmagic opens with a fantastic, gloomy, austere and almost “mystical” blend comprising a breathtaking contrast between a peculiar herbal-leather accord which is extremely soft and mellow yet really “black”, and a ghastly breeze of thin floral notes and something almost “candied”, blended together with something reminding me of galbanum and mossy notes, providing a distant echo of traditional masculine fougères. The charme of Sexmagic is really powerful and unique: I am not actually sure of the reason why, but it is. It’s extremely dark, but in a sort of softer, more sensual, more enigmatic way than usual, managing to make also airy-colorful notes smell somehow gloomy and creepy. I would define this as almost “grotesque”, like a baroque “vanitas” painting: the smell of a dusty still life, of something once aristocratic and now dead – actually, there’s a feel of “death” in fact here. But much carnal and sensual too, I really get the Crowleyan inspiration behind the name of the scent. Feelings aside, it’s a really good and solid scent, with a perfect and clever composition, and great materials, as far as I can smell. The evolution is really peculiar, as the “pyramid” of the notes smells almost inverted: it’s like if the mellow, soft and hyper-black leather-herbs accord was on top, and then you get the lighter, fresher, woodier notes. The leather accord is great and rich, with a unique sort of plushy, velvety and gloomy texture that I rarely found elsewhere, fascinatingly wrapped into a balsamic, ambery-resinous, slightly floral sort of dusty shade. The drydown is sadly not that great in my opinion, as it’s a bit dry, thin and linear, but still really nice – basically almost only leathery-woody. A nondescript, clever, fascinating, extremely sophisticated gem which finally gives some sense and credit to the word “niche” (taking all this into account, the price is still completely crazy).


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