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Witchmusk is a new perfume by House of Matriarch for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is spicy-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Christi Meshell

Fragrance Notes

Vanilla, Musk, Broom, Patchouli, Sabinene, Ambery woods



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Submitted by Freshdennis, last update on 06.10.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    31
So the stanz made its way to the Blocksberg again. The traditional witch hat on the head, with small mirrors to distract passing birds. You don't want to collapse. Dressed in the black pointed dress and the good steel cap boots on the feet. Just in time for the event a new fragrance had arrived with the Hexenpost from Seattle. Witchmusk. Witch musk. That sounds tempting. In addition, broom is inside and from broom, also known as broom broom, broom bush, broomweed etc, witches make their beautiful brooms. Unfortunately, there are no manufactories like in the Harry Potter novels. Witches have to do it all themselves. So the punch completely dieselled itself in with Witchmusk. It smelled vanilla and like dried straw flowers. That's funny. This is so wicked? Never mind, get on the broom and let's go.

On the Blocksberg the Witches' Sabbath was already in full swing. People drank magic potions with funny side effects, danced holes in the soles of their shoes and were generally in good spirits. It smelled everywhere after goat stable (3.1 Arabian Horse), garlic sweat with car exhaust gases and Slime (Mortal Skin), as well as various body fluids (Sécrétions Magnifiques) and naturally Indol and Skatol. After a wild orgy with a warlock at the bar, he said: "You don't have any perfume on you today." Stanz almost fainted, Witchmusk had been sinfully expensive. She had the bad man sniff her neckline. "This reminds me of my grandmother," he said, "she was so good at baking and always woven wreaths of straw flowers. And with a plop his horns disappeared, on which he had saved so long with evil deeds. When he noticed this, he cried out and cursed the punch, whereupon the horns appeared again with a plop on the head. "Pooh," he said disgusted, "what's that stuff? That's so nice." The punch was very ashamed because it smelled so sweet and harmless.

Epilog: Witchmusk can really only be worn by good witches. Otherwise you embarrass yourself in front of all the orgiastic villains and with the devil's boots it won't work out either. Normal consumer can wear it for any occasion except going out, because the Sillage is very moderate. If you pour your bottle of Witchmusk into the flames, which only a loony would do, because it's very expensive, you also get a problem as a witch, because if you burn broom, it's for witches like Kryptonite for Superman. So be careful!
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Greatly helpful Review    55
Poisonous brew
Uncommented fragrances No. 131

Several times I have now smelled broom, for example as a component in fragrances by Annette Neuffer (which are so dense and complex that you can't isolate the fragrance and still think you can smell it), in fart by LUSH (stupid name, I know) and especially in the fantastic Œillères by Roberto Greco or Madame Rochas. What they all have in common is a dry flower-like, hay-like, spicy-woody, mildly sweet smell, which has always convinced me immediately.
In addition, this fragrance contains Sabinen (emphasis on the "e"), a chemical compound from the group of monoterpenes or thujenes, which occur in marjoram, yarrow or juniper, the lexicon of encyclopaedias or grimoire knows.
If the scent is already called Hexenmoschus, then witch and musk must also be in it, which would have to be proven. One can smell the musk, the witch actually not, but what both broom and Sabines have in common is their toxic effect. In other words, it's poisonous and pretty much a witch's brew. I refer again to the encyclopedia in the net: Sabinen can (with high dosage, which hopefully will not be present here) cause gastro-intestinal complaints, nausea, vomiting, internal bleeding, kidney failure, unconsciousness and death, for instance if possible paralysis symptoms also spread to the respiration. Oh, yeah! Who wants it cheaper: Skin irritations would be also in the offer.
In the case of broom, the description is limited to stressing that ALL parts of the plant are toxic. Great! Thus certainly also those, which were processed as smell material.

How do we find that? Of course this is very cool and so here we have the worthy ingredients of a witch's drink for the cosy Sabbath.

It should be added that besides this hay-like dryflower note you can also smell patchouli.

Ladies, take your broomsticks and fly a puppy round - and take your whores with you. He's got fun too!

signed Fist
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